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Looks like all kinds of push-rod fun.   Thanks
Well mine was bacterial endocarditis with a right-side stroke and aortic valve replacement.  I'm working on getting the strength and dexterity back in my left hand for those bicycle and motorcycle controls (I am, of course naturally left-handed).  
 I was the MN sponsor for both of HeadRoom's first two Twin Cities shows.  For the second, my co-sponsor was the Minnesota Audio Society and we held it at the Pavlek Radio Museum.  I still have and wear both of my HeadRoom tee shirts, although they are both too big for me these days.   
Stopped in again as part of the upgrade process for my portable system and to further investigate hi-res digital's progress.  
After being very sick last summer, and now in the middle of an MN winter, it's good to see my Bike-Fi thread is alive and well.  Looking forward to spring and continuing my rehabilitation through riding  
Do you have any dyno traces that you could post?       This is from a couple of years ago of my Blue Car getting its first dyno tune.  The Blue Car proved an excellent tool for my learning to drive more competently (through study, practice, tuning, several driving schools, and track days) and demonstrated the efficacy for me of having a "summer car".  When it came off warranty, we "loosened its bra and panties" (K&N induction kit, fuel solenoid and Cobb turbo-back...
Dark, strong, nasty ales.   
 I've always had to look around for 12ga  2 3/4"  #1 buck, but then I stocked up and bought a case about fifteen years ago.  Birdshot ( say #4s) works just fine at ranges where you would be talking without raising your voice.  Just the sound of the cycling of a pump shotgun's action has a calmative effect on most.  The issue with the defensive use of a shotgun is following the Four Rules and not letting your firearm be turned into your suppository.   
Prosperous, Joyful New Year Wheelmates and Threadmates!  from the OP.  Namaste!    
 Think about #1 buckshot; higher pellet count, not quite so overpenetrative as 00 and it patterns better at "conversational" ranges.  
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