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Memory wire is very easily removed..
  Great tips actually! 
Nope, it does affect the sound. Source: I've tried several different Linum cables, including unrelased prototypes when I visited their HQ recently. The audible changes were also confirmed by Carit, their Global Product Manager, and Allan, the Sales Director and Co-owner of Linum. If you don't trust my ears, at least trust the word of the guys who make the cables. I agree that the Linum Bax cable just KILLS anything else when it comes to ergonomics, but with the K10 and...
I just happened to get one of these new cables in the mail this week... I've been pestering Noble about a skinny cable for quite a while. I wear my iems for long periods, so every bit of comfort counts. For that reason, I recently tried the Linum Bax cable. That one has a 1.5 ohm impedance and I found  it to alter the sound of the K10 in a way that just didn't sit quite right with me. I still haven't re-terminated the Skinny Noble(TM), but so far I hear no changes at all,...
Just in case any of you were considering a Linum cable...   They're having a Black Friday sale right here
The K10 is indeed 2-2-2-2-2: 2 x Low 2 x Mids 2 x Upper mids 2 x Treble 2 x "Super treble" (upper treble).   ..I'm genuinely baffled by the fact that they sound like a single, perfectly coherent driver. Also if you are worried about the bass from BA units - the bass drivers in the K10 (and 8C) are not your average bass drivers: On the right you can see 4 of the dual drivers. On the right you can see a bass driver... They are HUGE! When I went from the UM Merlin...
As I've stated before, the Ibasso PB2 does one heck of a job as well and fits so nicely under the DX90 
Are we still posting the music we're listening to on our Noble products?   Totally mad about the new (and last) Röyksopp album!
For example, avoid plutonium.
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