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Well, take a look at the general level of customer satisfaction here in the Noble thread vs. the JH Roxanne thread (JH builds in the US). Edit: Sorry about replying to age-old questions but I've been busy at work so I've fallen far behind on Head-Fi  I should demand some form of monetary compensation from my employer! It's not fair that I have to forego surfing the forums, they should actually pay me for.... Wait, they do. Damn.
Can't blame ya   (They look much better in person actually.)
The Noble K10 and the 8.A. Might even plug in my HD595 just for kicks  I don't plan to use the M-DAC with headphones (other than for testing purposes) but for my speakers it is absolutely sublime. Balanced XLR variable lineouts and a remote control combined with the INSANE sound quality and detail retrival makes for a very enjoyable setup with the equally brilliant active Adam speakers! That OPPO HA-1 looks like a beast tho! I wonder if the lineouts are variable?  Sorry...
Last week I finally got a nice DAC for my active speakers: The Audiolab M-DAC, a $1000+ ESS 9018 desktop DAC that won several awards last year. Plugging my CIEMs into the (suprisingly capable) headphone output, the first thing that struck me was how similar to the DX90 it sounded. When I have the time I'll do a comparison with the DX90 and the M-DAC both hooked up to my PB2 just to see if the $429 DX90 really keeps up with a $1000+ desktop unit.
Well, mostly because it looks like pipe padding and the point of this particular mod was to get the brilliant Sennheiser HD650 pad (with the indentation at the top) on another set of headphones.
You can use any cable with standard "Westone" pins - or make your own 
Get your Hirose fix straight from Ibasso: $10 and there's a pinout diagram right there  As for the popularity of the PB2 I'm guessing price and the fact that you can roll opamps and tweak the sound just the way you like it. At least those were the reasons why I bought one.
No offense taken for my part at least  I was genuinely relieved when more K10 reviews started coming in (mine were the first ones ever made, unless you count the prototype that was later broken to recycle the parts) and people were hearing the same things I was.  Regarding the topic of CIEM review samples; I believe that 70-80% of the cost of a CIEM is the hours and hours of labor that go into making them and as they are custom fit for the reviewer, returning them wouldn't...
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