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Customs will be more comfortable than the universals, especially for longer sessions.
This. So much this.Also, I've only tried the Hugo for about half an hour and it is simply out of this world with the full size HE500 planars. With the K10 though, my initial opinion is that I actually prefer my AK120 II. I'll give the Hugo some more time when I get the chance, though, a lot of people are VERY happy with it for their CIEMs.
Weight and handling IS very much like fishing line, but it's soft as silk to the touch.
That's curious... I find the AK120 II to be neutral to a fault. At first I thought it was bright but that turned out to be just the recording. Then I thought it was lacking in bass, but that turned out to be the DX90 having a V-shaped signature and not being as neutral as I thought it was. If it's in the recording, the AK120 II actually goes deeper than the DX90/PB2 stack I used to carry.
1) More raw power for driving less sensitive headphones.2) Yes.
 Zero difference in sound, but while the regular K10 is cast from acrylic, the Prestige is CNC'ed from ludicrously exotic materials and the inside carved out by hand. That extra grand is for materials and some serious man-hours. I wish I had the dough.I want the BTS so bad and I haven't even heard it yet. 
Holy hell, catching up on this thread after being more or less off line for two weeks took some time! Totally worth it though, great designs, good laughs and cheerful banter as always. This cheeky bugger has really been cutting into my forum time, but I hope I'll be able to keep up from now on.   Seeing as I don't get out much anyway, I wonder if I could sell my legs to pay for a red carbon glass prestige K10... Oh and I most certainly need the BTS! 
It's the rather expensive, limited edition. Sorry for the late reply, but I just had kid #3 so my forum time has taken a drastic hit!
Best. Explanation. Ever. 
Here's a primer.
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