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I had a lot of fun with this TSA-unfriendly rig: DX90 -> PB2. The K10 sure loves going balanced, but you definitely dont need an amp with the DX90. Throwing the PB2 in the mix is more a case of adjusting the flavor than making things uniformly "better". I sure liked it though.   I found the AK120 II to be sheer perfection with the K10 - if the recordings and files are up to snuff. The combo is RUTHLESS and something like Adele's "21" is not really enjoyable on it. The DX90...
Nope, no drop in bass with the BTS compared to cable, but the SBH20 actually adds a bass boost.
Okay Noble, I'd like to complain about a fit issue: No way that huge crown is going to fit on the back of my AK! We need stickers about half the size of the current ones! 
In direct comparison, using FLAC files on my HTC M8, The Sony SBH20 actually holds up very well. It's a bassier than the Noble BTS and not as "clear" sounding, but at 1/6th the price, I'd say the SBH20 would be the smart choice for use on the go with mid-fi gear. Not sure if I would be able to tell the Noble from the Sony using something like my Philips cans. With the K10, however, there IS an audible difference. 
Forgot to mention that I tried the BTS with my Sennheiser HD25-1 II as well. Sure, they could do with a little more raw power than what the BTS pumps out, but there wasn't a drop in bass to be noticed. I'm starting to think you might've gotten a bad unit 
FWIW, I never noticed a bass drop on the BTS, using it with both the Savant and the K10. A coworker let me borrow his Sony SBH20 and comparing it to the BTS I noticed the Sony lacking the clarity of the BTS but having a slight bass boost.    The BTS also helped me notice that the bluetooth implementation on my ludicrously expensive AK120II is nothing short of useless. Seriously - expect 3 feet of range at the most, but only if there are no obstacles between the AK and...
The Savant does vocals in a more intimate and direct way than the K10 and sometimes that's just what the doctor ordered!Glad you liked my review, but uhm... I find the Savant to be more honest than the N4 (from memory).
 You might want to try the Savant if you can get your hands on them. 
If you want something a little more "forward" and less polite than the N4, the Savant is what you need. If thumping bass is what you miss from the N4, mayby the N5 or N6 is a better bet - or get the Savant and play around with the EQ sliders a bit. They can do bass, but aren't tuned for it straight away.
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