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I'm particularly fond of this one on the Savant
I've found all Noble IEMs to work well with sub par sources, but scale extremely well as you upgrade the rest of the audio chain. I don't think I've heard the full potential of the Katana & K10 yet, but... Well, see my signature.
I don't own the K10UA, but the custom version instead.The K10 is like your favourite drink, be it single malt scotch, vodka on the rocks or in my case, Pepsi Max (don't judge me!). It's there for you, it goes well with everything and you love the flavour. In that context, the Katana is a nice, ice cold glass of spring water. It's crystal clear, it's refreshing and it doesn't get in the way of any other flavours.Where the K10 has warmer tuning and some extra grunt down low,...
  I'm falling more and more in love with the Katana. The effortless performance, the seemingly unlimited resolution and the way they somehow manage to stay musical through it all. I have previously commented on how surprisingly well they behave with lossy files and less than optimal devices (as in Spotify straight from my phone on the bus to work), but feed them quality and ye gods you will be rewarded. I'm a pretty big fan of Rammstein and own all their albums (and...
Give the pins a very careful squeeze with a pair of needlenose pliers, so they "grip" the socket just the tiniest bit. 😊
Oh yes. Quite a lot, actually. The K10 & Katana supplement eachother perfectly! Both have tons of detail and a very musical sound, but their presentations are different enough to justify both. Btw, if any of you are into (progressive) metal, I'm pretty sure the Katana was designed for it. The combination of speed, punch and incredible resolution is a perfect match for that genre! But then if I switch to something electronic that benefits from a less "in you face" but still...
Well, being busy at work isn't too bad when I've got these keeping me company:
Hey - chopped liver ain't bad!  I'm hella busy at my new job, so having two loonies with a triple-flagship fleet on this thread is a cool thing. Should we work out a schedule or something?
As soon as I have my Encores, I'll be doing a comparison between the Noble Flagships: K10, Katana & K10 Encore 
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