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Excellent review there. So I'm assuming, after reading your review, these are complete opposites compared to the IE8s which I have enjoyed for almost a year now. I read somewhere that Audio Technica headphones seem to have a upper midrange peak and are suited for J-Pop and J-Rock, does this apply for the CK100 as well?
I'm in Leicester and we're probably like the only city where there's been barely any snow. When people have had a whole foot of snow, we've had an inch to two. We did reach -7c and I can't actually imagine what it would have been like if we had reached -20c like some places did. I wore a t-shirt, shirt, jumper, blazer, coat, scarf, gloves and two pairs of socks and I was still freezing :|
I don't have much, oh well. Don't need that much. Tweetie Dropbox VirusBarrier X5 (No idea why I have this) iStat Menus temperature Time Machine Bluetooth WiFi Sound (Currently got my HF2's plugged in) Battery iStat Menus time and date. Spotlight
I'm a speech bubble? *shrugs*
Sennheiser IE8 In-Ear Headphones - Apple Store (U.K.) >.< Really silly how that guy decided to review the IE8s, after only 9 hours of burn in. It might be just me, but it frustrates me in the inside.
Umm might I just ask something? In what way does your height affect your ears? I'm 5'6" and I had to use the small olives with my SE110s. Anything bigger than small would hurt my ear canals as if they were being ripped apart.
LOL That's actually cool Happy birthday to all!
Saw a pair of SE530s in Heathrow, HD650s for demo in Dixons (In Heathrow) and a lot of Audio Technica ON3's in HK.
Quote: Originally Posted by SonicArmada The use of the Papyrus font ruins it. Honestly? I think it fits the context. It's quite tribe like and the Na'Vi are a tribe. What you going to use then? Century Gothic? Quote: Originally Posted by oqvist Sadly I got reminded why I go to the cinemas so seldom. Why is there so many people that think anyone want to hear them laugh even at the dumbest jokes? Some seem to think that is...
Sennheiser HD800 Denon AH-D1001
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