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SPC so far, but I might jump on a straight silver some day when funds allow.
Oh dear. These images just hit my inbox - That's my productivity down the drain for the rest of the day!    [[SPOILER]]
I am absolutely in love with the Katana as well. It's the first headphone to sway me away from the K10 for more than a few songs at a time - but I always come back to the K10 when I need that extra bass fix and that super comfortable sound with just a bit of added warmth. I'm wildly impressed by the abilities of the Katana and waiting for the Encore is driving me mad - but the Original K10 will always be special to me. Truly an IEM milestone.
I'm going to need a lot of peanut butter for all this jelly!  Sounds like you're really enjoying the Encore, congrats! Mine aren't done yet, but they'll be wizard design customs, so I know they'll be worth the wait. I'm constantly jumping between the Katana and the original K10, so I'm thinking that the Encore could very well be the perfect middle ground for me 
As a Prestige reject myself, I feel your pain. Well that depends on how hard he tries to ram them in there, doc
I have a Wizard Savant universal, a Wizard Design K10 Custom, a Katana Universal and my Encore Wizard Design Custom is currently being forged deep inside Noble's Skunkworks...   Yet I keep glancing at the Noble X Massdrop.
K10, no doubt.
Which kind of music do you prefer?
Daft Punk, Disturbed or Debussy?
Looks like the first batch (2000 units) is gonna move pretty quick:500+ units within the first hour. Kinda itching to get a set for myself, TBH.
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