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i'm pretty sure if Sennheiser is to make a new stat, the price will not be under 5k. My guess it would be around 7 - 10k
I really feel need to chime in about this alex antics. First of all, he got absolutely no case against Justin and to add, a legal action from portugal? pfffttttt.....good luck.   And to the earlier bloke whos looking to sell his spot of BHSE for 8k, try and pull this somewhere else but here, for all you know it may fly......
funny really about the wait time of this amp. I almost backed out after I get the final payment notice. My thoughts was WTH, I got a KGSS and I'm happy with it. Also my financial condition during the time wasn't in a very tip top conditions. But after seeing the pictures of the amp I ordered, my thought changes. WTH, just pay and be done with was the right decision.   in my experience, the waiting time between final payment notice to the actual delivery of the...
hp just came out with i5 fanless version, hp pro x2 410. its a 11.6' version. check it out
no idea really. dell venue 11 pro plus docking station maybe your answer but doesn't come cheap ,close to 700. the docking station have 3 usb input. runs on z3770 so should be fanless. another option is venue pro 8, if you can store all your music collection on 64gb micro sd (maybe 128 too), it has usb otg so you can output the music to the dac. this is much cheaper alternative but capacity constraint. pops up frequently on refurb for 170-190 fr 32gb. try spend a bit more...
the i5 version comes with fan inside. if you can wait a bit, new gen of atom processor is coming soon 3rd qtr. supposedly faster vs current baytrail ie. 3740. current baytrail is adequate for office work. unless you're into IT programming then its more than good
netbook have fan. did you took it off? can't help but noticed that you're Canberan......ANU alumni here, love Canberra. Looking forward to visit again. Hopefully soon
then just get a docking and ssd with capacity of your choice then you're all set. lastly, if you're looking to use the computer as transport and school needs, get a better ones like baytrail processor, ie. dell venue 11, i think those are fanless. better still wait till the newer generation is out which will be soon
are you looking to change its internal ssd or are you looking to hook it up through usb docking ? it is entirely different story. because the former one is straight forward. the first one is way more technical knowledge involved
some may argue that a particular brand of ssd sounds better. for me that's just a lot of crock....I'd go for the known brand and best price. speed not essential.
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