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I live in Toronto
I bought a b22 on this site. It sounded amazing for about 20min and then no power and so sound.... And there was some weird burning smell right before it stopped working I'm assuming that the rough handle during shipping have something to do with it but I don't know what to do because I have got 0 experience in electronics...
Do you know which type of hot glue firms the hardest once it's cooled?
Maybe i could super glue the cables to the panel and cover hot glue over the soldering area and the cable near them. Do you know what type/material is most used by DIY'ers? It's got to be very hard one after dried right?
I'm trying to make a cable for etymotic er4 IEM After soldering the cables to the driver pins Can anyone suggest me what i could use to mold the cables around the soldered area? I don't want the soldering parts to be vulnerable when the cables are pulled from the IEM drivers
There are no scratches and the bowl pads are all mint. I think my personal grado preferences are lower models such as SR225 and SR325   Buyer pays the shipping + 3% PP or $old shipped to North America with no PP fee   Thanks!!
I dont think you have to care about the drivers polarity as long as you connect two wires to each conductors
if you can put koss drivers into grado shell can you put grado drivers into koss?
igrado wanted
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