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Can I join the DX50 party? DX100 -> Noble Audio Kaiser 10 DX50 -> Heir Audio 8.A Both with Heir Audio Magnus cables. I need a second set of ears...
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the mighty K10 - I'm glad that I'm not the only one in love with them!I think all Noble ciems come with the Magnus cable :-)
Yeah that sums it up I think. That and the NDA ;-)
No offense taken at all - I am very prone to NTS and keeping my mouth shut about these was just about the hardest thing I've ever had to do! 
I've had the K10 in my posession for almost 3 months now, specifically to ensure that the initial onslaught of "new toy syndrome" and "OMG SO PRETTY!" had worn of by the time of writing the review  
I'm pretty sure that the drivers themselves aren't exactly cheap but in no way the most expensive part of the final product. R&D and the actual construction is what really drives up the cost - The level of skilled labor you need for these things doesn't come cheap.
Agreed! Just share your thoughts, all opinions matter! We need as many inputs as possible when we're considering the $1000+ leap of faith into CIEMs!
Couldn't agree more. The fact that we're looking at the $830 DX100 or $1300 AK120 to get a better standalone kinda says it all.
I've had some pretty raging discussions with Kunlun in the past - he is (was?) a VERY big fan of dynamic drivers, preferring them over BA drivers. There might have been heated debates resulting in mutual blocking here on Head-Fi. One might have publicly doubted the other's ability to tie his own shoelaces and one might have acused the other of being a raging Future Sonics fanboy.  But in this case, we happen to agree that yes, the Kaiser 10 really is better than sliced...
At the risk of being chased out of Head-fi by an angry pitchfork-wielding mob, I'll admit to using the K10 straight out of my laptop. Not even a cheap DAC or amp, just the headphone output of my corporate issue Probook 6475B. They still sound good. Not as good as they can, but they're not sensitive enough to become a hiss-fest out of the laptop. I'll admit to clocking quite a few hours of youtube with these. Not to mention Louis CK's latest show. Like I stated in my...
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