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It's a national friggin holiday in China, yet they are still replying to your emails.
I was thinking the same thing. Now I know what I want for my next set!
 Watch this space in a week or so  
 Mine really should say "Account suspended until October 2023 while VISA card is recovering"
Couldn't agree more!  It's a production model all right  
 Keep counting 
Of the 20+ Sandisk cards I've had (most of them being CF cards for my DSLRs), not a single one has ever done anything wrong, they've just kept ticking. Just be absolutely sure to buy from reputable, authorized dealers as there are A LOT of fakes out there...
 Sandisk all the way.
 Let's keep the Portable Rig thread on track - The other thread (with more images) is here:
 No, They're not from Heir Audio. Here's a picture of them next to my 8.A's:
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