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I still think that "swipe up" should equal "button up", but I see your point!
I've published my exceedingly long, rambling review of the Super Balanced: http://www.head-fi.org/t/757354/ergonomic-perfection-yes-at-a-price-the-linum-super-balanced-cable
I’ve previously referred to the Linum Super Balanced as the Linum SuperBax, but Estron had to change the name to Super Balanced to avoid confusion. I apologize for the wall of text. I intended for this to be a couple of quick words about my favorite cable, but then I wanted to explain exactly why it was my favorite cable and one word lead to the next and… well, see below.   A Rambling Introduction   When I tried the original Linum Bax, I was very impressed by the...
Hey, I'm Noble is Reddit famous now! (Well, sort of)   My shot of my K10 is now featured as the cover image for the /r/HeadphonePorn subreddit  
I have no idea who those people might be. Sounds like a bunch of know-it-all redditor neckbeards or something.  +1 for customs here. It's one of those things that are sorta hard to fully explain, but once you've tried it, there's no going back.
The thing with Linum is that they use a lot of time on R&D in Denmark. They have some pretty well-educated engineers working for them in a country sporting the highest tax pressure on the planet. This tax pressure means that Danish labor is mind-numbingly expensive, so for their regular cables they only do R&D in Denmark, with the actual mass production taking place at their facilities in Vietnam and China. Not only is the work done by machines, the people operating the...
PM me their measurements and I'll do it - or you could DIY:http://socialcompare.com/en/tools/compare-sizes
Adding to the confusion, the new (0,75ohm) cable will be called the "Super Balanced" in the 2.5mm TRRS config I have.  I typed up my review of it yesterday, now it just needs some proof reading and it should be ready to post 
I just made a handy little comparison: ...still genuinely curious about the choice of a 5" screen for a DAP, but what do I know, it might be an awesome user experience once you try it.
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