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Agreed. I've showed it to just about anyone who walks into my office and even the non-geeks are just flat out amazed. 
This review (first post in the thread) is about the low-ohm "Super Bax" so those reports are correct 
Uhm... You just have to push it in slightly further than usual, then it latches just fine ☺
Men make men - Kings make princesses!
I think I just increased the value of my car by 50% - at least.
Learn to solder 😉No, seriously, it's not that hard and then you can make whatever cables you need at just the right length. Or get in touch with Ted from The Headphone Lounge. He has a reputation for fairly priced custom quality cables.
Customs will be more comfortable than the universals, especially for longer sessions.
This. So much this.Also, I've only tried the Hugo for about half an hour and it is simply out of this world with the full size HE500 planars. With the K10 though, my initial opinion is that I actually prefer my AK120 II. I'll give the Hugo some more time when I get the chance, though, a lot of people are VERY happy with it for their CIEMs.
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