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I love the way they'll sound nice out of just about anything, yet scale stupendously with better gear. 
Thanks, but I merely piled together the info from this thread to make it easier for new users to enjoy their DX50 
Also, The FAQ has been updated and I've added an index to make it easier to navigate. You can even link to the different index points when new owners as about, let's say, charging:  
GREAT review and comparison! What's the battery life like on the PP?
Nice to know that, I'll toss it in the FAQ! It's actually mentioned in the FAQ, but I'll elaborate a bit on it!
Quickstep vs. Rendition 1 size comparison:       If I'm to build a rechargeable Quickstep, I think I have devised a plan. I can get 11.1V lipo cells AND a balanced charger for less than the price of ONE 520mah rechargeable 9V battery. I should be able to fit the Quickstep PCB and the lipo battery inside a case and then hook the battery up to the DC input port. The charging plug on the battery I'd solder to a 4-way connector on the back plate, possibly a 4-pin...
You can plug it in to a USB charger and it'll keep playing while charging :)
Ahh, fair enough! If I were ordering them new from RSA, I'd probably still go with the Intruder. $50 for a perfectly decent built-in dac I can use when watching movies on my laptop? Don't mind if I do!
Intruder has an updated amp compared to the SR71B, the Intruder DAC only has USB input and is thus useless with the DX50 Should a used SR71B pop up at a fair price in the EU, I just might bite tho.
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