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I heard the red ("e-series") drivers were a limited run and they have changed the color back to black, with the same improvements. If you got them directly from Alessandro, it is probably newer stock.
I have to agree. The Amiron sounded totally different (better) coming out of the Chord Mojo instead of directly from my CD player's headphone jack.   I'd love to hear it coming out of the Chord Hugo 2 to see if it can go even farther.
A positive review from Macworld:
I had the opportunity to try the Amiron (out of the Chord Mojo, no less) a few weeks ago and I liked what I heard very much.   Build quality and comfort are top-notch – I'd like to compare the Sennheiser HD 600 against the Amiron sometime. The Amiron sell for as little as $600 here, which makes them much more expensive than the Sennheisers (occasionally available in the $300s).
On the weekend, I took the SL-CT820 to a local headphone store. We connected the HiFiMan HE400i and the Final Audio Design Sonorous III headphones, which it played without a problem. Neither sounded particularly good out of the Panasonic, but the HiFiMan was better.   Using the external battery pack (2 AA batteries), you can increase power to 5.4V... that's a far cry from the 1.2V from the single prismatic (gumstick) NiMH battery in the Sony D-EJ2000 (which also has an...
Any updates on the HD 599 impressions? I came close to picking up a pair of HD 598 when dropped the price to $149.99.
I plugged my Alessandro MS-1 back into the Panasonic SL-CT820 for more critical listening and I've concluded that it has essentially the same sound signature as the Sony D-EJ2000. That is a credit to both manufacturers – they produced neutral, musical-sounding portable CD players that are able to compete against most of today's high-end (and high-priced) digital audio players.   However, I am still hearing things on the Panasonic that I didn't hear on the Sony – I...
I saw the HD 599 in a store and I was impressed by their build quality. There was a HD 598 as well, so I could compare them side by side. The HD 599 looks better in person than it does in pictures, and of course its visual color palette is a little less warm than the HD 598. There wasn't time to listen, but I'm going to try to audition them soon.   I hope Sennheiser builds a Special Edition version of the HD 599 as well. Beige and brown don't match my equipment very well.
I'm thinking of getting the iFi Micro iCAN SE to amp the HD 600... does anybody already have this combo? Don't think anyone has suggested this amp yet.
Love the idea and the color of the HD6XX but I wish they'd gone with the HD600 drivers instead. Maybe they'll do an HD8XXS version later.
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