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I use the Linum Bax with the K10, due to the unbeatable comfort - it feels wireless!
Can you guys handle something a bit... heavier?   Opeth - The Drapery Falls. This will probably be one of the first songs on my playlist if I ever get my hands on a Katana! It goes from melodic rock to prog to death metal and back several times in the course of that single track. If you really don't like growling, skip to 8:35. Enjoy the vocals followed by some impressive drumwork!
I am weird.  Also I've been sorta busy, so I haven't heard them yet. 
I actually don't. They've made some damn catchy music ("Around The World" annoyingly so), but mostly I find their albums to be repetitive and slightly on the boring side. To be honest, fellow French electro duo "Justice" are vastly more varied and creative in their music. But I do love the TRON:Legacy soundtrack, I really do. It paints a vast soundscape, lots of details, crisp strings, synth scores and on several tracks a foundation of beautiful bass. I encourage urge all...
Now Playing: Hans Zimmer - The Dark Knight Rises original motion picture soundtrack.This one I've probably heard 500 times, but I keep coming back to it. One of Zimmer's best soundtracks, it is a glorious listen on the K10. The little details are there, the strings, the subtle instruments in the background and then those kettle drums come rolling at you from waaaayyy down in the basement and hits you like a runaway truck - yet somehow those lovely strings and the synths...
Well I won't be the first but I sure hope the stars (and credit cards) will one day align in a way that allows me to own the Katana as well and compare the two at length!
As the most senior K10 owner on the planet (polishes brass stars on shoulders), I can vouch for this. Going on third year of daily K10 use and they still amaze me. I'm typing this from work, while listening to the album "The Race For Space" by Public Service Broadcasting. I'm tapping my feet and bopping my head, letting the rythm carry me while I explore all the little details spread out in the wonderful soundscape. In about half an hour it'll be crunch time, so I'll...
Yep, they've been getting their daily (ab)use for 3 years and still going strong.I keep them safely stored when they're in my bag, either a Peli 1020 or a ACS leather ciem case. I don't try cramming them into something too small to fit them, like a UE case or something like that, only a complete idiot would do that! Other than that, they get a daily rub-down with a lint free cloth and I make sure to clean out ear wax every now and then.  They still look fantastic and they...
I quit my job today and when I was being interviewed for the new one, I specifically asked about their headphone policy. The K10 is so good that I would honestly have turned down the job if they wouldn't let me use them at my desk. Luckily I'm a backend systems administrator, not in a customer-facing position. 😁
I have the K10 and the Savant and I'm drooling over the Katana while my credit card is curled up in the corner in the fetal position, muttering "no, no, no" over and over again. But for pop, the K10 is King. You get a detailed presentation that still tolerates bad mastering or compressed files and when the track has bass, it'll kick like a mule. 
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