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Look at it this way instead: They're going to sound awesome. Then, when you feel the itch to upgrade, the headphones won't be holding you back. 
I just jumped ship - From a DX90 w/ PB2 to an Astell & Kern AK120 II. The funny thing about the K10 is that they sound great straight from my phone, but will just keep scaling with whatever I put in front of them. They really like going balanced, but they don't need gobs of power.
Nothing special? Hell, a Porsche Design Blackberry makes it one of the more expensive rigs in the thread! 😀
We didn't all start out as experts, so sometimes we ask about things that are painfully obvious to others 😉
I really meant to try the single ended output today. Was just going to have quick listen to the balanced output but then 8 hours flew by.I'm not a big fan of Phil Collins, but his album "But seriously" in 24/192 is friggin amazing on the AK. INCREDIBLE dynamics and details!
It is indeed. The old ones were available as 2.5mm TRRS balanced as well, but this is the new 0,5 ohm (regular Linum Bax is 1.5 ohm) version. Thicker than the regular Linum Bax, but soooooooo soft and flexible, feels more like string than a cable. Too early for sonic impressions, especially when I'm getting used to a new source as well.
Nope, can't use the dock with the case, I'm afraid.
Oh my K10 gets bass aplenty - when it's actually in the music:That track is just utterly ridiculous for testing bass  By the way, I'm actully liking the cover! Looks soooo much nicer IRL!  If this was AD&D, the AK 2nd gen players would be categorized as chaotic neutral. I love it, but some of my albums really don't. Others gain a whole new dimension to them - and it's not like I was listening to crappy gear before, the AK is just better at showing all aspects of the...
Oh boy, the AK120 II with the K10 is a merciless combination! Muse's Plug-in Baby is pretty flat, Puscifer's Momma Sed has a ton of grain... But the good recordings just absolutely shine!! I thought the AK was bass light, compared to the Ibasso players, but the bass hits deep and hard - if it's in the music.
Either straight from the source: or find a local reseller: want to send them an email asking for the 2.5mm TRRS version.
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