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i hv mine on middle setting (forgot what earsonic call it)  with dp-x1. its the one i like the best. im running balanced though.velvet is not a neutral iem. its moderately coloured iem, in a nice way. infact all earsonics iem i've heard are all coloured. the less coloured one is their flagship, sem-9
thanks. the latest firmware ,would this mean firmware where a sizeable part of owner claimed the sq was not as good. if thats the case i guess i better wait
anyone care to help?
few pages back someone mentioned that there's a way to circumvent volume limiter for HK based unit. Can elaborate how to do it? Thanks
Add Earsonic Velvet. Now it should be more than enough to make your head spin due to the choices :-p
forget this paired with onkyo dp-x1. its a mess of bloated ocean of bass. at least on SE. Havent tried balanced yet. Most likely not far different
Came to Velvet pretty much the same route as you. Mine started from SM64 to 846 to Velvet with a brief detour to JVC HAFX-850. In terms of comparison between 846 and Velvets  ,$1k vs 600, its a no brainer. I would be hard to make decision even if both are priced at 1k.
3+ hours is way unacceptable. Always turn on airplane mode. Put "standalone" button widget on the home screen so whenever you want to turn everything off just touch the button. Try to change track using the up/down track button, minimize screen on time. I easily gets 7-8 hours continuous play
you need to go to Play Store and search for with keywords Onkyo Music Player. It then will bring you to next screen where the description of the app. There you should find Uninstall button on the left and Update button on the left.
Got it figured out but still an idiot way to create a playlist. With this I have to manually create playlist in the beginning, add it one by one then start to listen it. Also seems its not possible to edit the playlist. Whatever its there in the beginning, thats it. To me, the idea of playlist is to add your favorite track whilst listening to all of your tracks. Perhaps I miss something again here? For those wondering if mine have any problems with 3rd party app for song...
New Posts  All Forums: