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Asking for a new build to be made per the new spec is quite a different request than asking for an already finished ciem to be remade to the new spec, using new parts. Like walking into a dealership and buying the 2017 model as opposed to asking them to turn your 2016 model into a 2017.
Guys. You're committing to just shy of $2000 worth of bespoke audio engineering and you want to skimp the measly $50 that decides if your new, 2-months-in-the-making ciems are a perfect fit or a do-over, including a new wait?
Right you are! Stock foam, large size.
  Working out the logical steps in a new script while listening to Skunk Anansie on the Katana... Work could be worse.
Yeah, TOTL (C)IEMs are expensive, but considering how much I use them and the joy they bring me whenever I do - They're absolutely worth the cost of admission to me.   
I'm married and I just realised that there's a third Noble flagship I need to own.
Yeah... Yep. I'm boned. I need that in my life. Time to pick a kid to sell.
Couldn't agree more! Is musically neutral a term? It should be.
Oh man... Any other Steven Wilson fans around here?    Those of you who aren't already, give this a whirl on your preferred Nobles (Katana & Savant recommended):  
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