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After hearing about the recent announcements/release of the JH16 and the UE18, I want to get into the whole custom IEM! At the moment I have a pair of Sennheiser IE8s (Which are doing me fine) and a pair of Grado HF2s. I have auditioned the HD800s before and I loved them, but is the hype for the JH13's actually true? It seems so tempting to buy one, but I'd have to get impressions and ship them over and then probably have to pay tax and such when it comes back >.<
Quote: Originally Posted by Bolt91506 Hey guys, guess what? The iPod Kid loves Skullcandies! YouTube - iFrogz DJ Style & Timbre w/ Mic Review Lol "Tim-bray" xD
Woah! So UE just released their UE18 Pro and in the same day JH announce an 8 driver custom IEM?! Too cool! Can't wait to see the impressions from people.
Quote: Originally Posted by Denon2010 Actually from what I read on review sites etc. These are good sounding cans, it has bass born for music such as RAP and Hip Hop etc. And who exactly wrote these reviews? I'm assuming people that aren't as experienced in "good sound"
For me, I like a mixture of neutral and coloured. As plonter mentioned, the HD800s did also make me understand that neutral can be fun sometimes. But then I love the sound from my Grado HF2s, very addicting and foot tapping!
Ooh exciting stuff Judging from Jude's impressions, I think I'd aim for the JH13s.
Most of my pinna actually touches the grill but I don't find it that discomforting. It's a slight numbing that I realise after long durations (4 hours+).
I love these videos! xD There are so many Skullcandy videos that follow the same pattern. "Awesome looks, very loud, very good!"
Aww what's wrong with liking Lady GaGa, even if it is a tiny bit? :[ I enjoy some of her songs, like poker face. I find her lyrics rather catchy and just enjoy it overall. I also like Owl City. I find the songs catchy and slightly relaxing.
What on Earth is pic 4 showing?
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