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So my DAP upgrade arrived today... AK120 II -> Linum Super-Bax (prototype) -> Noble K10
AK120 II is in the house and I like it a lot. If you wanted to buy a great DAP today, you could either get a used DX100 (as they're discontinued) around the $500 mark or a brand new (basically no second-hand units available) AK120 II at $1700. The AK is more compact, has more internal storage and a better screen. I won't pass a verdict on the sound yet, except that I'm liking what I've heard so far. Is it $1200 better than a used DX100?  
Hello beautiful...             I think I'm in love...
AK120 II is here! Loading music was a lot faster than you guys had led me to expect!   Via USB 2.0 I transferred 2.89Gb in 4 minutes and 4 seconds, giving me a net speed of 12,12Mb/s   Via USB 3.0 I transferred 3,25Gb in 4:13, a net speed of 13,15Mb/s   Conclusion: Not super fast, not USB 3.0, but faster than expected!
No. No, that's just... no. For example, I can transfer files to the somewhat underpowered (CPU wise) Android 2.3-based Ibasso DX100 at 7-8Mb/s. And just for kicks, I just transfered 307Mb (A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step, in flac) to my HTC M8, arguably a "high end phone", in 24 seconds, giving me a transfer speed of 12,7Mb/s.So just... no. Edit: Screenshot while transfering FLAC to the internal storage of the DX100:
The slowdown would be the chips used. If they're on the slow side AND it's indexing at the same time, prepare for molasses-level performance.I would honestly have expected AK to user better storage on such expensive players.
Whooa, that bad? That's... Rather disappointing.
I know - but USB 2.0 will do 30 MB/s to a decent external hard drive, but only 6-7 MB/s to the internal storage of the DX100. How slow are the AK players?
What sort of transfer speeds are you all getting when copying music to the AK players via USB?
Fixing the DX100 sorting bug I think I posted this waaaaay back, but here we go again. The DX100 still has some issues when it comes to playing music in the correct order, despite file names and tags being on point. This is due to the lovely (not lovely) Rockchip SOC used. It actually sorts files by the order they were written to the storage, so let's make sure everything is written in alphabetical order!   You: "Wait, do you want me to spend 5 hours transferring 64gb...
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