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Leipzig is not that far. Roadtrip?
Mine's in Leipzig as well!  
Eject the card pop it back in and let it scan 
Burn-in: The Album   Seeing as we'll all soon be busy either burning in our new DX90 or arguing on the internet that burn-in doesn't exist, I figured I'd do something (potentially) useful for a change: I've created an entire album for burning in your gear. It's available in Flac and Mp3, free to download, use, redistribute, free to whatever the heck you like, actually. The album contains all the greatest burn-in hits you know and love, finally in one place - for...
I got the text as well so my guess is that there's (at least) 3 DX90's on their way to Denmark
Or the Rx Mk IIIb. In other words, there are plenty portable amps out there that are more than capable of properly driving the HD600, HD650, HE-500 and even the mighty Beyer T1. None of those cans are particularly suited for a ride on the bus, but for chilling in the garden or on the couch, I really do love my (trans)portable rig. 
You've never tried the DX100 have you? Or the PB2?
See if you can get to try out the HE500 
The DX50 has problems keeping up with 24/192 stored on the SD card (the clicking bug, confirmed by Ibasso). The DX90 should not have this issue, making the zeroes and ones a lot prettier.
Please note that the only way to make batteries that cheap is to use the cheapest possible materials and skimp on the QC. Oh and for most of the cheapo batteries, the mAH figures are basically made up. You don't have to buy original Samsung batteries, but at least get an Anker battery or other recognized brand. Yes, they're more expensive but they probably won't blow up in your DX90, turning your DAP into a $419 paperweight. Also, I'm fairly certain that a 2100mah Anker...
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