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As a father of two, I've often wanted to start selling a line of chloroform pillowcases. Sounds like A) some tags are not in order or B) rouge (non-music) files on the card perhaps? You've selected "all music". Scroll down for options like "Albums" and "Artists". I was thinking the same thing - It sounds like you've plugged your headphones into the coax output on top.
She just tapped me on the shoulder and told me I was sorta ruining The Tudors for her. Apparantly a 220 pound gorilla wildly flailing its arms next to you on the couch is sorta distracting. Silly women.
I'm one of those who run away screaming, arms flailing in the air, whenever I see iTunes so I really wouldn't know. Try it, there's a free 30 day trial I believe 
I've never been one for owning a lot of different headphones or amps. I'd much rather find The One that just gets it all right. With headphones, that's pretty darn costly (I'm rocking the Noble K10) but let's hope that the quite fairly priced DX90 could be The One DAP. The speed and resolution of the Sabre DACs combined with the superb clarity and raw power of the PB2 makes for one hell of a rig. Listening to Tool has me air-drumming like a lunatic, much to my wife's...
If you can come by Howard Shore's soundtrack to The Hobbit, go put on "Misty Mountains".   You're welcome.
I've found that once your tags are in order and files named properly, they tend to "just work" with pretty much everything. Ibasso, iTunes, Cowon, A&K, Android devices, XBMC and Sonos.  For automated ripping, artwork, file conversions etc. I use dBPowerAmp. Horrible name, HUGELY powerful software: - Honestly, Head-Fi should sort out some sort of member discount as any and all audiophiles should own this software.
55 hours on my DX90, far too few of them involving me, about 53 of them have been looping the burn-in album through the burn-in album to clock some hours.   Those Sabre DACs are awesome. They really give you E V E R Y T H I N G. All the tiny details, all the spatial clues. This means that live albums only sound "large" if they're in a large venue. Example: Muse - Live At Rome's Olympic Stadium clearly sounds larger than Adele - Live At Royal Albert Hall. Black...
 Very, very enjoyable. Soooo much detail and clarity, yet so musical that I can't keep my feet from tapping. The K10 sounds spectacular with the PB2 amp but I won't be using that on the go anymore, K10 straight from the DX90 nothing short of GREAT.
 Assuming you're on Windows, go grab Mp3Tag: Http:// - Have it open your music folder and sort the files by path. This should allow you to easily batch tag all your files. I'll do a thorough writeup on Mp3Tag soon 
Which card are you using? Do you have the same issues if you're playing from internal memory? Did it happen with FLAC or ALAC?
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