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I think both sides of the 'power switch' debate are equally warranted. Yeah it's just a switch and it doesn't affect sound quality so the outcries are a bit overblown, but people blindly defending Schiit just because it's the new "hip" brand are equally overblown as well.   The Yggy is a premium product costing over $2000, so I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a level of polish when you are spending that much money. It's like buying a new BMW M53 and not getting...
The Rag uses a better switch, no reason the matching Yggy shouldn't. Hopefully the production version will have it.
Very exciting, makes sense to take what you learned from the micro and take the iDSD (no mini attached anymore I'm assuming?) to the next level, instead of just having a blown up micro with a bit more power and balanced operation. A redesigned analog section should be very interesting, never settle!
Wait, so you paid nearly $1800 for a "premium" product, it failed within a few weeks, and you have to pay the $80+ in shipping for it to get repaired? Yikes.
This. Free trial is what you get from the return policies of Costco and Amazon. I know you can't expect that level of leeway from a small company like Schiit, and Schiit doesn't actually say free on their website, but people here need to stop calling it free.
Very nice! Thanks for sharing
At this price point I hope they have a robust linear power supply, but I have a feeling it will be some sort of wall wart.
Been covered ad nauseam, but just wanted to say I've been having issues with this for the past 5 months or so. Infinite refresh loop, subscriptions not being updated, entire threads not showing the most recent posts, being notified of PMs that don't exist. Much worse on the mobile website using Chrome. No issues like this on any of the hundreds of other mobile websites I visit on a weekly basis. I shouldn't have to clear my cache or cookies for a temp fix.
I get this issue too, it used to not be a problem, probably started happening within the last 5 months or so... the mobile website needs to be fixed, it has major issues. This is on Chrome for Android, most recent version, no add-ons or mods. I get the refresh loop and my subscriptions are never up to date, I need to request the desktop website, which is a pain to use on a phone. Many times I go to a thread, and I can't see the most recent posts.
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