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Thanks will look into it
I'm actually just looking for a right angle TRRS plug right now, anyone make one?   I will look into that when I'm shopping for a new one though.
The biggest failure point among all the high end earphones + controls (Klipsch X10i, Phonak Audeo, etc) has been the plug to plug in my iphone. They always seem to eventually fail from use. EIther they get bent in my pocket or the way it sits in my pocket plugged in or constant in and out kills it. Does anyone make a cheap but decent and Small/short plug so that I can just replace those once in a while instead of having to mail it in every few months. It has to...
I think they're roughly the same size as the Phonaks
Lost the originals, the ones I have lying around fall out easily and get stuck in my ear :/   Can anyone recommend replacement that are not Comply foam style? Where can I get some?
Looking for some gym earphones with strong bass response and decent mids. They need to have at least a start/stop/ff and ideally even the volume controls.
I found my old pair of E4Cs and have been listening to them a bit. I normally listen to Nuforce NE-7M and the Audeo PFE's. To be honest, I think the sound better than both although the PFE has a bit better upper end and feel faster, the E4Cs seem to beat them completely in mid range and upper to middle bass. They just sound very natural.   I was wondering how the E4Cs might compare to something like the RE0s or Klipsch Custom 3s or anything else really...
The PFE I have now are the newest version. They sounds awesome and I love it if it weren't for that the buttons don't work reliably anymore. I have to adjust the connector to the iPhone for it to take commands sometimes. I know it's not the iPhone as other phones work fine. After use, I roll them up around four fingers and put it in my top jacket pocket. I've narrowed down my choice to a Panasonic 900 or a RE0 and a button cable I guess.
I am sick and tired of sending in the PFE and Nuforce NE-7m for repairs. I am not especially hard on earphones than normal use. My old Shures have lasted years to much more abuse than these pathetic phones breaking in a month or two. Either a button failure or plug being cheap and cutting in/out... argh! Are the Klipsch phones better made? What are the most durable high quality ones out now? I need full ipod shuffle controls. I prefer the sound of the PFE but I wish it...
The silicone tips don't really cut it for me. Can someone tell me what size and model Shure tips I should go for? Better yet, if you can link me, you'll get some good karma
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