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I like most of their 80s stuff and all of their 90s output. I'm not keen on much from the 00s other than a few tracks here and there.   That being said, I really like the new album.
Quote:   I finally received my UM3X-RCs today. The cable near the earpieces are surrounded by a clear memory plastic that keeps its shape and doesn't seem to impact comfort at all.  
I'm finding Songbird (Mac version) far too buggy to use. It keeps messing up the filters when using the browse view. That and it skips tracks and often will not play files (flac).   I'm using it to access music over a network share (files stored on my NAS) so that could be part of the problem.   I find it slow and sluggish as well.   With Windows I use a customized version of Foobar 2000 w/ a number of plug-ins so I have no desire to move away from it.
Shure E4, recently departed.   UM3x-RC arriving tomorrow though!
I'm listening to the Black Keys. Love this band.
Wait a sec... the UM3X RC comes with more tips than the regular UM3X?   If so, bonus! I should be receiving the RC version next week. I expected the accessories would be the same as the as the UM3X!   Note: Just checked the Westone site and Freeze is correct. The RC version does come with extras beyond the replaceable cables.
I'll be sure to report back my impressions once I have them (hopefully by Wednesday of next week).
Anyone tried the UM3x with a Supermacro 3? (I'm pretty sure I have version 5). I ordered a pair w/ removable cables and should be receiving them next week if all goes well. They will be replacing a broken pair of Shure E4s (stupid cables).   This will be my setup: iPhone 3Gs -> TWcu LOD -> Xin Supermacro-3  -> UM3X-RC
I'm in the same boat -- my E4s died after about 5 years (cracked cable).   I was initially going to go with the SE530s but I kept reading about cable problems with them as well. After a bit of research I ordered the Westone UM3X-RCs. They should be here next week and I hope I didn't make a mistake.   I might have gotten the SE535s (detachable cable) but it looks like they will be at least $499 which is more than I'm willing to pay for a universal IEM.
     Quote:   I did more research and stumbled upon the Westone UM3x. After reading through a few review/impressions threads I've decided to go with those. They seem to directly address the concerns I have with the Westone 3s and they are now available with removable cables that can be replaced for about $32 bucks. This is a relief since I do not have to fear a cracked/broken cable like I would with the Shures.   I should have them by tomorrow. Scratch that, back ordered....
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