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Bumped, would definitely like to see more educated people's thoughts on these, and the Yamaha Mach 5/Planar Magnetic Speakers, etc!
Where in Dayton are you guys thinking? Dayton looked pretty sizeable on Google Maps
I just moved to the Columbus area, so I'd definitely be interested in coming. Not sure if that weekend works for me yet, but it'd be nice to bring the gf along so she better understands why I blow all this money on sweet gear :D   Has the location been set?
  Hmm the GR06 definitely sounds interesting. I can't really find anything about the CKM500--have you tried them? Care to share your impressions? How are they compared to Crystals?   and lol, good call on the 215 XD     My friend had the 115's back in the day and I was really impressed with them then, so I think the 215's would be a good bet too. The bass isn't too bad on them? And do these have the detachable cables like the other Shure IEMs? Do they hold up okay?  
There was a thread from 2006 about this, but having just moved to the Central Ohio region, I was wondering if you guys knew of any other places that have popped up in the meantime? I'm trying to find somewhere that might carry some nice headphone/sIEMs/etc so I can go and try it out. Any ideas?
I have an old pair of Bose ear buds (the generation before the IE2) that I'm currently looking to replace. I really liked the mids on them, but I was disappointed in the lack of highs and the somewhat confined soundstage, so I'm trying to find something under $150 that represents an upgrade (in addition to something that's actually an IEM). I'd be using these in the office and on the plane, mostly to listen to electronic music, classical music, alt, and some rock (i.e....
Hey all,   The last thread about closed circumaurals was 6 years old, so I'm wondering if there are some more suggestions out there.   Purpose: I work in an office and I wear glasses. My current Denon D1000's pinch against the frame of my glasses which make them pretty uncomfortable after awhile, and sometimes I just don't feel like wearing my IEMs.   Objective: Looking for closed circumaurals, which I've noticed are the biggest, cushiest phones around....
Fantastic thread. Thanks so much!
Thanks so much for the in-depth reviews. My question is just something a lot more basic. Is there a difference between the T3 and the T3(D)'s? From the iBasso website, they look essentially the same, and I haven't really been able to find any sort of definite differentiation on the forums.
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