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Can't blame ya, the Logitech K350 is a great keyboard! 
A great story, but I can actually add a bit more to it... After the design was finalised, a single prototype was built, merely as a proof-of-concept, to see if the calculations held up. They did, and after the first brief listen, this prototype was broken down for parts and the good doctor Moulton soldiered on, while working secretly to assemble the crack team that would become Noble Audio. When he needed a flagship product to launch with the new company, the plans for the...
I really enjoy the balanced output of the AK240 (and the AK120II before that) with the K10, but SE out of the Chord Hugo beats it. 
The BTS is great, but (at least with mine) BT range is less than stellar. I have an AK240 and had the AK120 II before that, and BT on the AK players is absolutely horrendous. I really don't recommend combining the two.I use my BTS with my phone, when I'm grocery shopping or on the bus or any other odd place where I don't want to carry a dedicated player.
I bought these, turned out to be the best damn protectors I've ever tried (and I'm a mobile device geek):http://www.protectionfilms24.com/article/2x-brotect-hd-clear-screen-protector-astellkern-ak240-1811916.html Perfect fit, easy to install with zero bubbles, invisible once installed. Was genuinely surprised by the quality at that price.
I think the AK players are still the only ones to get great sound quality, great build quality and a great UI "just right" in the same package. Of I want to listen to Spotify at my desk, I just tap the button that turns my DAP into a DAC.But let's be honest here, the AK240 should have been sold at HALF the price!
The closest to the K10 I've heard from a full size can is probably the LCD2v2.
Just finished catching up on this thread...   So cool to see a lot of happy new owners and even cooler to see that the new lineup is shipping - I'm looking forward to reading your impressions, folks!   Had some down time at work today, perfect for catching up: Didn't want to take the K10 out of my ears just to snap this photo, imagine them at the other end of that Linum cable .    By the way, the AK players are totally awesome for Noble IEMs. Best UI (by far) of...
Am I the only one having problems using the AK240 as a USB dac with Windows 10 lately? Been using it for ages, now it suddenly refuses to work with W10 :(
I bought these used a year ago because I had fond memories of their enjoyable, hard-hitting sound. Alas, I must realise that I'm an IEM guy and these really aren't getting any use. Used, but good condition. I have the packaging, the original 3.5 -> 6.3mm adapter and a spare set of (never used) velour pads. If you're looking for at set of punchy, enjoyable headphones that are pretty much impossible to kill, look no further than the classic HD25-1 II!
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