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  I've bought from them on a couple of occasions and I've had 3.5mm extension cables literally fall apart in my hands, even though the cables were sporting a "Sony" logo - badly alligned I might add. Some of their plugs look legit, but have the wrong brand names. Other times they just get things a bit mixed up - like this: http://www.lunashops.co.uk/goods-1868.html
Shielded and a known good pairing: Meier Quickstep. Loooong battery life and US made: Pico Power.Will you be using the iPad as your source or are you looking for a dedicated DAP as well? Edit: I have a thread about my amp-hunting here, it has taken on a life of its own as a thread about the witch amps pairs well with the DX50: http://www.head-fi.org/t/687288/so-im-looking-for-that-perfect-amp
That should work just fine :-)
Search ebay for "USB OTG y-split" and ye shall be rewarded.
Lunashops is basically a warehouse of cheap knock-offs, count on their goods being fakes.
The O2 does very well with the HD650!
 I just added the Exclamation-mark-of-not-really-death-just-low-battery info to the FAQ: http://www.head-fi.org/a/ibasso-dx50-faq#user_death
No can do. The DX50 can't do USB output and the Intruder only has USB input. If you want to connect the two, it's going to be analog.
Recharge it
Wise words. Far too rarely does one see Head-fi'ers actually stop and think about whether or not the best possible gear is actually the best solution.
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