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Someone please buy his new K10 Rose Gold before I do.
With the K10 I was done looking at other IEMs for 3 whole years... Now the Katana is here and oh boy am I impressed!  I've heard this one a hundred times on the K10 and it never really stood out that much to me. With the Katana it just blew me over!  Is the Katana the end-all and be-all of the lineup then? Nope.This one is fine on the Katana but it needs that FAT bass from the K10 to really knock my socks off.
If my wife asks, I'm telling her that you all ganged up on me and pushed me onto it.I haven't turned on the Hugo since UPS dropped off the Mojo. Wildly impressed with the Mojo so far.They basically shrunk the Hugo to less than half the size, wrapped it up in a MUCH prettier package and quartered the price. And they did it with almost NO audible sacrifices. Everyone was right, I should've gotten one loooong ago!
 Too early to tell, to be honest. I've used the K10 daily for 3 years so I'm going to need a lot more time to make a call like that.
Just got my Katanas delivered at home, despite UPS assuring me that they had changed the delivery address to my workplace. Ah well, it's only a 20 minute drive so I decided to work from home this afternoon and hit the road.    Literally 2½ songs in and wow. I miss the bass from my K10 but holy hell... that clarity. Mids on the K10 are smooth and velvety and all kinds of lovely. On the Katana they are crystal clear and while I've never considered the K10 to be that leaned...
Sale pending
I can see the main entrance from my office at work, so I'm just sitting here, waiting for the UPS man like...  
The size and simpler layout of the Mojo won me over. Well, that and the price tag, obviously. I'll get a chance to compare it head on with the Hugo and to hear if that Mojo & Katana combo really is as good as people say... The Little Brown Truck of Happiness™ should be here in about 16 hours, I kinda want to set up camp outside and start waiting. 
 Exactly, thank you for your translation services.
As a Noble BTS owning Android user with a Chord Mojo underway, I am not that worried about Apple getting rid of the last standards compliant connector on their iOS devices. Heck, for the record I think it'll drive development of personal wireless audio forward and I applaud that.
New Posts  All Forums: