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You can use any cable with standard "Westone" pins - or make your own 
Get your Hirose fix straight from Ibasso: $10 and there's a pinout diagram right there  As for the popularity of the PB2 I'm guessing price and the fact that you can roll opamps and tweak the sound just the way you like it. At least those were the reasons why I bought one.
No offense taken for my part at least  I was genuinely relieved when more K10 reviews started coming in (mine were the first ones ever made, unless you count the prototype that was later broken to recycle the parts) and people were hearing the same things I was.  Regarding the topic of CIEM review samples; I believe that 70-80% of the cost of a CIEM is the hours and hours of labor that go into making them and as they are custom fit for the reviewer, returning them wouldn't...
At least 9/10 condition, never used away from my desk. Silicone cover included, along with all the accessories, original box etc. Battery is literally brand new, has never been used. (Came with my DX90). Located in Denmark (EU) but I'll ship it as far as you're willing to pay. Paypal only, no trades, sorry. 
Buying my integrity would cost a hell of a lot more than that.
The DX90 is most definitely not bass light. It is bass accurate, unlike many other sources. The DX90 will give you thunderous knock-out-your-fillings bass, but only if it's in the music!
Coax = Galvanic connection, electric current.Optical = Optical connection, flashing lights. You'll need a converter, but just using the analog line-in would probably be easier AND better. Unless that Alpine PXA is packing a DAC that beats the dual Sabres in the DX90.
That's quite an achievement considering that all ears are unique.
I quit the Dremel, now I do all the work by hand using only one tool:
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