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I use Linum cables, stupidly thin. But I do have a shirt clip that is able to handle big, fat cables as well. I stole it from a phone headset at work, but it's the same as the one shown here:
3M DualLock leaves zero residue - trust me, I've been through literally meters of the stuff. Love it, be sure to get the low profile version! Friend of mine has the Chord Hugo incoming and I sorta fear trying it with the AK120 II... I'm afraid it will A) cost me another kidney and B) drag me back to stacking.
Two words for you my friend: Shirt. Clip. Like these:
Try reaching out to Linum - I've been to their HQ and they have some serious skunkworks action going on. You never know what they might come up with. 
Thanks to the efforts of one of the best smugglers on Head-Fi, I am now the proud owner of a Vanuys AK120 II case, something otherwise exclusive to Japan. It's a bit on the large side though, slightly wider than it had to be. I actually think that you could fit an AK240 in it, but I'm fresh out of those so I can't test my hypothesis.
I still think that "swipe up" should equal "button up", but I see your point!
I've published my exceedingly long, rambling review of the Super Balanced:
I’ve previously referred to the Linum Super Balanced as the Linum SuperBax, but Estron had to change the name to Super Balanced to avoid confusion. I apologize for the wall of text. I intended for this to be a couple of quick words about my favorite cable, but then I wanted to explain exactly why it was my favorite cable and one word lead to the next and… well, see below.   A Rambling Introduction   When I tried the original Linum Bax, I was very impressed by the...
Hey, I'm Noble is Reddit famous now! (Well, sort of)   My shot of my K10 is now featured as the cover image for the /r/HeadphonePorn subreddit  
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