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I know that with the AK100, the balanced output was actually weaker than the single-ended output because the native DAC output was single ended, so the balanced config was "bolted on". With the AK120II and AK240 it was the other way around. I suspect the AK70 might be similar to the AK100 in that regard, so don't worry about the balanced output. Might want to read up on it tho, I'm just guessing here  If you decide to give balanced a shot, either pick up a used cable from...
This is my agenda for today. Got the Mojo lined up and ready. Got the OG K10 plugged in and the Katana ready to roll.   [[SPOILER]]
Judging by UPS tracking, I should be able to answer that in a couple of hours.
    If the Grand Blessed Mother of Logistics smiles upon me, she will bestow me a visit from Her servant, The Little Brown Truck of Happiness. Then I'll have both by this time tomorrow and will be ranting and raving in this very thread.  However, based on the original K10 (custom) vs. Katana (universal, foam tips), the Katana is definitely the more neutral of the two.
Sunny is awesome, no doubt about that. What's the tracking say for the 8C?
They've been teasing that module for some time and I'm really looking forward to it as well. It would effectively turn the Mojo into a DAP. Oh boy that would be quite something!
  So... due to some minor difficulties with air quality, my custom Encores won't be here until tomorrow.The additional wait might kill me, so please feed my cat if I don't post in this thread again within the next 48 hours.   EDIT: Please note that I'm not blaming Noble for this (very) minor delay, not even blaming UPS actually. Planes were grounded for 17 hours because apparently they take issue with flying through yellow-ish porridge. Wimps.
What did they announce? In layman's terms: A lot. But let me put it this way: I was wildly impressed by the Mojo and I came straight from the ludicrously expensive (but very, very good) AK240... Only thing I've heard on par with the Mojo is Hugo, also by Chord. But that thing is quite a lot bigger, requires a dedicated power supply, is tricky to use and costs 4 times as much.  Agreed. With my great-for-the-price Philips Fidelio X2, the Mojo isn't worth it. But with...
I've had my custom K10 for over 3 years and I still just sit and stare at them in awe on a regular basis. Absolutely worth it.
In other news, while I love the fact that using the Linum Bax cable feels like going wireless, I've commisioned a new one from a friend who does crazy sweet braided cables. Had to get me a black 26AWG quad-braid SPC with a black Ranko 3.5mm plug and these sweet-as-hell Eidolic 2-pin connectors: Saying that I'm happy with how my Wizard Design Encores turned out would be the understatement of the century. 45 hours until estimated delivery. Not that I'm impatient or...
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