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I was goint to point this out, but you beat me to it  I've tried the A/B box with the Vocal vs. Bax cable and there is NOTHING inside the box but switches. No electronics, no nothin':   If I visit them again, I'll ask if I can take some pictures of the inside of the box. Also: Y'all need to try the new Super Bax (0,5ohm) cable when it comes out    About the same thickness as a regular IEM cable, but sooooooo soft and flexible.
Clever bastards... First they lure you in with the great designs and then they make you stay for the awesome service.
I wear glasses and the new cable is still very comfortable. I have no idea if they wrap the wires in unicorn eyelids or some sort of space age polymer, but it sure feels nice.I'll ask! Or even better, I'll ask them to set up an account here on the forums so they can answer all your questions ☺Those connectors were actually supplied by me and one of them has developed a lose connection. I should be receiving a new sample sometime next week which will be terminated with a...
Boosting the lower frequencies is one of the very points of the RW mod: Sauce: I don't find the AK120 II to be bass light at all - but the midbass boost that I had gotten used to on Ibasso DAPs is gone. This means that some tracks seem to have less bass (Fink - Perfect Darkness) while others hit deeper and harder than ever before (Deadmau5 - Maths). I suspect the same might be the case with the AK100 II, but it's a different...
Get out while you can! Run! RUUUUUUUUN! 
Not yet in mass production, but I think they might hand build some on request... I'm testing one of those hand built samples at the moment and I must say I kinda like it! Not as crazy thin as the regular Linum Bax, but still VERY soft and flexible.
I find the AK120 II (should be sonically identical to the AK240 on PCM material) to be utterly spectacular with the K10 - but only on good recordings. The Ibasso DAPs I used to rock were a lot more forgiving. 
It is indeed backwards compatible BUT if someone don't completely adhere to the official standards, bugs may appear. Such as the first gen AK120 not playing ball with the USB 3.0 implementation on the a particular generation of the MBP. I work in IT and sometimes we see bugs that can only be attributed to gipsy curses and/or lunar phases.
I'm using my AK120 II via USB 3.0 as I type this 
I think you made the right call in getting the 8 over the 10. It's not about the money, it's about getting the signature that suits you best. Just like with the LCD3 vs HD800. 
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