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Here's one of Rudi's utterly crazy stacks: http://www.head-fi.org/t/633511/pictures-of-your-portable-rig-part-xvi/8760#post_10068456
 The PB2 splits single-ended input to balanced, so it should work just fine with the DX50 on its own. I haven't really looked into the DB2 so you might want to pop by the "Pictures of your Portable Rig" thread. Lotsa crazy stacks with DB2's over there. Hirose connectors incoming, I plan to reterminate one of my ciems cables to balanced 
I had a very lenghty email exchange with Cyrus from Ibasso. Here's the essense of it: Me: Hai guys, I can haz PB3 when?Ibasso: There are no plans about a PB3 right nowMe: Awww, come on, tell me when!Ibasso: STFU and buy the PB2.Me: Okay.    (Paraphrased slightly - Cyrus is way more polite than described above)
I have a PB2 on the way, will probably jump on a Topkit as well when I've given the stock opamps a spin.
 +1! I should be able to source two matching amps as well... 
Things get louder.     ...because output voltage gets higher as you increase the gain: Output Level: 1.2V(Low gain), 1.7V(Mid gain), 3.1V(High Gain). I prefer my multi-BA (c)iems on high gain, some are probably better on low or medium. Go put the kettle on, there'll be three pages of theoretical debate on which gain setting is better soon  
Or, you know, you could just use whatever setting sounds best to you.    When I'm using the DX50 sans amp (as I did today), I have it on high gain, 170-180 volume. That's with my ~40ohm ciems.
Holy ****, you guys are basically reverse engineering the DX50!
I wonder if they could give us back the gapless from 1.2.5 AND add crossfade...
Thank you! I absolutely detest the new broken gapless, completely ruins live albums for me 
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