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Pretty sure the Phiaton MS400's use carbon fibre as well.
With my IE8s on an iPod touch 1st gen, about 30-40% on Earth did a car get on top of it?
Hope I manage to win *Hopes*
I'm pretty sure the GS1000 moves away from the typical Grado sound sig
Does anyone have these paired with a Little Dot 1+? Also after almost 2 months, I am loving these They are so addicting to listen to and there is nothing wrong with the comfort. They sound brilliant with pop and rock as people have said before
^Those ones are always funny. xD Old but still good.
I plan to get a LA2000 lite, and if I have lots of money with a nice system by the end of 2010, then the HD800s.
Quote: Originally Posted by azncookiecutter Fair enough. BTW, kept the HD800s or not? Don't see it in your profile anymore. I only auditioned them, I never owned them.
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