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The DX90 is most definitely not bass light. It is bass accurate, unlike many other sources. The DX90 will give you thunderous knock-out-your-fillings bass, but only if it's in the music!
Coax = Galvanic connection, electric current.Optical = Optical connection, flashing lights. You'll need a converter, but just using the analog line-in would probably be easier AND better. Unless that Alpine PXA is packing a DAC that beats the dual Sabres in the DX90.
That's quite an achievement considering that all ears are unique.
I quit the Dremel, now I do all the work by hand using only one tool:
I didn't want to speak up before as people seemed happy with ther Mp4Nation orders, but try searching the DX50 thread for "Mp4Nation". There are gobs and gobs of people posting bad experiences. Those who don't cancel their orders get them MONTHS later and there is literally zero communication from Mp4Nation customer "service". 
The worst thing about describing ciems is that it all boils down to "These are really good, trust me!". I wish I could let people try them out and listen for themselves.
I would love to try the Hugo with my K10 but whenever I consider it I'm reminded of the advice my dad gave me when he came home in his first Audi: "My son; never test drive a car you can't afford." For now, I'm driving the K10 with my DX90/PB2 (topkit) combo. Complete and utter bliss, but at an almost sane price.    I usually live (and die) by the creed "Buy The Best And Only Cry Once" but there's a bit more to it with headphones: First you need to find out which headphone...
FWIW, I spent over 3 months on my K10 review and completely re-wrote it 4 times. They do everything so well  (to my ears) that I was having a seriously hard time not making it sound like a paid hypefest. After a year of ownership, I still haven't found anything they do badly. I would love to try the Roxanne for comparison but I don't have the funds (or the patience) for that adventure. MG6 Pro and Ref 5 is also on my list for when I win the lottery. I have an MDAC on the...
Try playing back a silent track to see if it's not just muting the output when no signal is detected.
Dog.        Edit: Glad to see I'm not the only one finding the Noble thread rather silly.
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