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Just posted my rambling thoughts on the Savant: http://www.head-fi.org/products/noble-audio-savant/reviews/13291
Perfect for use on the go instead of carrying a second chunky device. Low output impedance and BT 4.0 w. APT-X support means that audio quality is suprisingly good. A co-worker has ordered a similar-but-cheaper Sony device, really looking forward to comparing the two. 
My new on-the-go setup:   My phone, running PowerAmp fed with FLAC files -> Noble BTS -> Noble Savant. 
 Noble's cables are made by an undisclosed partner, the same guys who makes all their cables. On top of that, they have a relatively new partnership with Wagnus JP. I did indeed try the Noble super thin cable and (surprise!) it felt and looked like a thinner version of their stock cable - which it is. Less durable, but lighter and more flexible. Regular Linum Bax is still the king of ultimate comfort, but I found the Noble cable to impact the sound less. The Super Balanced...
I like this.   Poweramp playing FLACs on my HTC M8 via the BTS to the Savant. Portable life is good.
Looks like I spoke too soon - currently DSM does not support MTP file transfer 
I have a Synology NAS (aka The Only Way To Fly. God, I love that box!) and an AK - (LAN) Streaming works perfectly, it's pretty awesome. Can't download tho, but transferring files to the AK is stupidly easy from a computer. Or plug it into the NAS and use the web interface to copy the files.  The only thing I own with an inline remote are my Philips Citiscape Uptown. No luck with the inline remote, but bluetooth remote signals work just fine, if you can maintain a...
You might want to skim through the thread, as I think the AK100 II vs AK120 II balanced debate could literally be the most well-covered subject here.
Everybody showing off their Savant, talking about "black faceplate" this, "rose gold screws" that while I got a lemon...   Wait, what's that signature? Could it be that these aren't lemons? Maybe they're actually...   ...yup, Wizard design Savant universals.    Now that I've taken pictures of them, I've got some memory wire to kill. Or maybe I should (severely) shorten a Linum cable? Wait, maybe the Linum Bax with its slightly warmer coloration could turn these...
New Posts  All Forums: