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For people having Firmware Update problems, try turning off WIFI and using just your normal data connection. Worked for me.
Sounds great on mine, no rattling. I did run a pink noise break in for a few hours though when I got it.
Yes, can anyone else confirm? I also only see SBC.
I'm sure the QC50 will be BT5 enabled :)   Even just running SBC, I can't say there's a noticeable sound quality difference once ANC is activated between BT and wired.
At least so far, I haven't noticed any drops or skips.   I have it connected to an iPhone 6s Plus, a 12.1 inch iPad Pro, and a Macbook Pro 15. Usually all at the same time.
I think the Parrot Zik 2.0 are the only headphones that have close to the level of active noise cancellation of the last generation of QC25. Everyone else is at first generations of Bose headphones like the QC1.    My coworker has the QC25 and compared to the QC35, Bose made some significant upgrades. The mics are much bigger and general build quality is far superior. It just feels like a more precise higher quality piece of gear from handling it. In terms of sound,...
Where do the new QC35 stack up?
Is AAC transmission really supported? On my Mac, it always shows SBC.
How does the power switch work on this one?   Is it a lever or something that can be permanently on?
I need a decent pair of headphones. Source will just be Spotify on high quality. Music is very eclectic from classical/instrumentals to things like Girl Talk and Hood Internet.   Needs to be closed so that I don't annoy people around me.    It will be powered from a Macbook Retina 15, latest version. I could up to a headphone or USB DAC or amp or something but I don't want to spend much more than $100. Any suggestions?    I was looking at the ATH-M40x but I've been...
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