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Where'd you get the 80ohm figure? If it really has an output impedance of 80ohms it's going to seriously distort with any headphones below 300ohms and would need something like 600ohm Beyers to play "right". 80 sounds like a lot. 
How it feels when you make regular people try high-end headphones:  
I ruined a coworker's day today.   He'd heard that I was really into headphones, so he brought his Bose Quietcomfort 25 to work and was SO excited. He loved those headphones and wanted to share how magical and wonderful they were, so he wanted me to try them...   "Sure", I said, "But only if you try these first". And then I handed him my Noble Savants, plugged them into my AK240 and fired up "God Loves Only You" from Skunk Anansie's Acoustic Live In London...
N4 or Savant is what you need, the 3 is a gas with dubstep and electro, but probably too v-shaped for your tastes.
I was the first non-Linum employee to hear it Visited Estron (Linum HQ) as they're located only 30 minutes from where I live:http://www.head-fi.org/t/740807/so-i-got-to-visit-estron-makers-of-the-linum-cable-hqSomehow talked my way to a Super Bax review sample:http://www.head-fi.org/t/757354/ergonomic-perfection-yes-at-a-price-the-linum-super-balanced-cable...which I've been rocking ever since:
The K10 has completely ruined other headphones for me. It's still the most well-rounded, does-everything-just-right headphone I've ever heard.
I'd love to experiment with different cables, because they sure look purdy, but I simply can't oblige thick cables for IEMs. I use mine for hours on end, so for me, it's Linum or bust 😀
I actually made a burn-in album back when I bought the Ultrasone Pro 900. It's got white, pink and brown noise, tone sweeps and bass notes. If you want something to systematically burn in your gear, you can grab it here: Http://www.sorensiim.dk/stuff/Burn-In_FLAC.zip
@M-13, have you tried the AK240?
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