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So what happens when you need replacement earpads or head band?  Do you have to buy the regular HD598 colored pieces? :)  I don't see the special edition parts listed on Sennheisers website.
        Yes, and you are going to have to go back and rerip all your CDs in Balanced FLAC (BFLAC) format!  If you bought any music from iTunes you will have to go back and buy it again in the new format, iTunes+-   Just kidding, there is no such thing as balanced digital, but digital info could be run on a balanced line, but that is completely unneccessary for your application.   Rob
The Pico Slim has been sold!  Thanks Danny.   I'm going to hold onto the Pico Amp/DAC for the time being, if I decide to sell it I'll put a listing up for that.   Rob  
Black, only used a couple times, it's like-new, PERFECT.  With box, leather carrying case.  Great amp, I need to downsize my amplifier collection.   I also have a Pico USB DAC / Amp but I'm on the fence about getting rid of that....   Rob
Quote: Originally Posted by Jalo I wouldn't worry about that. That will only give you a chance for a better Dac and amp like this: Apple Lossless=>Ipad=>USB adaptor=>(upcoming world class Dac, your choice)=>Pico Slim, or Balance Protector=>TWag cable=>JH13,JH16, UE18, ED8, and/or your choice, wow Hah, isn't technology supposed to get cheaper, smaller and make our lives easier? How come my audio gear is always getting more numerous and...
Quote: Originally Posted by warp08 The lack of USB-ports aside, the significance of this would be (if proven true) the API support for audio-class devices (such as an external DAC), which so far wasn't possible on the iPhone OS. Re: iPad USB Audio Class 1 and Update on OSX Class 2 According to the original post it sounds like it does support external DACs... now I'm second guessing trading in the Pico AMP+Dac for the Pico Slim... Rob
Quote: Originally Posted by dazzer1975 wouldn't it be easier just to include a couple of usb ports in the first place? Ahhh thats right, this is Apple we are talking about, convenience, functionality and performance are not the bywords that guide their over-riding philosophy. What a stupid thing to say... I guess that is why iPhones are so popular...? Why so many people in the know use Macs...? Ridiculous... Rob
Please add me to the Pre-order list. 1 HeadAmp Pico Slim w/ carrying case (USA plug) Thanks Rob
Quote: Originally Posted by CrisG Okay, I felt compelled to come in here and say this: Flac Vs Alac, you won't hear a difference, period. HOWEVER............ ripping original or even copies of original cd's thru itunes to get ALAC files is a horrible, horrible decision. The software is terrible at it, period. Scratch here and there and it craps on everything. Even on a perfectly good CD, the rips just aren't accurate... they don't sound like the...
Quote: Originally Posted by coolfungadget Think about MacBook. The silver mini-i doesn't look cheap at all. The Macbook Pro is (I'd guess) abrasive blasted and anodized, it has a matte finish, very subtle texture and of course the lines are sexy as hell. An awesome computer in form and function. I think the Matrix looks very nice, the form factor is nice, it's a good size and seems well built for the money - and I really dig the VFD. But the...
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