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The AK240 drives them splendidly without additional amping and I'm sure other DAPs like the DX50/80/90, Fiio X5 etc will as well. 
I visited a friend and fellow Head-Fi'er tonight and we tried this combo with the X2 just for the hell of it... Sounded absolutely spectacular, but luckily the Chord Hugo is priced so far into oblivion that I won't seriously consider getting one. But it was fun to try!
I had the K10 in my ears for 6 months(!) before posting my review. Mine were the first set to make it out of the Noble Skunkworks and I wanted to be sure that I got the review right. Everything I threw at them just sounded amazing and I found myself constantly losing focus, getting lost in the music instead of listening for details and taking notes. At first I thought it was just New Toy Syndrome playing tricks on me, but as I spent more and more time listening to them, I...
On a serious note, if any of you guys are looking for a set of full-size cans to use with your AKs...   My X2's just arrived today and I must say that for $215 (new), I'm downright impressed.
Got my X2 today:   Not bad... not bad at all. Build quality seems very nice and they're pretty comfortable too. Bass goes way beyond what I though was possible with open-backed dynamic cans; It goes very deep, yet remains tight and controlled. Straight out of the box the mids are a little more recessed than I'm used to and I'm not completely blown away by the detail retrieval either. But considering that my daily driver is the $1600+ K10 CIEM, I'm very happy with...
Still rocking my Linum cables, still loving them. Still haven't had any issues with them, so durability sure isn't a concern :)
No need for donor cups, I'd utilize the existing internal wiring from left to right. 😉...if I end up modding them, that is. Kinda leaning towards just keeping them stock. Kinda.
Yep, I'd have to crack them open and replace the 3.5mm TRS with something either TRRS or 4-pin mini-XLR and then I could make different cables for them. But before I endeavour on such warranty-voiding adventures, I was curious if anyone else had done it. Some headphones really shine when they go balanced (HD650 and Noble K10 comes to mind), while others don't change a bit. I made a balanced cable for the HD595 once, just for kicks, and it really didn't make a lick of...
    Two more shots of the K10, because... Well I think they're purdy! 
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