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Linum cables for that completely ridiculous level of comfort.
I only use my CIEMs with the AK on the bus, full size cans are too cumbersome when I'm out and about.
Are you FINALLY going to build that candy apple red semi-translucent K10 with gold nuggets and genuine jade faceplate that I suggested? 
Not that great for use on the bus, but perfectly portable for use around the house:  
Can I do one too?  The Slow Show - Dresden.      Simply divine on the X2. (Notice the song playing in that picture I posted earlier today )
My latest flame, the surprisingly good Philips Fidelio X2, running from my AK240.    Here's what they were playing.
Thanks, but I can do better  
I've transferred TONS of music to and from my AK's (120II + 240) without a single hitch on Windows 10. It's MTP, so it's got a one-track mind. You can start copying several folders with several files, but it'll only let you run one transfer job at a time. So while it's copying, you can't start browsing the contents of the AK or start a new transfer. Keep that in mind and there should be zero bugs transferring files from Windows to AK    Cheers from your friendly...
The AK120II and the AK240 sound very similar but the AK240 is ever so slightly warmer sounding, with a little more oomph in the bass when the music calls for it. The 120II is (imho) the better looking of the two, while the 240 is nicer to hold.
The AK240 drives them splendidly without additional amping and I'm sure other DAPs like the DX50/80/90, Fiio X5 etc will as well. 
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