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Quote: On April 28th, 2010 we will announce the ONE winner and ship your FREE HD800 Headphones worth $1,399. Due to the manufacturer's restriction we can only ship this to a US address so if you live in Europe or Asia and win the contest, you must provide a shipping address in the US (perhaps a friend or family member) or forfeit the prize, in which case the second best review with an address in the US will win. We may close new entries on or before April 10th,...
Wow I must enter this
Quote: Originally Posted by wavoman I have the GS1000, not the GS1000i, but I give you this advice: do not buy it until you listen to it. There is a peak in the high frequencies that you might love, or it might drive you batty. From what I heard at two meets, although the listening time was not quite enough to make me 100% sure, I would say HD800 from the list you presented. I was listening to female vocalists. Surely you should listen to all...
I've spent about £500 at the moment. Need an amp and a dac still
Everybody <3's Krmathis
^Agreed. I use one with my HF2's at the moment, and it's very well built.
Bit late there From what I know of, I don't think many or anyone has heard them.
Overrated: Sennheiser HD600.
Quote: Originally Posted by ClieOS I think the original version is cooler. Well, for a traditional Chinese reader at least I'm a traditional Chinese reader (A terrible one) but I'm thinking how to actually write the word and how many strokes it's going to take O_o It looks so complicated, more complicated than any word I've seen.
Ooh 1 more day till the winner is announced! Good luck to everyone.
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