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The DX50 and the DX100 both support folder play. The DX90 is based on the DX50 (hard- and software) so I would be immensely suprised if it didn't support folder play  
Why wouldn't it?
Spend your money where you spend your time. I listen almost exclusively at the office so my money is sunk into ciems and a transportable rig instead of a set of open flahship full-size cans that would just be collecting dust at home.
 Caps Lock jokes aside: The USB DAC function will materialize but might need a FW update. 
The One And Only Topkit. Send a PB2 to Head-Fi'er HiFlight. He hand-picks the buffers and opamps and when you place your order he'll ask you which headphones you use, what sort of music you're into and all that. Based on that, he'll compose a kit of opamps and buffers (more than one set) that should give you what you're after. He might ask you for $75 as well.  He suggested I tried the ISL55002 opamp (color coded green, by Hiflight) with bypassed buffers but my K10 picked...
My PB2 topkit arrived this morning, giving the mighty K10 yet another nod towards ciem Nirvana. I'm sooooo ready for the DX90! 
Am I the only one who's noticed the "burn-in cable"?I guess it's just a dummy load for the amp? Mighty handy thing to have!
You do realize that 99.9% of those sharing their impressions on this site also has a life offline, right? We have kids, homes and jobs. In Jamato's case, he works 12 hour shifts at an Alaskan ER. "You got mauled by a bear? Sorry can't help you, see I'm writing a review of a DAP. YES, it's ******* important, there's a guy on Head-Fi eagerly waiting to read my impressions of a DAP he can't even order yet! Now shut up and stop bleeding on the floor, I'll be with you in 4-5...
I hear that the DX50 FAQ is a popular thing to check out as well...
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