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I knew that the A&K players were a ripoff. I knew that it would be a much better investment to go with Cowon/Ibasso/Whatever because they offered a similar or better product at a MUCH lower price and the stats and numbers clearly supported this knowledge. Then I tried an AK240 in the flesh. Later that day I put my Ibasso stack (and a kidney) up for sale and ordered my first AK. Haven't looked back. Buy the best and only cry once.
In Rainbows was released as a free lossless download and on vinyl ☺️
Especially that track on a good set of headphones... just gets me every time. Such an amazing recording, such brilliant mastering. 
  There may come a day where I am no longer in love with the song Reckoner. There may come a day where I am no longer amazed by the K10 in balanced mode.   But today is not that day.
I love trying new gear, and I've been through a ton of different headphones, amps and sources during my time here on Head-Fi. There was just always something that needed improvement or something "better" that I wanted to have. But I've never owned a headphone for as long as I've had the K10 and never stuck with a source (or amp) for as long as I have with the AK120 II. 2 and 1 years, respectively ☺️
I have an AK240 underway for evaluation, but holy hell I'm still in love with this combo! AK120 II -> Linum Super Bax -> Noble K10.
Thanks man! I should get the AK240 some time next week and I'll be sure to post my findings! Will be testing it with my beloved Noble K10's, using everything from Ravel to Rammstein and from 16/44.1 all the way up to DSD!
You are absolutely right. On paper, the upgrade will net me nothing but storage and bragging rights. That's exactly why I originally chose the AK120II over the AK240, and have been VERY happy with it ever since.However; a unique opportunity has come up that would allow me to not only get an AK240 at a very reasonable price, but also let me try it before I (might) buy it. This way I can do a direct comparison in my own time, with my own files before deciding. And should I...
I did it! I caught up with this thread, after plowing through a backlog of over 1000 posts. I am still VERY much enjoying my AK120 II every day at work, but I've been offered an AK240 at a good price AND the chance to compare it head-to-head with the AK120 II before deciding if I want to upgrade or not. This was simply too tempting to try, I've always been curious about the 240. On paper, it should sound identical to the 120II with PCM material (=99.5% of my files), but...
Hi guys, what did I miss in those last 3700 posts?      I've really tried catching up, but with a full time job, 3 kids and a wife... I gave up. 3700 unread posts are just too much, even for me. 
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