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Dark, strong, nasty ales.   
 I've always had to look around for 12ga  2 3/4"  #1 buck, but then I stocked up and bought a case about fifteen years ago.  Birdshot ( say #4s) works just fine at ranges where you would be talking without raising your voice.  Just the sound of the cycling of a pump shotgun's action has a calmative effect on most.  The issue with the defensive use of a shotgun is following the Four Rules and not letting your firearm be turned into your suppository.   
Prosperous, Joyful New Year Wheelmates and Threadmates!  from the OP.  Namaste!    
 Think about #1 buckshot; higher pellet count, not quite so overpenetrative as 00 and it patterns better at "conversational" ranges.  
Walther introduced the PP and the PPK (Pocket Pistol and Pocket Pistol Kurz/Short) in the early 1930s in .22LR and .32ACP; .380ACP, or 9mm Kurz, came later.  Both pistols were single stack double-action with tool-less breakdown.  I have owned Walthers in .380ACP, but, IMHO, that caliber is insufficient for self defense and cannot drive an expanding bullet fast enough to be reliable.  I presently own a Daewoo PP clone in .22LR, which is a very nice gun.  No CCW pistol...
 Is that like a PPK?   
I started out with Koss Pro4a in the early '70s, but did not find real resonance with any headphones until the Sennheiser HD-600s with a decent cord and amp.   
  The Blue Car on the dyno.     
The last MN headphone meet I ramrodded (in conjunction with the Audio Society) was over at the Pavek Broadcasting Museum.  Tyll who started HeadRoom came by with his trailer and a good time was had by all.  I had some stuff from Jan Meier that was a little bit unusual at the time.  But that was years ago.  At that time there was very limited local headphone interest or retail.  Merry Christmas!   
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