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Very early honeymoon-phase impression: I like the Savant. Coming from the mighty K10, you can definitely tell that the two are related, but the Savant has more treble presence than the K10 and less emphasis on the bass. Toying with the EQ, however, reveals that the Savant can go deep as well, it's just not tuned for it. Soundstage and separation is better on the K10, but with the Savant coming in at a cool $1000 less than the flagship... Color me impressed. For acoustic...
Exactly. The K10 is capable of delivering bass that will blur your vision, but only if it's in the music... 
Nope, nor did I really care. Just because I finally take the plunge and buy something doesn't mean that the company should stop all R&D. 
Hey, remember when A&K promised that there wasn't a new top model DAP waiting around the corner? http://www.head-fi.org/t/765908/astell-kern-ak380
Looks like we're good then! Looking forward to trying it!
1) Some IEMs sound exactly the same balanced and single-ended. Others do not. The K10 gets even better when going balanced. Soundstage opens up, instrument separation gets even clearer and the bass tightens up. 2) I've only ever heard differences between cables when there was a change in impedance. The 1.5 ohm Linum Bax sounds slightly different than the 0,75 ohm Linum Super Balanced and the Noble Stock cable. The 4,5 ohm Linum Vocal is awesome for speech but the...
I'm curious about this as well. I've tried emailing them 4-5 times now, haven't heard a single peep from them. Kinda makes me worry about warranty issues if my $1700 DAP ever decided to go belly-up.
If the AR M2 indeed does turn out to have a higher output impedance it would be rather unfortunate. Sure, it won't hurt (as much) with full size cans and dynamic drivers, but most people like their DAPs to work well as a portable source. A lot of the people looking at $1000+ DAPs own multi-BA driver IEMs, aka the ones hurt the most by a high output impedance. I sure hope the OI will be >4 ohm or my K10's will throw a tantrum. (And by that, off course, I mean they'll sound...
I have (and love!) the exact same combo and I definitely wouldn't call it harsh. At the risk of opening the can of worms known as the Burn-in debate, how much time have you given them?
The AR M2 is on its way to me for review. I'll be putting it up against the AK120 II, Ibasso DX100, a regular-but-decent smartphone (HTC One M8) and trying it out with different headphones, from sensitive CIEMS to the HE500 planars. Should be fun, will post my findings.
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