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I'm thinking the same thing.  I've moved almost all my music listening to Pono, and especially since I've replaced my standard cable with a balanced cable the iPhone isn't in the mix any more.  I still use it for podcasts, but the Pono becomes more and more important to me. One of the things I've done is to buy an external battery pack.  I ordered the one wire cutter.com recommended.  That takes care of my biggest problem that the Pono's battery isn't big enough.
Jeff,   Of the Bruckner 9ths that are in my library I keep returning to a couple of them.  For a modern recording I very much enjoy Simon Rattle with the Berlin Philharmonic in 2012.  He does a reconstructed 4th movement which I never listen to.  It's full of power and very well recorded.  For an older recording I go to the Gunter Wand recording, again with the BPO, which was done in 1998.  Wand recorded a couple of 9ths, but this is the one I judge the best.
More from my clearing out. This is an old pair of AKG K701s that I purchased from another head-fi member.  Since getting my Fostex I'm not listening to them at all. $150 and they are yours.
Clearing out my stable. Monster Inspiration grey with active noise canceling. $170 shipped.
Greeni,   I don't really think the Enthrall has a tone.  It's a neutral amp that lets the recording speak for itself.  If the recording was well done, you can hear the mastering engineer's work.  If the recording is thin and lifeless, that's how it sounds.  I have no idea of how it stacks up to the RWA as I've never heard one, but I did hear the used Isabellina at Fidelas.  I thought the Isabellina was marginally better (and it was quite a bit more for a used piece...
I've been listening to the Enthrall almost daily for two months now and it hasn't lost any of it's luster. I have spent most of my discretionary listening time revisiting old recordings that I really appreciate. Most are older orchestral recordings that were very well recorded in the 50s-70s stereo era. When I put my Fostex TH-900 phones on and flip the switch on the Enthrall I often wonder what I will hear that I've not heard before. Usually the is something is a...
I think they are comfortable. I have been using the 215s every night for months with no problems. I use them with the iPhone cable so that when the snoring gets louder I can hit the button. I also have the 535s and have used them, but prefer to use them when I can enjoy their quality.
Reserved for Enthrall review with other headphones.
Shaker Logic Enthrall Review   My biggest impression of the Enthrall is that it's transparent. Let me explain. I've listened to some audio equipment that goes out of the way to stand out. "Hey YOU!," it screams, "Listen to ME!!!! I've got great, booming, skull rattling bass. MY bass is so great that it overshadows all else!" Perhaps instead it says, "ear piercing treble here. You want treble - I've got your treble." Some equipment is designed to draw attention to...
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