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As I've stated before, the Ibasso PB2 does one heck of a job as well and fits so nicely under the DX90 
Are we still posting the music we're listening to on our Noble products?   Totally mad about the new (and last) Röyksopp album!
For example, avoid plutonium.
Do balanced speaker rigs count, by the way? My living room setup is an Audiolab M-DAC running balanced XLR's to feed a set of Adam  Audio Artist 6    
They K10 will play nice with almost anything BUT they will let you know if the output impedance is too high. As much as I loved the ergonomics of the Linum Bax cable, the 1,5ohm resistance changed the sound more than I liked, compared to the Noble cable. I couldn't find anything about the output impedance of the Alien, but since they list it as compatible with headphones from 8ohm, you should be good. @shigzeo has some words about it...
To prevent this turning into a full on Kool-Aid fueled K10 love fest, let me list the cons I've found after over a year with them: I can't share them. It sounds stupid, but it really nags me. "These $1600 headphones are worth the asking price, but no, you can't try them." - Then people just look at me like I've tried to tell them about an omnipresent yet invisible pink unicorn that controls the universe. I completely understand @VisceriousZERO and I wish I had the cash...
 All jokes aside, I understand your anxiety while waiting for a $1600 IEM you've never heard. I'm happy to hear that the K10 didn't disappoint  ...and you really should try adding a balanced amp to the mix, things get even better, including the bass.
Oh you think the K10 is good now? Just wait 'til you try feeding them with a balanced amp... Seriously. Soundstage and imaging gets even better and the bass goes deeeeeeeep and slams even harder when required. As I've stated before - The K10 just keeps growing as you upgrade the audio chain.
So sorry about your wallet! I sincerely hope you'll enjoy them, but I don't think I've seen an unsatisfied K10 owner yet... Spot on. The K10 doesn't apply any "flavour" of its own on the music, it just somehow makes everything you throw at it sound its absolute best. I'm fairly certain that actual magic and/or fairy dust has been involved to achieve this. 
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