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 Assuming you're on Windows, go grab Mp3Tag: Http:// - Have it open your music folder and sort the files by path. This should allow you to easily batch tag all your files. I'll do a thorough writeup on Mp3Tag soon 
Which card are you using? Do you have the same issues if you're playing from internal memory? Did it happen with FLAC or ALAC?
Yup, I sold my DX100 but I might be able to borrow one from a friend for a comparison. From memory, the DX90 beats the DX100 with IEMs, those dual sabres are insane.
Like with the DX50, you just skip the back plate and use the silicone cover to hold the battery in place 
24 bit ALAC files are listed as 32 bits. 24 bit FLAC is listed as 24 bit. Guess that bug was carried over from the DX50 :) **twitches** FIX YOUR TAGS, SON! Any charger will do. Mine's running on the 2A Asus charger that came with one of my Nexus 7's. And has currently been playing non-stop for 52 hours, sadly I've only been listening to it for about an our of that. Stupid holidays with stupid family... 
The Sabre sheen has been reported to wear off with burn-in. I think NC8000 still has an ER4 kicking around, maybe he can try it our for you?
The DX50/PB2 stack is very good, but replacing the DX50 with the DX90 takes the PB2 to another level. The DAC(s) in the DX90 are clearly superior to the one in the DX50. Not that the 50 is bad by any means, the 90 is just better. Everything is so crisp and clear!
 Yep, that's exactly it. The files on the burn-in album are named and tagged to ensure maximum compatibility with just about any DAP out there. My DX90 has been running the album on repeat for the past 30 hours straight with no problems. (Plugged into a wall charger, that is) Going by memory, the DX90 is basically DX100 sound in a DX50 body. Looking forward to hearing your impressions.   Well, that would require Soren to get some more quality time with the DX90. The DX50...
You might want to skim the DX50 FAQ, there's a few pointers on making sure the files on the card are squeaky clean or scanning will freeze. Have you tried adding one artist folder at a time to see if it's a specific file that crashes it? It'll help a lot when trying to troubleshoot the issues.
Every single opinion posted so far has said the opposite.  I also very much disagree with your comparison of the Z2 to the DX100.
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