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Still have these. Not on here much but I'll try to check in weekly.
Thought I'd throw up a shot of my newest mountain bike which was actually built this past summer...Canfield Bros. Nimble 9 Gen. 2. Built it up single speed full rigid. Steel frame...this thing is a joy to ride. The pic shows it before I was 100% done the build but it's been done most of the summer and has some miles on it now. Great frame!  
Finally got it finished...well...almost. Just need to install the gas block and then it's 100%. Just waiting for it to arrive in the mail.  
I agree. The RS1 is a great next step and IMO...could be the final step. To me the RS1 are so awesome I don't feel the need to "progress" with the Grado line. In fact, the RS1 have pretty much replaced my 325's which are now up for sale.
Sure they are. There's not that much difference in Paleo from a regular SAD diet. You just omit the sugars and grains/starchy carbs. Paleo is easy, delicious, and IMO, a very healthy and sustainable way to eat. Between Paleo and exercise, I've lost 80 pounds this past year.
I ride a Al road bike and a steel mountain bike. Steel is real. I am planning to upgrade my road bike soon to a Ti frame when I can afford it. Probably just switch over the stuff from my Specialized to start and then upgrade as needed. I find that I am riding longer distances these days, 50-75 miles at a shot and I think my body would appreciate a less rigid ride.
IMO, the RS1 is not bright at all. In fact, I find them a little warm, very smooth, and quite refined. They give the feeling of sitting in a soft, dark brown leather sofa in front of a nice crackling fire...18 year old single malt in one hand, the other tapping to the beat of your favorite tune. Lights dim, lost in the music. And yes, the mids are lovely. 
Here's looking forward to an excellent year on the bike. Got a late start last year but made super gains...plan on hitting it hard this year very early and will be completing my first century this spring/summer.
Nope...RS1 definitely better than the Bushmills. 
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