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Thanks for the impressions!   I'd love to read a side-to-side comparison between respective models (e.g., HD 599 vs. 598) from the new and the old 500-series in the future, preferably with pics.   As far as I can tell, the only difference in the listed specs is loudness/sensitivity – the older models might be a little louder: 106dB HD 599 vs 112 dB HD 598 (1 kHz/1 Vrms).
Amazon was selling the HD 598 at a little over $100 on Prime Day this year. Here's hoping they'll do something similar with the HD 599... the value proposition goes through the roof at that price.
I can see them offering lossless and high-res (e.g., 24-bit, 192 kHz) files in iTunes... some people aren't satisfied with 256 kb/s AAC and it prevents losses to the other high-res music vendors.   They probably won't sell DFF or DSF files, though. Apple and Sony (one of DSD's developers) go together like oil and water.
They are incorrectly listed as the MDR1AB ($349.00) on the Canadian site: http://store.sony.ca/premium-hi-res-stereo-headphones-zid31-MDR1A/   I think the main difference is in the cables – they appear to be offering Kimber and balanced cable options.   At 24 ohms impedance and 105 dB/mW sensitivity, they should run easily out of most portable players and amps.
 It depends on the kind of damage. Some people are comfortable fixing Grados themselves (possible if you're ok with taking glued parts apart), while repairing the wooden Grados (without damaging them) is more difficult. Once you've taken them apart, you'll see that they are surprisingly simple. I've listened to my stock Alessandro MS-1 for ten years, in and out of my backpack, etc. and they are still in excellent condition – take that for what it's worth. The only thing...
I just plugged the MS-1 into my laptop and these things rock, even with AAC files (320 kbps VBR)!   Normally, they are connected to my portable CD player... guess they like the extra juice.
If the X4i sound anything like the S4i, they won't have a warm sound. I've listened to mine on a 3G iPod Shuffle and out of my laptop for about four years and they do have a signature sound compared against my reference Grado HP2 and Alessandro MS-1 headphones – the mids are not as fluid and rich as on the MS-1 (sounding slightly recessed) and there is a bit of exaggeration in the treble, which is fine for pop music and non-critical listening. Bass rolls off fairly...
Sorry for the Lazarus post, but I finally got some new Vapex batteries for my Sony D-EJ2000. They are rated at 1.2V and 1450 mAh with a claim of "up to 1000x charge cycles." These prismatic Ni-MH (gumstick) batteries are becoming harder to find as time goes on. Portable MiniDisc player owners should also take note... also, I noticed that Panasonic seems to have discontinued their line of prismatic batteries.   I had previously purchased a Sony NH-14WM battery (grey...
There is a very positive review of the D33 in this month's issue of Stereophile.
You won't have to worry about the amp's burn-in time, then.   Try to attend/organize a meet in your area to try headphones on other high-end gear (after your headphones are burned-in). It's fun, it's educational, and you'll meet a lot of interesting people.
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