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I agree on the prices. The AK units are extremely well made, but I'm certain that they charge a hefty markup as well. I got my AK120II for a good price and now I'm rocking a (very) used AK240. This side of a Powerball jackpot I'm not even going to consider the AK380.
Well, nothing better I've tried at least. All the others seem to have either nice sound OR a nice UI, so far AK are the only ones where you get both. Glad to see competition heating up in the DAP space though, we need that.
I bought an AK, haven't looked back. Expensive? Yes. But for (C)IEMs, there's nothing better out there. If you already have a Mojo, cool your engines and wait for the SD accessory Chord has underway. Using an AK purely as a transport would be a waste of money.
I've never found going from single-ended Cable A to single-ended Cable B to make any audible difference when both cables were made with the same material and impedance.Going from single-ended to balanced however, that's a different story.
@fattycheesebeef it's available here: http://www.linum.dk/latest-news/linum-balanced-cable-now-released/
Linum Super Balanced.
I'm at 70-80 on the balanced output with my K10, depending on the recording.
There's just enough of a difference between the AK120II and the AK240 to nudge me over to the AK240, most noticeably the bass. Dunno if I'll be keeping it as long as I did the AK120II, but the time has come for me to move on, I'm afraid.
Any of you guys driving open-backed full sized cans straight from the AK240? Been thinking of getting a set to compliment my (C)IEMs, but I don't want to fall back down into the rabbit hole of amping and stacking - not to mention building a desktop rig that'll never see any use. I'm looking at the Philips Fidelio X2 as a cheap way to get my open-backed fix and they should be very easy to drive. But then there's the HD700... I could probably stretch my budget to a used set...
New Posts  All Forums: