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I have no idea who those people might be. Sounds like a bunch of know-it-all redditor neckbeards or something.  +1 for customs here. It's one of those things that are sorta hard to fully explain, but once you've tried it, there's no going back.
The thing with Linum is that they use a lot of time on R&D in Denmark. They have some pretty well-educated engineers working for them in a country sporting the highest tax pressure on the planet. This tax pressure means that Danish labor is mind-numbingly expensive, so for their regular cables they only do R&D in Denmark, with the actual mass production taking place at their facilities in Vietnam and China. Not only is the work done by machines, the people operating the...
PM me their measurements and I'll do it - or you could DIY:
Adding to the confusion, the new (0,75ohm) cable will be called the "Super Balanced" in the 2.5mm TRRS config I have.  I typed up my review of it yesterday, now it just needs some proof reading and it should be ready to post 
I just made a handy little comparison: ...still genuinely curious about the choice of a 5" screen for a DAP, but what do I know, it might be an awesome user experience once you try it.
The SE846 has a 9 ohm impedance, doesn't it? This means that the maximum output impedance at which it can maintain the correct dampening factor is (9/8 = 1.125) 1.125 ohm. The regular Linum Bax by itself has an impedance of 1.5 Ohm which you must add to the output impedance of your source. This means that anything with an output impedance of more than minus 0.375 ohm will mess with the sound of your SE846 using a Linum Bax. For instance - using my PB2 with my (~40ohm) K10,...
I still vote for replacing the redundant battery info in the status bar with some form of volume indicator.
I'm a big fan of the AK120II user experience as well, but I still have a few suggestions/comments I'd like to share with A&K - but how? Can't seem to find a general customer service/support point of contact on their website and emailing results in... nothing, actually. No reply.   My niggles/suggestions are these:   In the status bar at the top of the screen is a pie chart of the battery charge level right next to a numerical representation of...
       One more vote for the custom route here! I've borrowed the N4 from a friend and while I like the sound of them, I went back to my K10 after an hour, simply because customs are so amazingly comfortable. Once they're in, they just disappear and the only thing you feel is the music... the sweet, sweet music.
Thank you, but no. Two of my friends like metal as well and have tried getting me on board too. I've tried several of the bands from your list and I genuinely dislike the sound of them. Some love oysters, some puke at the mere sight of them. Some love metal... I really don't. 
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