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Quote: Originally Posted by Skylab Well that's not encouraging, but an iPod Nano playing 256kbps is not going to be the best test... Nor was my iPod touch 1st gen going to be any good, but it shouldn't have made much difference and I got to know the sound signature from it. Not the best, but sound isolating was good I think?
I doubt I'll be getting one now. I think I'll just go for the iPhone 4th gen and then save up for a MBP. Much more useful...
^It's good to start at a young age in my opinion Don't spend too much on this hobby though! I stopped with my Grado HF2's for a bit since I decided I'd save my money for an iPhone and a MBP.
I tried these for a quick second in the Apple Store. I didn't hook it up with my iPod but it was with an iPod nano playing 256kbps. Uhh...I didn't like it. It reminded me of Bose or Monster Beats to my ears. Quite congested and a bit muddy to my ears.
Bowls with my HF2s
I use Twitter I use it everyday and find it's significantly better than FaceBook. In FaceBook I'm spammed with random farmville invites and I'm fearing it will become like MySpace. It used to be the thing everybody used and then it just died... I liked FaceBook back when it wasn't as well known/popular. Anyway my twitter is Ryan Chung (thechungster) on Twitter
Quote: Originally Posted by Shike For those that want a real Apple tablet, there's always the modbook. I think this is what people were expecting, and what they got ultimately let them down in comparison. Agreed. I personally never wanted a tablet with a fully fledged Mac OS on it and I always thought the iPhone OS would have been ideal.
:O Thanks for mentioning this sale! I have to go in tomorrow and buy myself a pair of X10s...or should I go for the X5s? (I'll look and try and find them anyway, hope they're there)
About the multitasking: It'll likely be in some future OS update, we'll just have to wait. Remember when many wanted copy and paste? We've waited and we've finally received.
Quote: Originally Posted by dazzer1975 how can this be for a student, its going to be a nightmare to type on, having to either carry a stand around with you or finding somewhere to prop it up so its at a comfortable viewing and typing angle wether with a seperate keyboard or not. netbooks for the win for on campus work, this is full of fail. Oh yeah, I forgot about how you type on this thing. Fair enough who is it aimed at? O_o
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