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Taking an evening off from iems in favour of the only thing better. . . LIVE MUSIC!    Catching Opeth live at what could very well be one of the very best venues in Northern Europe when it comes to acoustics:
Good thing those players are so cheap that a paper washer is a perfectly acceptable solution.  My AK120II turned out to have issues with the 2.5mm port after I sold it, but my AK240 was perfect - with most 2.5mm plugs anyway. I found the balanced outputs to provide the best pairing with the K10, but the singled ended output of both the Hugo and Mojo beats them. As it's been stated above, it's all about implementation. A good single-ended design can beat a so-so balanced...
It's funny, because the Noble Katana is faster and more accurate 😆
I disagree. The Katana is F A N T A S T I C for listening to music.
It might be because the HD6XX is a collaboration between Massdrop and Sennheiser...
Agreed. The Fidelio X2 is my current open can for listening at home (I'm more of a CIEM guy), but the HD6XX will be a nice sidekick/supplement/sidegrade. 
Oh balls. I've had 3 sets of HD650 over the years and now I'll probably get the HD6XX. I kept buying the HD650 because I love their sound for laid-back listening at home and then I always sold them again because I didn't use them enough to warrant having such relatively expensive cans just hanging at home, doing nothing most of the time. But $199 new? I can justify that.
Nope. Loving it. The sound is fantastic and the size and feature set is just perfect for my needs! I spent a lot of time fervently sticking to DAPs in order to keep my music enjoyment independent from my computer, but after an extended loan of the Chord Hugo, I gave in. I auditioned Mojo & Hugo side by side and the combination of sound, price and superior UX ensured that the Mojo walked away victorious from that duel.
  These are my OG K10 customs. They have been my loyal companions for more than 3 years and I absolutely love them. The design as well as the sound puts a smile on my face on a daily basis. I've heard a ton of headphones over the years, but the Katana was the first to really make me go "wow" when coming from the K10. I spoke with @FullCircIe about this and said something to the effect of how a combination of the insane technical abilities of the Katana and the fluid,...
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