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Any chance you can find the model name and post it? 
1) I wouldn't know exactly as I'm just trying out a sample. They're still working to find a way to mass produce these, but they will build one for you by hand if you send them an email ( 2) Spec-wise I believe ~0,75ohm, but I haven't measured it yet.
I'm looking for that perfect Peli case as well. I have the 1020 for my CIEMs and the rather large 1060 that would hold both my CIEMs and the DX90/PB2 stack I used to have. I'd love a compact case with room for just the 120II and CIEMs.Edit: The Peli 1030 looks like it might be a perfect fit. Now who's going to take one for the team and see if it will hold the 120II and a set of ciems?
Sadly no, but a lot of people speak very highly of the AK100II as well!  The SuperBax feels like paracord. The thickness of a regular (Noble) cable, but no memory, it just "flows"... Soft to the skin as well. I wear glasses and I've used the SuperBax for 8 hours today with zero discomfort. VERY enjoyable though, but merciless with bad recordings when you pair it with the K10. Hah - The case looks a lot better in person, and actually feels like hand-stitched Italian...
With good recordings, yes. But you WILL need good recordings...
I was worried about the same thing until I got my AK120 II but I've found the case to look quite a lot better IRL. But if somebody finds a cognac leather case without any funky effects, let me know, okay?
Pocketable endgame (To me. For now, at least.)   AK120 II > Linum SuperBax (prototype) > Noble K10
Pocketable endgame: AK120 II -> Linum Super Bax -> Noble K10 
Yup, but I read your review of the Linum BaX and you should definitely ask them for a review sample of the new one! Picture time!    Still soft and flexible, but thicker than the OG BaX, it curls up perfectly. No tangles!  Not a braid, but a perfect twist that actually holds up. They tried explaining to me how they twist the individual wires while twisting all the wires together but I'm not sure I completely understood it all, to be honest. The end result is gorgeous...
Yep, I expect these connectors to be a temporary solution. They're great for my ciems, a perfectly flush fit, but there's no way they'd fit in a recessed socket.
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