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    Two more shots of the K10, because... Well I think they're purdy! 
In memory of the DAP that I'm shipping to its new owner today: AK120II -> Linum Super Balanced -> Noble K10
I made it all the way to page 86 of this thread before ordering the X2. I'll do my best to plow through the rest of the thread, but has anyone tried doing a balanced cable mod on these?
Oh damn, those are HAWT! Now you just need to get a better looking cable without that pesky memory wire 
Fun fact: Astell & Kern really upgraded the USB dock cable from the AK240 to the AK100II/120II dock:   That's the cable from the AK100/120II dock to the left. AK240 dock on the right. One feels like the cable of a $250 dock, the other does not.
I had a DX90 stacked with the PB2 and was enjoying it with my K10. Then I visited Estron and got to try the owner's AK240. Went home, sold my Ibasso stack and got the AK120II. The imaging, clarity and most of all, build quality and UI was just on a completely different level. The Ibasso products are far better value for money, but it was like going from a Mazda to a Mercedes. Sure, the Mazda will get you to work just as fast, but once you've tried the Mercedes, there's no...
Well if the local guy who said he'd buy my 120II keeps dragging his feet, it'll be going on sale here. Mint (and I do mean mint) condition, dock included, I've got all the boxes, a Japanese VanNuys bag for it, yadayada. Located in the EU, btw.
Alright people, if you have the option of going balanced with your K10s...
Do it! It's a brilliant cable! 
If anyone of you end up buying the Onkyo DAP, be sure to grab a balanced cable as well. The K10 (and the N4) loooooove going balanced. Everything tightens up and the sound becomes more "authoritative".
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