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Try playing back a silent track to see if it's not just muting the output when no signal is detected.
Dog.        Edit: Glad to see I'm not the only one finding the Noble thread rather silly.
My DX90 has clocked ~170 hours right now. I must say I'm very, very impressed. The amp section is a massive step up from the DX50: No more hiss, gobs of power and authority. I will no longer be packing an amp when I'm out and about, there's no need. At my desk, there are still some gains from adding my PB2 balanced amp (upgraded with 1678 opamps and HA5002 buffers) but I must admit that they're a lot more subtle now. Yes, the built-in amp of a pocketable DAP is edging...
My DX90 now has close to 150 hours on it and I've had my first "proper" session with it - 6 hours straight. I'm still very, very impressed by the DX90. The one word that really stands out for me is "clarity".    The DX50 is great for the money, but the DX90 is just great, period. My DX50 will be up for sale soon...
 Dudes - In English please and let's try to keep the thread on track.
 I'm rocking a topkit from Head-Fi user HiFlight. The PB2 awesome on its own, but the topkit is the perfect icing on the cake.  Try Keith Jarrett's Köln concert (from 1974 I believe). The recording is utterly sublime and the imaging is amazing. It's like you're sitting on stage, next to the piano. And you'll be annoyed by the guy coughing in the 4th row.I really hope you're trolling. If not, I guess it's my duty to inform you that the AK units are grossly overpriced.
Must... resist.. making... inappropriate... jokes!
As a father of two, I've often wanted to start selling a line of chloroform pillowcases. Sounds like A) some tags are not in order or B) rouge (non-music) files on the card perhaps? You've selected "all music". Scroll down for options like "Albums" and "Artists". I was thinking the same thing - It sounds like you've plugged your headphones into the coax output on top.
She just tapped me on the shoulder and told me I was sorta ruining The Tudors for her. Apparantly a 220 pound gorilla wildly flailing its arms next to you on the couch is sorta distracting. Silly women.
I'm one of those who run away screaming, arms flailing in the air, whenever I see iTunes so I really wouldn't know. Try it, there's a free 30 day trial I believe 
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