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I've used the K10 with my laptop HO, the Chord Hugo and pretty much everything in between. I'm pretty sure Dr. M sold his soul to make them sound great no matter how you drive them. They'll keep my head boppin' and my feet tappin' right out of my laptop and then just keep scaling as I improve the audio chain. Damn impressive work! 
Very initial impression: I went in expecting zero audible difference, maybe the tiniest fraction of a percent on DSD material. Identical hardware for the dual dacs and the amp, sound should be identical. Much to my surprise, there's more to it than that... I don't know if they wired things differently or if they're just differently tuned in software, but there IS a difference, not only with DSD. Not a huge, night-and-day, $500-worth kind of difference, but it's there...
Choices, choices, choices...  
I'm done with stacking, so I'm trying to decide on an AK here    The 240 has a slight edge with DSD, but I've only just received it, so not a lot of testing done yet. Will report back.   If I was into stacking, I might be looking at the new Pioneer DAP plus a Chord Mojo. The Pioneer doesn't have lineout or optical out, but it's Android 5.1 and the Mojo can take USB audio in from Android. That would get me a solidly built DAP with dual microSD slots for up to 400gb of...
Yeah, sorting by Album Artist is actually the thing I miss the most!
The guy who owns the company I work for has one of those. A thing of beauty and elegance that just happens to be able to whisk you along the road at 300 km/h. 
I've got 3 kids and my wife has gone back to school. I'm considering the new A&K models as much as I'm considering the new Bentley models. Sure, I'd love to have one, but the chances are minimal for the forseeable future 
@Ultrainferno is correct! I happen to live 30 minutes from Linum HQ and even got to vist them, so I had one of the very first hand-built Supers. Hands down the best IEM cable ever. No claims of frozen unobtanium alloys giving you blacker blacks and higher highs, just superb engineering resulting in the perfect combination of ergonomics and durability. 
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