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Nope...and I wasn't talking about the HD600/650 so what's your point?
Huh? Have you actually ever listened to them? X2 has a great mid range and plenty of clarity. Anything but "fuzzy" highs.
I personally don't like the way the X2 sounds with a warm tube amp. I have a hybrid with warm tubes and a warm opamp...it's too much warmth.
X2 > HE-400X2 > AH-D2000, but the D2000 is an enjoyable headphone. Just not as musical and doesn't do everything well like the X2 does.X2 < RS-1i, close but the RS-1i is just a little better but more narrow in what it does. The X2 has a broader range of what it can handle.X2 > K701X2 > Fischer FA-002W
Doesn't matter if it's the headphone or your brain that changes...fact is...something changes. That's the bottom line. Who cares what one believes. As long as you hear improvement, that's all that matters. If a headphone doesn't sound great at first...give it time and see what happens. Often times it will improve. If not...then it's just not the headphone for you. Unload it and move on. That's part of the fun/frustration of this hobby.
I agree...the X2 > D2000 overall from my quick initial time with them. The X2 is just musical...does some stuff great but everything at least good. The D2000 seems like it's going to be a genre specific headphone. Probably a keeper but won't be my go to headphone. 
I'm pretty sure the X2 will stay on top. It's just a great overall headphone. The D2000 seems like it will be a fun headphone, especially for stuff with lots of bass. The song that was posted up on the previous page is awesome through the D2000. I don't listen to that kinda stuff often but when I do...the D2000 will probably be the can of choice. More time will tell for sure how they fall in line but I'm 99% sure it will be behind the X2. 
I'll A/B them but right off the bat I can tell you: Comfort - D2000 > X2 Bass Quantity - D2000 > X2Bass Quality - D2000 ? X2 (need more time to be able to really compare)Treble - X2 > D2000 (D2000 ever so slightly sibilant to my ears)Mids - X2 > D2000 (D2000 mids seem slightly recessed)Build Quality - X2 = D2000Looks - X2 = D2000 That's just after listening to just a couple songs before I had to go to work and not A/B'ing...just the initial thoughts of the D2000. I'll do a...
Just got a pair of Denon AH-D2000...wow these things are nice. Totally off topic I know but since I'll be comparing them directly to the X2...figured it was somewhat relevant. Anyways...the D2000's are pretty sweet. Definitely not a X2 replacement...but I nice fun addition to the collection.
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