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Am I the only one who's noticed the "burn-in cable"?I guess it's just a dummy load for the amp? Mighty handy thing to have!
You do realize that 99.9% of those sharing their impressions on this site also has a life offline, right? We have kids, homes and jobs. In Jamato's case, he works 12 hour shifts at an Alaskan ER. "You got mauled by a bear? Sorry can't help you, see I'm writing a review of a DAP. YES, it's ******* important, there's a guy on Head-Fi eagerly waiting to read my impressions of a DAP he can't even order yet! Now shut up and stop bleeding on the floor, I'll be with you in 4-5...
I hear that the DX50 FAQ is a popular thing to check out as well...
Some loonies, including me, have speculated that the dual dac design of the DX90 would mean that a balanced output mod could be within reach.
Try building iems while reading a book...  
 Add a shirt clip to take the load off the cable and there will be no more footstep noise 
Phone ringing? My office phone doesn't have a "missed call" list, it just keeps a running tally of the number of people in our company who fail to comprehend the task management and support ticket system. This is an accurate depiction of me at work: 
I quit full sized and got into CIEMs  I listen almost exclusively at work, for long periods (6-8hours) at a time. Being in an office rules out open cans, closed cans get warm and no full size can is comfortable enough on my noggin for me to wear it for so long. CIEMs on the other hand, just completely disappear when you insert them. If they're done right they fit perfectly in your ear with no pressure or strain anywhere. The only thing you feel is the music.
I'm on Portishead's album "Dummy". It's about my sense of financial responsibility.  Seriously tho, Portishead and trip hop in general is fawsome on the K10. So much detail, such a soundscape and then that foundation of deeeeep bass. Love it.
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