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 I haven't heard the 1p2 but allow me to have very serious doubts about your comment regarding treble on both IEMs (highlighted text).  That may well be the case with you, but with Sony hybrids I get absolutely no treble spikes at all and absolutely no fatigue whatsoever.
 warrenpchi, never mind what I wrote yesterday (highlighted text above). I've just placed an order for the MA750s, but you should be warned that our cheerful sparrow's sole objective is to make Mr warrenpchi, RHA's shill enthusiast, look pretty bad and lose credibility (not unlike how Mr Currawong looked after his FXZ200 comments) after our ageing sparrow dude posts his impressions. Should you feel the need to retaliate after that, I suggest you mention music_4321's love...
 No, we don't. You love sexy sexy Madonna and I love sexy sexy Kiteki Justin Bieber — there lies the difference between you and me.  ;)
 Be careful what you wish for — you never know, you might like the Parterres even less than the 7550s!  I've been to a few concerts myself, attempted to play a couple of instruments at various points in my life, been around musicians a few times, and have heard the odd decent rig. But hey, I'm a sparrow... and sparrow's ears...
^   Remember that I myself own some pretty good phones — I still think several of your comments are/were way off the mark.
There are several MDR-7550 (MDR-EX800ST) threads. Gintaras posted his impressions on this particular thread one week ago:   http://www.head-fi.org/t/679045/review-sony-mdr-7550/45#post_9815050 http://www.head-fi.org/t/679045/review-sony-mdr-7550/45#post_9816601 http://www.head-fi.org/t/679045/review-sony-mdr-7550/45#post_9816667   My very short post after those posts:   http://www.head-fi.org/t/679045/review-sony-mdr-7550/45#post_9818339   We don't all have to...
  Oh, I get it now..... finally!........ Currawong & Dsnuts are one and the same person!  ;)
   Thanks for the clarification!
 For your information, the 1010 Pelican case is water proof and/or water resistant — waterproof and water resistant often have one and the same meaning, but not always. When I bought my 1010 Pelican case 4.5 years ago, I was quite curious and tested the water resistant properties of the case. I filled the kitchen sink with water; the1010 case would not sink and would always come back to the surface, so I had to push it down and put a heavy object (a stone) on top of it to...
 Did I say the 1010 & 1020 are "water proof up to 100 ft"?  Thanks for pointing that out — love learning new things every day.  WOW, great story! Guess I'll have to get several of those Otter cases as I usually keep all my IEMs underwater (60 ft at least).
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