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New in box - Gustard H10 High-current Discrete Class A Stage Headphone Amplifier.
I've been having trouble finding a pair of LCD-2s to try out. Where do you guys audition high-end headphones? I can't seem to find any store that has the LCD-2. I'm in the Seattle area (sadly, I didn't see the Seattle meet event before it was over...).
I finally received mine after a painstakingly long wait. Coming from the UE700 and Brainwavz B2, these are definitely much heavier on the bass side of things. Treble isn't as precise and delicate for sure compared to the B2s, but the EPH isn't bad at all. I can understand how you guys are labeling these as a "fun" pair of earphones. Listening to EDM and trance definitely got my feet tapping  I was a little worried about trying my classical collection, but they turned out...
  If you don't mind the longer shipping time, you can save some money from audioaffair.
Have you taken a look around the reviews by |joker| yet?   I feel like most people around here are more into IEMs than portable headphones, so please don't think we are ignoring you  We may just not have good ideas for you.
It seems like the general consensus of these earphones are that they do bass really well with lots of energy while still being pretty viable in the treble area. From what I've read here, this sounds a lot like the Atrio MG7s. Is it correct in saying that these two phones have a similar sound signature? I listen to a wide range of music genres, of which one of my favorites is classical. For that, I have my B2s that satisfy my analytical needs. The EPH-100 sounds like the...
You should consider UE700. They sound great with your genres, especially classical, acoustic and jazz. They are $93 at Amazon currently which is a great deal. They are also easy to drive straight from your phone.
    I completely agree. I got my B2 recently after having owned the UE700 for quite some time. The UE700 extends noticeably deeper into the sub-bass region, while the B2 gives a touch more detail and clarity.
Aw man, I just bought an E10! But I guess mine was a pretty good deal already anyway. Brainwavz M4 + FiiO E10 for $109.50. The M4 normally goes for more than $50 street price.
I've stumbled upon quite a few gems thanks to all the great reviews posted here, like W&W - Arena for bass. What songs do you use to test different earphones? Are there some that you use specially to test different frequencies (bass, mid, treble)?   As a side question, at what bitrate are you generally unable to distinguish any more differences? And (if different), what bitrate are you happy with?
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