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Quote: Originally Posted by Success As a general guide, headphones with an impedance or more than 50 ohm will be better with an amp. if I am not wrong, K701's impedance is 62 ohms. How much improvement do amps make? I've never owned any, so I'm not sure.
Quote: Originally Posted by Success you will need an amp for DT880. AD700 can be used unamped. What about the K701's?
Can these be ran off headphone out of an iPod, or a MacBook without the use of an amp?
So I kinda understand what the impedence is, and that lower is sutible for portable players. My question is, what is the maximum that an iPod touch 1G can provide via headphone out? If so, would it be able to power the AKG K701's?
Wow, those are some nice looking headphones.. Might go and save up for some of these.
Quote: Originally Posted by moseboy I have a couple questions at this point. First of all (and I know it's been answered countless times already, but) how many hours of burn-in are you guys concluding are required before the highs start to come in? Second, how careful do I have to be about damaging my IE8's drivers from burning them in (specifically in terms of volume)? 1) Many of us have said around 250 hours 2) When burning in, I heard that...
Quote: Originally Posted by fghtffyrobesity I don't mean you answer for him, but I thought I would just try and get you an answer as fast as possible. Since the clamping pressure on the ES7's are quite strong, they push against the things wire (the part that bends when you close it....like....what sits on your ears) and then against your head. If that made sense O_O I understand what you mean :/ The clamping (Which I don't want) pushes against...
Quote: Originally Posted by blehbleh If its important, the es7's are not glasses friendly, even with the headband mod. Oh god the pain... Really? Oh damn it... Which part causes this discomfort?
Quote: Originally Posted by fghtffyrobesity I wouldn't judge off the inital sound. I know my Denons changed a lot by 25 hours and are now at 60 hours and sound better yet. I'm just hoping they have a demo there so burn in has already occured.
My left is slightly larger than my right... it was odd when I found out.
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