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Ah, my bad! From (admittedly shady) memory, I'd say the difference is just like when going from single-ended to balanced with any other cable: A better sense of "control", resulting in in a more well-defined (sometimes larger) soundstage and tighter bass. 
There's no other way to put it, the new Linum interconnects are just plain sexy.     The 20cm variant fits my DX90/PB2 stack perfectly. The cable is so thin that it easily fits between the units held together by low-profile 3M DualLock.Sonically I must admit that I can't hear the slightest bit of difference between the Linum IC and my solid core pure silver IC. Changing cables takes 5-10 seconds and maybe using a dedicated A/B/X box you would be able to pick up on...
Using the Linum Bax with my K10 on my DX90/PB2 rig, I noted an overall drop in volume. That, and a slight shift of the FR, leading to a somewhat smaller soundstage and a warmer tonality. I usually can't tell one cable from the other by their sound alone, but this change was pretty clear to me. Some might like it or it may suit their gear better, but I eventually went back to the Noble cable. A damn pity, because I wear my CIEMs all day and the ergonomics from the Linum Bax...
Straight molded or straight like the ones in my pictures? When did you buy your universals?
CABLES, CABLES, CABLES!   I've been enjoying the new Noble cables and let me start with the audible differences: There aren't any. All the Noble cables are made from the same SPC (silver plated copper) wires, so I guess that was to be expected. After trying the Estron Linum Bax, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the (very) thin Noble Prestige cable didn't alter the sound of my K10. The Linum Bax has an impedance of 1.5 Ohm. Not much, but with a CIEM like the K10,...
Oh my, looks like the 3 new Noble cables have landed on my kitchen counter!     Top to bottom: Glow in the dark Clear version of the regular cable New slim cable.   More to come, moar better words and pictures and things.
The regular one is cast acryllic like basically all other ciems out there. The prestige line is CNC'ed from a solid block of wood (infused with acryllic), that's what you pay the premium for  
I did:   It can be done,  but I wouldn't recommend it as your first project with a soldering iron.
A bunch of the K10 reviews (including my own) mention the fact that the K10 will sound great from "poor" sources like your phone, laptop, etc. - Same goes for the N4, but both will improve as you upgrade the audio chain. 
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