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I've moved on to the Linum Super Balanced 😉
BEWARE: Personal rant follows. You have been warned. All jokes aside: The K10 is worth $1600. To me, at least. Now before you start thinking that I'm completely off my rocker, let me explain: I need to wear headphones all day. I'm an IT specialist and I take care of 1.000 retail stores which have 4-6 computers each. I keep an eye on those, keep everything running peachy, plan, automate and deploy upgrades and take care of nasty bugs. I don't mean to brag, but I'm actually...
  My thoughts exactly, x2! In other, less on-topic news: The Noble Shirt is great with babies:
Yup, the AK120II fits in the Peli 1020 
Cool - but are there any internal differences between them or is it just the material of the body?
Did you do a side-by-side comparison? I thought the AK240SS was "just" a regular AK240 with a stainless steel case in stead of duraluminum.
Any word on if the output is just a regular 3.5mm headphone output or if it doubles as an optical output like on the other AK players?
No idea if there's any negative effect on the battery from having it plugged in all the time, to be honest. And every single online debate on the topic invariably results in two camps, one saying it's bad for the battery, one claiming the opposite and each producing indisputable evidence to support their claims. So I just use it this way because it's damn convenient.
You know what, guys? I like this setup. I really do.  AK120II -> Linum Super Balanced -> Noble K10. Perfect synergy, capable of handling anything and everything you throw at it and it fits in my pocket when I take the bus to work. Pretty sure I could live with this being The Endgame Rig for a good, long time. Especially because the only ways to upgrade would be to go AK240 and Noble Prestige. ($2500 and >$2600, respectively)
The AK120 II is utterly phenomenal with the K10... A bit pricey though, but less so than the AK240 and it has the exact same DAC & amp section and UI, but in a better (IMHO) form factor. 
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