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  Hi, I am currently using audinst hud-mx1 and some apple lossless music as the source. I am planning to upgrade my can from akg k530 to senn hd600. Usually I listen to pop and classical, sometimes maybe jazz and r&b. I have some questions with this upgrade idea and hope anyone has more experience could help me out.   1. Would hd600 be a good choice? I know that there are other choices like the d2000 and k701 in the $300 price range but seems they are...
I am considering to upgrade from k530 to k271. My main source will be my Mac Mini. Do I need a DAC/Amp to work with it?
the icon mobile looks good but the sound is always the major issue. anyone has tried the icon mobile with sf5pro or akg530? do they go along well? i am planning to get a dac+amp for these two. ipod classic and my pc will be my sources. usually i use the sf5pro+ipod for outdoor and the akg530+pc for home use.
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