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Nice, have been hearing rumors about its eventual release. Is this in stock anywhere?
 Thanks, will these get the job done?
I also just got a stepped attenuator recently and it appears I need to widen the hole in the top plate to fit the whole thing through correctly. Would I be able to do this with a dremel?
I have a great condition Mad Dog Pro cable for sale terminated in 1/4" or 6.3mm. This is the stock cable that came with my Mad Dogs. No longer need them as I have upgraded to the Alpha Dog.   Price includes shipping within the US, paypal gift or add 3% (see my feedback, buy with confidence).
I see no reason why their usual 15-day return policy will not still apply (with the transaction fee), that's essentially an audition. You are only allowed one of those a year I believe (so as not to encourage abuse of the system).
Well, given that leesure took pictures of the production Ragnarok for Schiit, I think we can take his word for it
 It appears my sign-up from May 26th slipped through your system somehow (I checked my spam folder every day) so I signed up again a week ago. Are you still working through the wait list or are we just waiting for "open season"? I don't think I've ever worked this hard to pay someone! 
 But in all seriousness, this design is both R2R and multibit, the terms are used interchangeably, so I don't quite understand your criticism.
An R2-D2 design would have way too much jitter and you will only be able to listen to the last 5 seconds of the track in an endless loop. I agree, not worth waiting for either.
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