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Sigh. There is no "volume pot" at all in the DX50, the DX90 or the DX100. Volume is controlled in the digital domain, the amplifier is set at a fixed level. This means that there is zero channel imbalance or pot noise on the HO and a varialbe LO means that your amp just won another 255 gain settings. Or, you know, guys like me with active speakers kinda like having volume control.
Perfect, thanks!   Update: Link added to first post.
Great to see the effort being put into porting Rockbox, but could you guys start a dedicated thread about it? Just like we have a dedicated DX50 wallpaper thread, I think there should be a dedicated DX50 Rockbox thread. It'll make it easier for everyone. Shoot me link as soon as you have one and I'll add it to the first post of this thread as well as the FAQ.
I want mine in a size 13, alligator skin and ivory spurs, please.
Whereas I am partial to the PB2 due to the low noise floor and the fact that is stacks perfectly with the DX50/DX90 
I haven't heard the Roxanne's I'm afraid. No demos available here. Sure, I could just order a set to compliment the K10, but I kinda like being married.
Oh yeah, that might happen... This is usually how my "this should be pretty straight-forward"-projects go: 
I haven't heard the P4 but the PB2 splits the single-ended input to balanced and it really does sound spectatular. Gave me the raw power & punch (and lots more) of the R1 amp and the soundstage and refinement of the Meier Quickstep in one amp.
There's only one way to find out, isn't there? I'm (naively) thinking that it's just a matter of finding the right place on the PCB to tap the signal. TRRS lo is actually not a bad idea at all. Would look quite a bit cleaner, that's for sure. Fitting it in there is going to be a bitch though.
I asked Ibasso about this and their reply was that they simply couldn't fit the Hirose connector in the case.  I've got half a mind to crack open the DX90 when I get it and bust out the soldering iron to make a balanced lineout. Losing the 3.5mm lineout connector I should be able to fit the 4 wires through the hole in the case and then into a Hirose connector to plug into my PB2. Should be possible. Will look atrocious. Might sound slightly better.
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