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I finally got to break out the soldering iron and ruin carefully re-terminate the Linum Bax loaner cable            Sure, it can be done but I wouldn't recommend the Linum Bax as your first foray into cable DIY... The thing is stupidly tiny and flexible but those are some seriously skinny wires to work with. Too soon to report on the sonics, but coming from the SPC Noble cable, I find myself turning the volume up a tad more with the Linum.
Still waiting for a 2.5mm TRRS female so I can make the 2.5mm -> Hirose balanced adapter. Haven't heard the cable yet buy the ergonomics... DAMN!
I'm not sure if I'll be able to return this cable...         It is absolutely tiny and completely disappears. It makes the otherwise superb and flexible Noble stock cable seem huge and unwieldy - and I've always praised the Noble cable for its supreme flexibility. It's a loaner from Estron but I'm not sure if I'll be able to return it - and I haven't even listened to the damn thing yet!
So THAT's the cable in those pictures! Thanks for that... $100 for a cable, I could do that I guess, if the ergonomics are good.
I haven't been brave enough to ask yet. I fear the answer might be "a lot."
 No need to replace the stock cable at all - I'm using it right now, but I've replaced the connectors because I really dislike the memory wire. The ONLY reason I mess around with cables is ergonomics. (And looks)DX90 -> PB2 -> K10, yep. Output impedance should be a product of the gain setting and the opamps used - I'm on low gain (naturally, as this thing could power speakers!) and a custom Topkit, so short of breaking out the measuring equipment, I have no idea what the...
Yup, full-on crazy is the only way I roll!  Speaking of which, I saw this review on the front page and decided to get in touch with the company making the cable. I managed to somehow talk them into lending me one of their cables for testing and I can't wait to see if it's as sweet IRL as it looks in pictures!I wear my ciems all day long, so while my own creations might look pretty, they do get annoying after a couple of hours. The stock Noble cable just disappears in...
With the DX90 there is absolutely no "need" for an amp. But I must say I do like the flavour that the PB2 brings to the party. I only use my rig at my desk, so the extra bulk is not an issue for me  Did you try the "Sneaky Russian" firmware for the DX90? Damn thing just got even better!
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