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I've had my custom K10 for over 3 years and I still just sit and stare at them in awe on a regular basis. Absolutely worth it.
In other news, while I love the fact that using the Linum Bax cable feels like going wireless, I've commisioned a new one from a friend who does crazy sweet braided cables. Had to get me a black 26AWG quad-braid SPC with a black Ranko 3.5mm plug and these sweet-as-hell Eidolic 2-pin connectors: Saying that I'm happy with how my Wizard Design Encores turned out would be the understatement of the century. 45 hours until estimated delivery. Not that I'm impatient or...
Awww and he let Helen Keller do the cropping, that's so sweet! 
Tracking says that my Encores should be arriving on Monday. Oh well, I hope my boss wasn't expecting me to get any work done!
 The wait is downright torture - but oh so worth it! I've just started The Wait, Part Deux myself:  Having the OG K10 and the Katana keeping my company is a bit of a double-edged sword (Katana pun not applicable). On the one hand, I've already got beautiful craftmanship and amazing sound. On the other hand, I know exactly how mind-blowingly amazing it's going to be when the new puppies arrive... So I've got something to distract me from The Wait, but The Wait itself just...
That’s not nearly as ropey (that's a word now) as I expected, actually. How flexible is it?
Dude you could tow a car with that!  ...got any pictures?
SPC so far, but I might jump on a straight silver some day when funds allow.
Oh dear. These images just hit my inbox - That's my productivity down the drain for the rest of the day!    [[SPOILER]]
I am absolutely in love with the Katana as well. It's the first headphone to sway me away from the K10 for more than a few songs at a time - but I always come back to the K10 when I need that extra bass fix and that super comfortable sound with just a bit of added warmth. I'm wildly impressed by the abilities of the Katana and waiting for the Encore is driving me mad - but the Original K10 will always be special to me. Truly an IEM milestone.
New Posts  All Forums: