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Quote: Originally Posted by nierika I'm holding out for the Gucci headphones. Pssh I'd rather wait for some Armani ones to match my glasses.
I did have a dream about owning the HD800s once, or maybe twice before.
Quote: Originally Posted by ljokerl This is definitely one to see just for the visuals. I hated the trailer and had no intention of seeing the film but was dragged by my significant other. The storyline is exactly as shallow and predictable as one would expect - Cameron has a way of making his movies appeal to the masses, whatever the subject matter. But the visuals are good - one of the most immersive films I've seen, at least since the first LOTR. One...
For me it's Facebook and Twitter.
I heard it today at the Apple Store and I can understand why people would like them. Noise cancelling is pretty good, but the sound wasn't worth £200-300 (I think it's £280?) I thought as a fashion accessory, they aren't too bad. I'd think the white version would look much better. The sound was rather typical. Lots of midbass, ok mids, and lack of treble. It had a slightly fun sound to it, but again wasn't worth the amount of money.
I need to get it when it comes out on blu ray. You know what, I might go watch it again.
OMFG It was awesome!!! I absolutely loved it! The 3D just added to the experience, it looked brilliant. The storyline was a bit predictable but I think it was one of my top 2009 movies.
I'm hopefully going to see it today It better be as good as everyone has been saying it is.
Quote: Originally Posted by mark2410 it snowed here today, melted the instant it hit the ground of course. been really quite cold here, cold enough that ive actually had to put the heating on Snowed here today as well. I wonder why our fingers curl up slightly when they get cold.
Quote: Originally Posted by MrGreen Of course there is the insane fanboi who wants to say HD800 is sexy, but we all know thats a lie. But I love the look of the HD800. Does that mean I'm a fanboy? :[
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