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Sorry - they were new to me, I guess I just haven't been paying close enough attention to the market    I really hope they'll catch on as the T2 seems clearly superior to both 2-pin and MMCX. I'll have to wait for the new 0,75Ω cable though, before making the switch - or for more cable makers to take up the T2.
I'd go for the regular version as well (The one you have) but some prefer the angled approach I guess. 
The news is that they'll be pushing this connector to other parties as well. We need something better than the old 2-pin, and MMCX isn't cutting it. Estron hopes that their T2 will be adopted by more manufacturers as the new de facto standard. Well they have my vote... Here's a new, angled version still in the prototype state: It swivels and thus allows you to wear your cables over the ears or down the front, whatever you prefer.
Well that was fast - Carit from Estron just called me and gave the green light :)   Say hello to the T2 connector, seen here next to my angled 2-pin. The thing is positively tiny, yet robust and the connection is rock solid. I'm hoping these really take off, as are Estron so they'll be showing them off at the Tokyo 2014 Autumn Fujiya Avic Headphone Festival. They can be embedded as well, basically making them disappear: I want this socket on my CIEMs and I want it...
I recently tried something that made both the 2-pin and the MMCX solution look and feel positively dated, unstable and humongous.   I'll tell you more (with pretty pictures) as soon as I get the clearance to do so.
And THAT, ladies and gentlemen is why A) you should always read more than one review of any given gadget and B) Rising competition and thereby choice in the head-fi market is a good thing.  
I'd say the DAC section is a pretty solid upgrade as well, but if he's using a DB2 then that point is a bit moot 
Ibasso PB2. Fully balanced, $325. I'm using loving it with my K10 and it really gives the N4 a lift as well.
Soundstage, placement and locationing is superb with the K10. I'm rather fond of Keith Jarrett's Köln concert and I can pinpoint the guy coughing in the audience.
I'd like a solid tin K10, please.
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