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$2,500 is a nice chunk of change to take to the aftermarket for accessories proven to improve performance and handling.  Or maybe one or two good driving schools?  It really often is "the nut behind the wheel". 
I got a new S7 Edge last week after having scored a pair of B&W P7s on an earlier Black Friday indulgence on markdown with an additional 15% off.  The S7 has considerable optional settings for audio output, including a separate applet to optimize for your choice of cans and your hearing.  In combination without an external amp and or DAC utilizing lossless files this sounds exceptionally spacious, clear and smooth.  Easily the best simple portable combination I have ever...
It's even better from the other seat.    What about that noise!
GTS.  I had the choice, while it was on order, and decided this was better suited to my purposes.
Time Travel: A History by James Gleick
Great to see folks still riding and posting, although my health ha precluded my riding, I still have great memories and friends from fifty years in the saddle.  :)  Keep cranking!
Looks like all kinds of push-rod fun.   Thanks
Well mine was bacterial endocarditis with a right-side stroke and aortic valve replacement.  I'm working on getting the strength and dexterity back in my left hand for those bicycle and motorcycle controls (I am, of course naturally left-handed).  
 I was the MN sponsor for both of HeadRoom's first two Twin Cities shows.  For the second, my co-sponsor was the Minnesota Audio Society and we held it at the Pavlek Radio Museum.  I still have and wear both of my HeadRoom tee shirts, although they are both too big for me these days.   
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