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Buy the best and only cry once. You're both in for a treat!
I exposed two more of my colleagues to the Katana today. One of them plays in a rock band, the other has played the violin for 15 years, so they know how The Music is supposed to sound.    Both just sat there, jaws dropped, eyes wide open and pulled up their sleeves to show me the goose bumps on their arms. @FullCircIe Doc, I think you've got another winner here. 
BT on the AK players is notoriously useless. I've owned both the AK240 and the AK120 II, neither of which could hold a stable connection over a distance of 1 meter (3ft), even with line of sight. Those all-metal enclosures will pretty much kill the signal completely.Really interested in this as well! I'm pretty well covered when it comes to iems for super high quality playback, so I'm looking at the Byron as a way to get decent sound on the go, including the occasional...
Some thoughts on the Katana, from a K10 lover. Mojo + Katana, perfect synergy in a small package.     After a some days with the Katana, I’d like to jot down a few words about my experience with them. This is not a full blown review, just me trying to convey some early impressions.   One of the songs that really impressed me on the Katana is “Grand Canyon” by Puscifer. Fittingly, the third line of that song goes “Grant, Holy Mother, grant me clarity” because oh...
Nothing beats the comfort and ease of insertion you get with customs, but having the Katana as a universal means I can let other people experience how the music should sound and I'm just standing there like...  
I exposed a good friend to the Katana yesterday. He is not a head-fi'er, but he plays a couple of instruments, so he knows how things should sound. Today he posted this on IG:
Maybe Gisele from Aid2Hearing in London has a couple of spare sets of Noble tips?
Okay, I've had a very productive day at work today. No. I lied. But at least I've been A/B'ing the Hugo and the Mojo extensively.   Using the K10, I can't tell the difference between the two, I really can't. If I switch to the Katana however, I think I might be hearing an ever so very tiny difference in the bass (advantage Mojo) and soundstage (advantage Hugo), but even then we're talking 2-3% difference tops. And it's very, very possible that I only think I'm hearing...
Give this one a spin on the Katana/Mojo combo:  That cello... oh man.
Someone please buy his new K10 Rose Gold before I do.
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