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Those bass drivers are not your average drivers... On the right side are the 8 "regular" BA drivers responsible for mids and highs. On the left you can see the two bass drivers... They are HUGE! And damn do they pack a punch!
Nope, light turns teal = 24/176 PCM. No DSD via toslink from the AK240.  Here's what native DSD looks like when the same file is played in Foobar2000:Look at that pretty white light! Sorry for the crummy phone pics, but it's getting late, way too late for me to bother with cameras and card readers and Photoshop and all that. 
The usual reason why we can't have nice things: Lawyers and licensing issues... 
IIRC they killed off DSD over optical in a firmware update not that long ago...
I'll have to double check the sample rate color shown by the Hugo tomorrow, but I have my AK240 with DSD files and a loaner Hugo with a Sysconcept optical cable... Pretty sure you can get DSD out of the AK240 toslink.
I borrowed a Chord Hugo from a friend and have been listening to it feed my K10 all day at work. I shouldn't have done that. Damn this place.
It doesn't take much to drive the X2, but they certainly scale very well...
Sooo... The first set of Dulce Bass customs?
Can't blame ya, the Logitech K350 is a great keyboard! 
A great story, but I can actually add a bit more to it... After the design was finalised, a single prototype was built, merely as a proof-of-concept, to see if the calculations held up. They did, and after the first brief listen, this prototype was broken down for parts and the good doctor Moulton soldiered on, while working secretly to assemble the crack team that would become Noble Audio. When he needed a flagship product to launch with the new company, the plans for the...
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