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Will the warranty still be valid through V-Moda even though I wouldn't be the original buyer?
If you like the S4s, I'd go with the x10s. The fit is quite similar, so you'll know if you can achieve a proper seal and not have to worry about bulkier drivers/tips. Going from the S4, I found the low end to be much more refined. It has the punch of the S4s, without all the boom and bleed. I've found the midrange to be brought more forward, rather than recessed with the S4, and the treble to be improved, not detecting a hint of sibilance unlike the S4. My only gripe is...
No offense, but it's hard to take this thread seriously when you sound like such a shrill.. I'd trust Joker's reviews over yours, just because of his experience. Why call him out on his score as if you're amazed that the CC51, a widely acclaimed set of IEMs got a pretty good review?  
Looking to trade/sell a brand new, unused set of Klipsch Image X10 IEMs. Looking for a set of Sony EX600, JVC-FXT90s, or something along those lines. Something great for Rock/Metal, that would be an upgrade on the Klipsch S4 I own, clearing up the bass bleed.   Regarding the price: Amazon charges a sales tax of 8.75% since I live in NY. Thus, although the headphones were $95, I paid closer to $105 for them (I can send an invoice scan, if you'd life to verify this)....
I'm interested, but what's the factory warranty on these? Would it be honored? I've read up on the cracking problems with the headband, and knowing my luck something will happen in a few months :(
I've got one. Definitely sounds better than my onboard sound of my macbook pro. I can't use any of the Xonar software, but it sounds GREAT with my Shure 750dj's. It gives it a "fuller" sound.
I can confirm they don't. I picked up a pair after seeing your post, and here's what they look like:    
Would you be able to force the Klipsch's onto an SE215? I've found the biflanges to be the only tips that create a good seal for me, and I've been interested in the SE215s. It seems they would, as the Olives are 3mm according to your first post.
Looking to buy a pair of Panasonic HJE900's. They were selling as low as $60-$90 last year, and typically sold for around $120. If you're interested in selling a pair, PM or post here with any offers. Thanks!
Great review! The Xears definitely caught my eye. One question though, how do the Xears sound in comparison to the Klipsch S4 (if you remember by any chance)? I'm looking for a new set of IEMs, and those, the Eterna's and the HJE900s are all strong candidates, though I can't find the HJE900s via retail anymore... I'm looking for a V shaped sound, though more of a focus on mid-bass than sub, as my music is mostly various types of metal (progressive, thrash, industrial)...
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