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Initial impression after less than an hour of actual listening: The soundstage on the DX90 seems more accurate. Everything sounds just "right", like I'm in the studio (or at the concert) and not listening to headphones. Will do A/B comparisons later, right now I'm just plowing through my music like a kid in a candy store, sampling everything. Will load up some wide sounding albums later and tell you if the 90 is wider than the 50. The DX50 is still a great DAP, the DX90...
Not going to crack it open. Yet. Detail retrieval is clearly better than the DX50, as is imaging and layering. Color me impressed - very, very impressed. Everything is in it's right place and it's amazingly easy to just pick out the different elements of the sound. It sounds soooo clear, so very realistic. I don't have a DX100 handy for a direct comparison but I'll do my best to borrow one soon so I can do a direct shootout.  (This is using the PB2, so I'm only comparing...
Mine just worked, with the MicoSD card that just worked in my DX50. In the video I posted you can actually see the very first scanning it does on that card.
  Oh damn this is good. 24/192 playback is certainly not an issue and this little player has brought new life into my HD595 that were just gathering dust. I wonder how it's going to sound with an amp, say, perhaps a PB2 with topkit?    This DAP is just phenomenal, will post more impressions as I get more listening time!
  Mine just arrived. No time to listen yet (damn kids) but I figured I'd do a quick side-by-side of the DX50 and the DX90 booting and scanning    DX50: 1:12 for scanning 60gigs of flac, DX90 did it in 1:14. Looks like full card scans are about the same on them both.
Looks like The Wizard has put a spell on a fair maiden to ensnare her... 
Now THAT is nifty! Triple the battery life and very little bulk added, especially if you're not using an amp.
This'll charge your phone AND your DX90 Seriously guys - 12000Mah on the go, from a reputable brand. If I ever spent more than 30 minutes away from a wall outlet, I'd be getting one of these.
The thought behind them is just making sure all the parts get a proper workout, without stressing anything. For a DAP or an amp I guess you could just loop track 07 for as long as you'd like whereas headphones (or speakers) would probably be happier if you put the entire album on repeat. I often see people asking where to get files for this purpose so I figured now was as good a time to make them as any other.
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