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Set gapless to 5 seconds and you're good! Also: Welcome to Head-Fi, sorry about your wallet.
Thanks, you just saved me $999!(unsubbed)
After experiencing the utterly IEM-incompatible Calyx Kong, I'm worried about the output impedance of this thing...
Aw great, I just got out of the top spec DAP game and then they pull me back in!
It's explained in the FAQ.
It only has two gain settings, sounds like you're on high gain :-)
Hah, fair point! But if we ever find a way to measure sound improvement per dollar spent, I'll be happy to put my amp up against any cable
To each his own, but blowing $85 on an IC for a $239 DAP seems, for lack of a better word, dumb.Straight from Ibasso, looks like it's a lot faster than waiting for Mp4Nation.
How is your card formatted? Do you have anything other than music files on it? We need to troubleshoot this, guys!
Working flawlessly here...
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