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50 miles isn't anything to scoff at. I'd bet there's a LOT of cyclist that would have a lot of problem riding that distance or not be able to at all. Good job and nice bike!
Yes...11-28 but it will be replaced right off the bat with either an 11-36 or 11-40. The front is a 40T. I don't have a fast average speed...15ish mph so I don't think top end will be much issue except maybe on fast descents. My only concern is low-end but the 40/36 will get me very close to the 34/32 I'm using on my road bike and 40/40 will be slightly lower so I'll be in a little better shape on some of the steep stuff. I do plan to use this on the road as well and if it...
Here's my latest bike purchase...ordered...hoping it's here this week. Cannonedale SuperX CX1. Can't wait to get out and grind some gravel!         My single speed goodness....     And when I need gears...but it's now a 1x10 with SRAM X.9 rear and Hope brakes...       And this is for tearing up pavement at a snail's pace...yeah...I'm a fat slow guy on the bike...  
XT's all day long. I've ran both and hands down the XT is a superior brake. BB7's aren't bad...not at all. Best mech brake out there IMO...but XT hydros are just better.
Nope...and I wasn't talking about the HD600/650 so what's your point?
Huh? Have you actually ever listened to them? X2 has a great mid range and plenty of clarity. Anything but "fuzzy" highs.
I personally don't like the way the X2 sounds with a warm tube amp. I have a hybrid with warm tubes and a warm opamp...it's too much warmth.
X2 > HE-400X2 > AH-D2000, but the D2000 is an enjoyable headphone. Just not as musical and doesn't do everything well like the X2 does.X2 < RS-1i, close but the RS-1i is just a little better but more narrow in what it does. The X2 has a broader range of what it can handle.X2 > K701X2 > Fischer FA-002W
Doesn't matter if it's the headphone or your brain that changes...fact is...something changes. That's the bottom line. Who cares what one believes. As long as you hear improvement, that's all that matters. If a headphone doesn't sound great at first...give it time and see what happens. Often times it will improve. If not...then it's just not the headphone for you. Unload it and move on. That's part of the fun/frustration of this hobby.
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