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Okay, now that I got the connectors I needed for balanced driving, the rankings are as follows:   3) PB2 single-ended 2) Meier Quickstep 1) PB2 Balanced   I feared that there would be minimal difference when going balanced with multi-BA iems but that wasn't the case. Single-ended out of the PB2 has you standing right in front of a small-ish stage, like having the best seats in a jazz club. With the Quickstep, you sit a row further from the stage, but the stage is...
Me too. Zero issues and a new IC
The Hirose connectors feel fantastic, but are very hard to get. That's why I've ordered the parts that should enable me to rework the PB2 into using a 4-pin mini-xlr connector instead. Easily avaiable, cheap and sturdy. Win/Win/Win. Yes, modding the amplifier, not building adapters. And while the missus was busy watching some crud on Netflix just now, I decided to make myself a new IC! Angled Neutrik (I do like those), Mogami 2893 but with the jacket and shield replaced by...
My guesses are as good as yours but I most certainly will be pestering Ibasso about this.
Haha, sorry for being a bad influence!   I'm pretty hyped about the DX90 as well, but I'm afraid you overestimate my influence. I am living perfectly fine with 64gb but when it comes to storage, more IS better. I'd never use the OTG function either, no scanning and you're definitely going to break something. Thank you for the kind words on the K10 - I'm still madly in love with them as well, but they actually sound better than they look. Especially when driven by the...
I have a sneaking suspicion that Ibasso will be adapting the DX50 firmware to the DX90 platform so that the DX90 v.1.0 will look and feel like a DX50 on 1.2.7 fw 
You completely missed my point, so I'll try again: You are literally the only DX50 owner complaining about this. The other changes have been requested by many others. Please understand that the professional thing to do is to spend your R&D time making as many users as happy as possible. Feel free to send Ibasso an email making your point but you might want to make it slightly more constructive if you want them to take you seriously.I agree with you that either they should...
Oh this is good. This is really good.   Picked up two Hirose connectors today so I can give the balanced output a spin while waiting for the parts to go full retard convert it all to Mini-XLR. Will post better pics once I'm done (with a better IC as well).
There, fixed it for you.
Please search the thread and take a head count of how many DX50 users are moaning about lacking ogg tag support compared to all the other features. If you had limited time to work on the FW, which features would you focus on?
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