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Thanks for sharing your impressions, I hope to get to A/B the two one day! That Headphonia review of the 120II & 240 is from back in July, on the old firmware - hence my curiosity about how they compare now. 
A&K has stated that the DAC and amp sections are 100% identical between the AK120 II and the AK240. When did you audition them? Some of the early owners of the 120 II have described sonic changes with FW upgrades, so I'm still pretty damn curious to try them side by side, even if it ends up costing me dearly. As my father said when he came home in his first Audi: "My son, never test drive a car you can't afford."
They can do a MMCX version that will fit the A83 but I'm not sure about the propretary connectors on the EX1000... Best shoot them an email and ask, I guess 
As someone who has yet to come across a single DSD album that I'd actually like to listen to, I don't see the 240 as "obviously superior". I've met the owner of Estron (they make those lovely Linum cables) a couple of times and trying his AK240 made me put my DX90/PB2/8.A/Left Kidney up for sale. But I decided on the 120II instead because native DSD wasn't worth the extra $500 (and the funky shape of the 240) for me. I hope to get to visit Estron again and then I'll be...
According to A&K, they should sound 100% identical with PCM. The AK240 has that dedicated XMOS chip for DSD decoding, giving it an edge with DSD material. Haven't tried directly comparing the two, but I'll be sure to do so if I come across an AK240 in the wild again  
Sadly no - it won't even fit the AK120 II on it's own, let alone a pair of IEMs   Edit: It should hold the AK240, but I wouldn't want to squeeze much else in there.
Sweet, thanks! Time to go shopping try overcoming my paranoia about keeping expensive CIEMs and an expensive DAP in anything else than a bombproof case... 
Any chance you can find the model name and post it? 
1) I wouldn't know exactly as I'm just trying out a sample. They're still working to find a way to mass produce these, but they will build one for you by hand if you send them an email ( 2) Spec-wise I believe ~0,75ohm, but I haven't measured it yet.
I'm looking for that perfect Peli case as well. I have the 1020 for my CIEMs and the rather large 1060 that would hold both my CIEMs and the DX90/PB2 stack I used to have. I'd love a compact case with room for just the 120II and CIEMs.Edit: The Peli 1030 looks like it might be a perfect fit. Now who's going to take one for the team and see if it will hold the 120II and a set of ciems?
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