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I have room for a 2.0/2.1 system so I'd like to go that route instead of a sound bar, but I'm having trouble finding a good set that has optical in (TOSLINK) AND IR control (so that I can use my TV's universal remote to control volume)   Looking to keep it around 200USD   Any suggestions?  I looked at Edifier Luna Eclipse HD but it's a bit outside my range 
When the hell are they going to figure out how to design a soundcard with 4ohms or less output impedance?  This 10ohm output impedance is bull.  
Sorry to hear that RXRacer.. I was very excited to try this mod out but your stories remind me that I'm not good enough to play with this stuff yet.  
 Thanks for the indepth reply! Would the motherboard Soundcore3D be the equivalent to the first gen or the second gen in terms of drivers? 
 Any driver issues with Creative's Soundcore3D?  Last I used creative products was back in the days when MIcrosoft decided to drop sound acceleration from directx because creative's drivers were responsible for most blue screens. 
They're using an ESS 9023P with an RC4580 Amp.  I'm wondering if anyone has the output impedance measurements and any curves on this setup? 
 I only have the HiFiMeDIY Sabre Tiny but it doesn't work with Poweramp... probably does with UARP but I'm not ready to give up the functionality
Has anyone found a DAC that works with the Nexus 5? 
 I can confirm the Nexus 5 to the HiFimeDIY Sabre (Tiny in my case) does not work.  Very sad but can't say I wasn't expecting it.  The Nexus 5 has a new DSP that is used for audio instead of the SoC that is meant to lower battery usage so I think it may have something to do with it not working.   I would love to hear if someone can get a DAC working with the N5 without UARP (or even with UARP, I don't have the app so can't test if it would work with the N5)
In case you don't know the story behind the J$ pads read here http://www.head-fi.org/t/424130/review-jmoney-audio-genuine-leather-earpads-for-beyer-dt770-880-990#post_5677983   DavidMahler has already rated these as an A+ (http://www.head-fi.org/t/634201/battle-of-the-flagships-58-headphones-compared-update-audeze-lcd-2-revision-2-6-4-13#user_DT880) well... with the J$ Pads these become A+++   I am the original owner and these are in great shape. 9/10 on the Audiogon...
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