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AK70 vs. Calyx M A Tale of Two Players I’ve gotten so much good info from Head-Fi that I thought I’d share my narrative as a way of saying “Thanks!” I’ve had the Calyx M for a while now and I’ve been very happy with the sound it produces.  It’s a lush, wonderful, engrossing experience listening to good recordings.  But I’ve grown tired of almost everything else.  It’s battery life is abysmal, it’s slow, it takes days (well, maybe I exaggerate) to read cards, and it...
The main thing I've found is that the artwork should be 500X500 pixels or smaller.  I've had trouble with larger artwork.
Calyx M Review These are my impressions after a couple of days playing with the device. I doubt they'll change, as this thing seems pretty solid. I realize that I haven't discovered anything new; that I'm not saying what's already been said. So consider this my "amen" to previous reviews. tl:dr - I'm keeping it! 1. This is the blackest player I've ever listened to. The music just seems to appear out of nowhere. This is with my most sensitive headphones - Fostex...
I'm really glad to know that someone has a zero issue crinkle set.  I'm waiting for my third pair to be delivered and I hope I can put this behind me and just listen to music.
I've got the crinkling noise in both ears that many people have reported in my 2nd pair of EL-8Cs. I bought the first one from the Apple Store, had the problem but decided that I liked the headphones enough that I'd work with Audeze rather than simply returning them (oh, hindsight). After a month of waiting I got a fresh pair that had been made, according to the included card, a week before (April 26th, I believe). Within a few days the crinkling started again. Does it...
I'm thinking the same thing.  I've moved almost all my music listening to Pono, and especially since I've replaced my standard cable with a balanced cable the iPhone isn't in the mix any more.  I still use it for podcasts, but the Pono becomes more and more important to me. One of the things I've done is to buy an external battery pack.  I ordered the one wire recommended.  That takes care of my biggest problem that the Pono's battery isn't big enough.
Jeff,   Of the Bruckner 9ths that are in my library I keep returning to a couple of them.  For a modern recording I very much enjoy Simon Rattle with the Berlin Philharmonic in 2012.  He does a reconstructed 4th movement which I never listen to.  It's full of power and very well recorded.  For an older recording I go to the Gunter Wand recording, again with the BPO, which was done in 1998.  Wand recorded a couple of 9ths, but this is the one I judge the best.
More from my clearing out. This is an old pair of AKG K701s that I purchased from another head-fi member.  Since getting my Fostex I'm not listening to them at all. $150 and they are yours.
Clearing out my stable. Monster Inspiration grey with active noise canceling. $170 shipped.
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