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Not a lot of symphonic works go through my ears, I'm afraid. The London Symphony Orchestra's rendition of Carmina Burana does make an appearance every now and then, howerver. As does the soundtrack to Kieslowski's "Bleu". I do like to listne to complex music though, Opeth's latest album "Pale Communion" is in heavy rotation here! I've never met a recording that the K10 couldn't keep up with. I guess that's the point of having 10 drivers - there's always power in reserve....
People mentioning the Chord Hugo was one of the reasons I took a 4 month break from this place...
After listening to the K10 (daily) for over a year, they still blow my mind. They still keep growing if I upgrade or change a link in the audio chain, leading me to believe that the DX90/PB2 rig isn't even showing their full potential.But most importantly, they still give me a huge, silly grin on my face.
I got permission from Estron before I soldered it ☺I think it does indeed have a higher resistance (1,5 ohm IIRC) and with the K10 being the detail monster it is, stuff like that is noticeable. But YE GODS, it just disappears! Sooo light and flexible, you have to feel it to believe it!
I finally got to break out the soldering iron and ruin carefully re-terminate the Linum Bax loaner cable            Sure, it can be done but I wouldn't recommend the Linum Bax as your first foray into cable DIY... The thing is stupidly tiny and flexible but those are some seriously skinny wires to work with. Too soon to report on the sonics, but coming from the SPC Noble cable, I find myself turning the volume up a tad more with the Linum.
Still waiting for a 2.5mm TRRS female so I can make the 2.5mm -> Hirose balanced adapter. Haven't heard the cable yet buy the ergonomics... DAMN!
I'm not sure if I'll be able to return this cable...         It is absolutely tiny and completely disappears. It makes the otherwise superb and flexible Noble stock cable seem huge and unwieldy - and I've always praised the Noble cable for its supreme flexibility. It's a loaner from Estron but I'm not sure if I'll be able to return it - and I haven't even listened to the damn thing yet!
So THAT's the cable in those pictures! Thanks for that... $100 for a cable, I could do that I guess, if the ergonomics are good.
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