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As long as it's lossless, there's no problem. Most devices play ALAC these days anyway, so don't worry about it. 95% of my music is FLAC cd rips or downloads with the rest being high-res downloads (From Quboz & HDTracks) and a few BD rips.
Has anyone heard anything regarding Tidal streaming to the AK players? 
Care to share your source? Can't seem to find good 2.5mm TRRS connectors up here...
and the amp section and the amount of internal storage 
  So, what you want is a compact size, fast and gorgeous UI, lost of storage and jaw-dropping sound? Such devices exist: AK120 II and AK240. The only slight downside is the price tag that comes with having all those things in one device 
1) Volume: With my CIEMs, volume usually hovers around 40. Sometimes less, sometimes more. With a good classical recording (like this one) I can dial it up around 50 and get all the tiny details, like someone shifting in their seat, turning a page etc. Then suddenly my ear drums are shattered as the LSO kindly reminds me that A) kettle drums exists and B) good recordings have a lot of dynamic range. So, usually around 40. (Balanced output to the Noble K10). The good thing...
  Hah, the case ended up costing me $50 with shipping, so I'm gonna keep it for my CIEMs. It's just too damn nice! Only downside is that now I'm eyeing those Japanese Vannuys cases again... 
Zero EQ on mine - I didn't notice a drop in bass with the Linum, is your polarity right?Edit: What's the impedance of your JH's? My K10 are around the 40ohm mark, so that might be why the 1,5ohm shift doesn't impact the bass that much for me.
So, that very nice ACS leather case arrived today...   Anyone out there looking for a perfect case for the AK100II, the AK240 or any of the first-gen AK players? Literally any AK player except the AK120 II? #¤#"#¤!!#@ GAWDFSCKINGDAMNlT!!    Well, at least it's a very nice case. Super soft leather, feels like proper craftsmanship too. ...and at 101 grams it's very light.   A lot lighter than the Peli 1020, which is 240g plus 3g of Noble stickers.   There's...
Congrats on your first final rig! ...I'm currently on my 4th final rig  Head-fi: You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.
New Posts  All Forums: