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How do the above mentioned IEM's compare to the Westone 3 and UM3X?
Hey everyone, Thinking it's about time to acquire to some new IEM's. Currently, listening to Atrio M5's, which I upgraded to from Altec Lansing UHP-336's. Been looking at various headphones, but don't really know what to choose. I enjoy listening to jazz, jazzy hip hop, and hip-hop instrumentals, so good bass is a must. This is exactly why I ditched the UHP-336's, because they didn't have enough bass for me. My budget is between $200-$400. I was initially interested...
Hey guys, I'm looking for some good, quality headphones in the range of $75-$100 (will consider spending a little bit more if I have to). I plan on buying a pair for my girlfriend and me. We're mainly going to use them for studying (while at the library), and working out. I generally listen to jazz and jazzy hip-hop, but I also enjoy house, folk, and some rock. My girlfriend likes to listen to 80's and 90's music (old-school hip-hop, some R&B, etc.). I'm not really...
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