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My tracking still says Hong Kong as well, but they usually make it up here overnight. We'll probably both have ours tomorrow :-)And could you confirm to the doubtful, that we actually pay taxes that high?
Don't worry, they get their share. We hold the world record for highest tax pressure on the planet. Add to that 25% sales tax on everything, additional taxes on alcohol, sugar, tobacco, gas, power... anything really. My favorite is the 180% (ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY PERCENT) tax on cars. Well at least we also have weather like the British. No wonder there's no civil wars here, who the hell would fight over this place?  By the way, just got a text from DHL - my DX90 will...
I haven't been hit with taxes (in Denmark) for any of the $20 sound cards I've bought from Ibasso.
I am very happy with the DX50 but the DX90 will most likely sound noticeably better without giving up the perfect form factor and UI that is the DX50. No-brainer for me.
Funny, so was mine. Maybe they'll be going in the same direction? 
Can't friggin wait to try this bad boy with the PB2, but the right amp for you depends on what sort of music you listen to, how you'd like that music to be presented and which headphones you use. And all the other variables like size, prize, battery life and all that...  Judging by Jamato's posts so far you won't exactly be needing an amp for most cans 
I rarely do.
I've settled on the 1678 opamps with HA5002 buffers. Gives me absolutely superb clarity, very finely etched details and SA-LAMMING bass!  
I wonder how many are now dancing the old F5 dance...     Very happy to hear about the superb resolution and layering from the DX90. I recently got a topkit for my PB2, making it even better and more resolving. With an improved source it's going to be a beast of a stack for feeding my K10!    Can't. Friggin. Wait.
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