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Quick question, I have a pair of IE80's and want something with some good bass but more pronounced mids as these are a bit too recessed. I've tried the W40's and they had superb mids for rock  although my initial impressions for electronic was a bit meh with them. Are the W3's any better for rock/pop/electronic whilst keeping a good midrange or are they as recessed as the IE80s?
...   Would like to have a few more opinions. I'm still thinking about either the W3 or UM3x, but have absolutely no idea which I would prefer. Comparing my Grados HF2's and Sennheiser IE8s, I prefer the midrange and treble of the Grados. I prefer that clean sound for guitars and vocals. Which would be better then?
Hello, haven't been on here for a year+ now. I have absolutely no idea on what's new nowadays.   I'm getting a tad bit bored of my Sennheiser IE8s now and would like to replace these with something that has a bit more detail in the midrange and treble. I also have a pair of Grado HF2's and would love something similar to them, but with a bit more bass. Would also like to have an IEM that has a good build quality, especially in the wires.    Bands I listen to...
My friend seems be getting a bit impatient (Bump) He would still like some advice.
He says that Comply compatibility is essential and how do the Radiopaq Jazz compare to other options?
I've not been on head-fi for a while now and I've stopped the whole headphone hobby for about half a year now so I'm not up to date anymore. He says... "Bassy headphones (IEMs) at a maximum of £50. Mostly used listening to pop and synthpop(especially the latter... owl city/lights), occasionally rock/alt. Preferably available on Amazon/Play." He said he also loves Comply tips and would love the IEM to be compatible with them. Thanks.
I have a mix of 256-320kbps MP3 and FLAC. More MP3 though since I don't have much space on my HDD.
Ouch, £1000? :/ I'd like to ask a quick question for people in the UK. If you bought them from the US, how much did that cost you? (Including shipping, tax etc)
Quote: Originally Posted by chadbang So they rolled out a new ad during the Oscars. Can anyone tell me why they had the need to fake all the footage? Could it be because its impossible to keep a slick, flat metal pad stable on your knees while youre typing! What a lemon. Apple - iPad - Photos and images of iPad I saw that as well and noticed the stable iPad when typing. I'm not sure whether to buy one or not...I'm definitely getting an iPhone...
^It's the same thing with me, except they know about my Grado HF2s. When my dad I asked how much my IE8s were, I said £45...
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