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I actually prefer the sonics of the Noble cable to the Linum Bax - I expect to be posting about my visit to Linum/Estron soon.
Welcome to the somewhat exclusive club of Danish K10 owners! 
So sorry about your wallet, man. If it helps, they hold up splendidly over time. Mine still give me that silly ear-to-ear grin and I don't even think I've found their limits yet. No matter what I throw at them they just pull it off without even breaking a sweat.
I love my DX90+PB2 stack, I really do... but going from that to the AK240 was like coming from a souped up Mustang to a Ferrari in full track config - it's just in another league.
Grab the Philips Citiscape if you see them on sale. Comfy, robust and an absolute hoot to listen to, far better than they have any right to be at that price point.
And btw - great idea with this thread! My already formidable K10 took on a whole new dimension when  I maded the jump to balanced, now there's just no going back for me. I do own a set of non-balanced cans tho - The Philips Citiscape Uptown ($40) that I use with my phone sometimes because I'm just not comfortable mowing the lawn while wearing $1600 ciems. Maybe I should grab some Portapros for re-cabling...   Cheers from Denmark! 
Can I play?   Linum Bax cable just after I finished re-terminating it with the Hirose 6-pin.   The Linum is a stupendously skinny cable - here it is next to the Noble SPC cable.   Linum (while still 2.5mm TRRS) vs. Noble/Hirose.   DX90 -> Solid core pure silver DIY IC -> DIY 28AWG SPC w. Hirose -> Noble Kaiser 10     I do all my own stunts cables 
I'm in love (as in bordering on ciem reshell in love) with the T2 because it's so tiny, yet the connection is rock solid. Only downside is that it would mean an end to making my own cables. I love my DX90/PB2 stack, I really do. But then I tried the AK240 when I visited Estron... I should NOT have done that.
Sorry - they were new to me, I guess I just haven't been paying close enough attention to the market    I really hope they'll catch on as the T2 seems clearly superior to both 2-pin and MMCX. I'll have to wait for the new 0,75Ω cable though, before making the switch - or for more cable makers to take up the T2.
I'd go for the regular version as well (The one you have) but some prefer the angled approach I guess. 
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