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So, that very nice ACS leather case arrived today...   Anyone out there looking for a perfect case for the AK100II, the AK240 or any of the first-gen AK players? Literally any AK player except the AK120 II? #¤#"#¤!!#@ GAWDFSCKINGDAMNlT!!    Well, at least it's a very nice case. Super soft leather, feels like proper craftsmanship too. ...and at 101 grams it's very light.   A lot lighter than the Peli 1020, which is 240g plus 3g of Noble stickers.   There's...
Congrats on your first final rig! ...I'm currently on my 4th final rig  Head-fi: You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.
Has anyone tried running the HD650 from the balanced output of the AK players?
Bonus controls: Tap the cover art on the "now playing" screen to show the song lyrics (if available) as an overlay instead of the track number. Tap once more for no overlay at all. When adjusting the volume, swiping up or down on the volume adjustment overlay will turn the sound up or down VERY fast. Useful when using the line out, sorta dangerous with headphones. Trust me.
Never underestimate the power of curious geeks! 😀Then they should swap the side buttons as well, having the screen swipe respond opposite of the physical buttons seems rather counter-intuitive.
Just in case others had missed these controls:     It kinda bugs me that the swipe controls are the opposite of the buttons on the side of the player...
Why not full custom K10 instead of Universal + custom sleeves?
 Don't blow too much on cables - in case your baby eats them  If you're looking for a warmer DAP than the X5, have you considered the HM801 or Colorfly C4? Not as pocket friendly as the DX90, though, but the C4 has a very organic, almost tube-like sound to it. How about adding an amp? The K10 loves it some juice and you get TONS of options for tweaking the sound just to your liking.
Thanks, but I think I actually just found The Perfect Case for the AK120II and a set of CIEMs: It's a hard leather case from ACS customs. At £24, the only downside I can think of is the ACS logo - unless you have ACS customs, I guess  I emailed and asked, the internal dimensions are 12x9x3 cm. Should be perfect for a DAP and a set of (C)IEMs.
I'm starting to think that it's actually a good thing that they don't have an English/international storefront... I'd buy just about everything they make. 
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