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Calling all Mojo owners, the Chord Poly is here! A nifty little attachment to the Mojo that will stream and play just about anything. Controlled from your smartphone via Bluetooth, it certainly opens up some interesting possibilities. I'll be watching with interest to see what kind of a price tag it gets and whether or not it can be charged while connected to the Mojo. Chord announcement here:
Am I the only one treating the Noble product lineup as a todo-list?    Wizard Design Sages with blue "Meteorite" faceplates, hanging out with my Wizard Design Encores. Very, very impressed by the Sage! If you want to dip your toes in the Noble waters, you should definitely grab the Sage. It's basically a baby Encore. Sure, you can hear a difference between the two, but with the Sage coming in at 1/3 the price... wow.   Edit: Remind me to resize the /dev/VG1/root lvm...
It's a brilliant combo, but...   There IS a slight hiss, but I only noticed it when A/B comparing the Hugo and the Mojo. Mojo is DEAD silent with K10, Encore and Katana. My K10 customs were the first to ever leave Noble HQ and I only noticed hiss with the Hugo when comparing directly against the Mojo.  In conclusion: Hugo + K10 = Highly recommended, but not 100% hiss-free.
Definitely the Kaiser Encore. Massive and punchy bass, but only when called for. The (now discontinued) K10 matches it when it comed to bass, but the Encore beats the K10 in sheer resolution, clarity and soundstage.
Aww, that's cute, but I have you all beat. Not only did I go to an early screening (a few hours before the regular premier), I was paid to go because it was a part of a Microsoft-sponsored SQL Seminar 😆Work ain't all bad.
PSA: If you own a K10, Dulce Bass or Kaiser Encore, this track is now officially Required Listening:  
And absolutely worth it.
Post a pic of the CIEMs in your ear, if the insertion is correct it might be refit time...
  Just posted my (very) early impressions of the Kaiser Encore:   Spoiler: I like them.
That's why I opted for universal Katanas over custom...
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