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My UM3X-RCs died the other day so I think I'm going to pick up a pair of these as a replacement.
 Thanks for the advice. I'll check them out.
Thinking about the UM Pro 30s or W30s but I'm ot sure yet -- haven't had a chance to look at the alternatives.
They offered $100 USD off the UM Pro 30 price but with only a 1 year warranty (standard is 2 year) and it was IEMs only -- no retail box or accessories. I live in Canada and once you factor in exchange rate and shipping the price was more than what I can buy them for new here in Canada with full warranty and accessories. Now I need to figure out if I should get the UM Pro 30, W30, or something entirely different. I haven't shopped for IEMs in 5 years so I'm assuming the...
I contacted Westone about the possibility of an out of warranty repair but apparently they cannot or will not repair the UM3X-RCs. They offered a bare bones (no accessories/retail box) UM PRO 30 with only 1 year warranty (standard is 2) at a reduced price but I can buy either the UM PRO 30 or W30 new for less money than what they offered for replacement pricing.   Guess I'm in the market for new IEMs unless I can repair them myself. Anyone had any luck disassembling and...
Seems like my 5 year old UM3X-RCs have died. I've had some intermittent cut-outs over the years since I first bought them but it was pretty infrequent. However, now the volume has dropped rather significantly in the right IEM and when I tap it I can hear a rather loud rattle from inside so something is loose in there.   Anyone encounter this problem? Also, any repair experiences with Westone? I really don't want to spend over $500 CAD on competitive IEMs to replace them.
I like most of their 80s stuff and all of their 90s output. I'm not keen on much from the 00s other than a few tracks here and there.   That being said, I really like the new album.
Quote:   I finally received my UM3X-RCs today. The cable near the earpieces are surrounded by a clear memory plastic that keeps its shape and doesn't seem to impact comfort at all.  
I'm finding Songbird (Mac version) far too buggy to use. It keeps messing up the filters when using the browse view. That and it skips tracks and often will not play files (flac).   I'm using it to access music over a network share (files stored on my NAS) so that could be part of the problem.   I find it slow and sluggish as well.   With Windows I use a customized version of Foobar 2000 w/ a number of plug-ins so I have no desire to move away from it.
Shure E4, recently departed.   UM3x-RC arriving tomorrow though!
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