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Am I the only one having problems using the AK240 as a USB dac with Windows 10 lately? Been using it for ages, now it suddenly refuses to work with W10 :(
I bought these used a year ago because I had fond memories of their enjoyable, hard-hitting sound. Alas, I must realise that I'm an IEM guy and these really aren't getting any use. Used, but good condition. I have the packaging, the original 3.5 -> 6.3mm adapter and a spare set of (never used) velour pads. If you're looking for at set of punchy, enjoyable headphones that are pretty much impossible to kill, look no further than the classic HD25-1 II!
Try the search function, a specific mic has been mentioned roughly a gazillion times in this thread 
Holy cow, you're right!  Grab just about any amp and hook it up with the Konnekt and you should hear an improvement. Check out the buy & sell section, there's a handfull of $200 amps on the first page alone, including two UHA6S mk II, kickass little units. There's even an Audio-GD NFB 15.32 going for $125 (a raging STEAL) if you want another desktop DAC & amp unit. But hurry up before I grab that one...
I have a camera. I have a calibrated monitor. Send me all the new universals and I'll take pictures of them in front of a color calibration target so everyone can get a better idea of what the colors really look like. It's for the greater good.  
Spring has finally come to Denmark, so the K10 are catching some rays 
Where'd you get the 80ohm figure? If it really has an output impedance of 80ohms it's going to seriously distort with any headphones below 300ohms and would need something like 600ohm Beyers to play "right". 80 sounds like a lot. 
How it feels when you make regular people try high-end headphones:  
I ruined a coworker's day today.   He'd heard that I was really into headphones, so he brought his Bose Quietcomfort 25 to work and was SO excited. He loved those headphones and wanted to share how magical and wonderful they were, so he wanted me to try them...   "Sure", I said, "But only if you try these first". And then I handed him my Noble Savants, plugged them into my AK240 and fired up "God Loves Only You" from Skunk Anansie's Acoustic Live In London...
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