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I've settled on the 1678 opamps with HA5002 buffers. Gives me absolutely superb clarity, very finely etched details and SA-LAMMING bass!  
I wonder how many are now dancing the old F5 dance...     Very happy to hear about the superb resolution and layering from the DX90. I recently got a topkit for my PB2, making it even better and more resolving. With an improved source it's going to be a beast of a stack for feeding my K10!    Can't. Friggin. Wait.
The DX50 on it's own has no problems driving my headphones into the realm of permanent hearing damage but the PB2 drives them quite a bit better - much more tightly controlled.
I've asked Ibasso if they were able to keep up with orders and they told me not to worry, they have "plenty of stock to keep up with orders this time".
The K10 sounds very nice straight out of my phone but scales tremendously as you improve the audio chain.
I have children, two of them. I also have a wife, a house and a full-time job. Between all that, I keep an eye on Head-Fi and follow a few threads, this being one of them.  The way you phrased your question (and response) and the timing where it came in after a string of similar questions made you come off (to me, at least) as yet another punk expecting to have information served on a silver platter, something that happens way to often on busy forums. I responded...
Sure the K10 is divorce-inducingly expensive, but like with sports bikes and muscle cars: It's all about smiles per gallon.
 Joking aside, as far as my diagram reading skills go, I say the Ibasso design looks better. This is like reading two different recipes for cooking chicken - You might be able to get a general idea about what the dish will be like but without actually tasting it, you know nothing. I still think there could be a way to do a balanced lineout from the Ibasso. Might need some trickery along the way like with DIYmods,but it could be possible. EDIT: As Goodvibes just pointed out...
 Did it ever occur to you that our lives might be too short for us to keep answering the same 3 questions 15 times a day? At least use the search function. Addiction is only a problem if you run out.
Looking great, once again!  ...but ice blue with silver needs to happen!   I am so, so, sorry for butchering art with my shoddy photobobbing skills. If I had the money (or just wanted to end my marriage) I'd just order a set of 8.C in blue and silver, but this seemed like a faster and slightly cheaper way of trying out the design.
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