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I still want it (Being a typical Apple fanboy ) I think that pricing is definitely reasonable, but not for the 3G versions. Blah! I hate carrying my MacBook around with me and have personally never liked netbooks. This is a device that's aimed at maybe a college/university student? They did go through iWorks in the presentation.
Quote: Originally Posted by royhendo That's excellent actually - maybe completely changes things for me in fact... hmmm... thanks for the info mate. They're not on the site mate - I emailed them directly and senor TimmyGCSE ordered his through Handheld. Oh I see. Might have to go through them as well when I manage to get the opportunity in buying them. Did you have to pay TAX and were communications with them good?
Quote: Originally Posted by royhendo So you're in England mate but you went direct to Jerry Harvey, yes? Not via Handheld Audio? The comment that there was no surcharge on the import interested me - was it marked as a gift? May I ask where you saw Handheld Audio selling the JH13's? I can't seem to find it on their site?
Nice review there. I can't wait to save up for a pair!
Agreed with the above. Let's say Sennheiser is "Dark" but then you look at the HD800 and it doesn't follow this typical signature. Same thing with Grados (Let's say RS1 and GS1000).
So recently I've been looking at getting a new guitar. I've been playing for around a year+3 months and I think I need to get away from the Squier Strat since I'm getting bored of it. I'm thinking of getting an Epiphone Les Paul custom Ebony/Alpine White for around £250 off Amazon. I am actually sold on looks alone since I love the looks. So should I get one? Edit: I just realised that there are fakes about :/ I was looking at this...
I'm 15 and I could only hear up to 19K... Uh oh.
From videos/pics of unboxings of the Beats by Dre, I don't think your Denons will fit inside the case. The beats fold up into quite a small package and they fit in the case.
JPop/Rock Rock Pop House And a dash of classical and some blues.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Monkey I think the HD800 and the JH13 both live up to the hype. In my opinion, the JH13 is better. In which way do you think it's "better" Also do the JH13's have more bass quantity when compared to the HD800s?
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