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 AFAIK it's an improved version of the 5.0 (like the 8.A -> 8C improvements) and in a silicone shell. Very curious about them, but not $1300 curious.
 If you are getting CIEMs, you might want to grab a better source. Yes, my 8.A sounds pretty good straight from my phone or my laptop but plugging them into the (relatively cheap) Ibasso DX50 improves EVERYTHING. Details, soundstage, bass impact... everything. And it's still a very portable one-box solution.  I used to have the Merlin, but due to a very, very long and very unpleasant experience with UM (9 months and I had to involve the police) I cannot recommend them....
 My bad - they said 3 months when I enquired but that was over a year ago. Maybe they figured out how to dial the silicone dispenser up to 11 or something  
The build time for the SE 5-way is 3 months, it's an extremely complex design and with a sound signature closer to that of the K10 than the 5S (judging by reviews and descriptions).I find my acrylic customs to be perfectly comfortable. Once you get a proper fit, the CIEMs just disappear when you insert them. I only feel the cables and I wear my CIEMs for 6-8 hours at a time.
 I found the 5.0 to be anything but sibilant...
 Yes they look spectacular, but have you seen the reviews of the Spiral Ears Reference 5?  
 Looking forward to that comparison! Now if JH Audio are reading this, feel free to send me the 12-driver Roxanne and I'll be happy to do a comparative review with the K10. Somebody honestly should compare these crazy flagships but I really don't have the cash to blow on such an act of community service  
 DX100 + HD650 is a GREAT combo - sadly I don't have the HD650 anymore so I can't test it with the DX50. 
 Back on track: The worst part about ciems is that I can't let others try them. I know the K10 might sound a bit too good to be true, so I really wish others could try them and hear them for themselves before taking a $1600 leap of faith.  These gold nuggets were the first, but I know there are other sets out there. I expect more reviews to come in shortly.
I would love to try a silicone IEM but it would be rather silly for me to sink $1300 into a 5S just to try silicone - especially with the 8.A and the K10 already in my arsenal.   AmberOzl, how about you take one for the team and order the K10 so you can share your thoughts? I know the SE5 is the top dog silicone ciem on the planet, so a comparison seems in order!     Edit: In all seriousness, we really need a SE 5-way owner to review the 5S. Neutral TOTL vs....
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