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I will never execute blindly loyal subjects and/or familiy members.
That would be awesome, thanks! 
Absolutely, shoot me a PM and I'll get on it :)
Credit added where credit is due.    If somebody rustles up a firmware timeline with links to where the discussions start, I'll be happy to add it to the first post along with download links.  I'd do it myself, but I'm a bit busy writing something else... 
The torch has been passed. By the power of Anakchan am I now the owner of this thread, Lord of The Andals and Guardian of The North.        Or something like that. Thread title changed, first post cleaned up a bit. All suggestions are welcome     For suggesting this, Skybleu shall be given the estate of Harrenhal.
PM replied! That, and whenever the DX50 comes up in a conversation, I get to say "Oh yeah, the Ibasso DX50? I wrote the book on that, you know". Until then, please hit people over the head with kindly refer new users to the link to the FAQ in my signature.
There are way better iems out there 
  Seriously, how the fsck do you guys just keep raising the bar?
Wow, thanks guys! Sadly, I hardly even have the time to make the ones I need for myself, so setting up shop might be a bad idea. I'd much rather show others how to make their own or at least share the ideas so one of the many other soldermonkeys skillfull DIY'ers on the forum can start offering them 
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