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Quote: Originally Posted by azncookiecutter You spend way too much for your age. Recently turned 20, damage to the wallet is well past the $2000 mark so far. No I don't
Well since the members of head-fi don't usually cause trouble, the mods tend to be laid back and I like it that way
15 years old. *waves*
I still see a big green pig
Star Trek (On Blu Ray ) - 9/10 Damn good movie I thought.
^And there he is.
Quote: Originally Posted by Necrolic Regardless the Head-F1 models are very nice as well, since they're identical outside that :P Also, rumor has it there is a possible second run of HF-2s, or at least somebody was told by Todd that he'd "like" to do one. Mine isn't that nice compared to some. Damn watermarks :[
I have 8 invites waiting to be used. To be honest, I don't even know how to use Google Wave and what it exactly does If anyone wants an invite, just PM me.
I must get myself a pair of Denons.
£250? That's in the ESW9/ES10 region isn't it?
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