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That's over $300 that could have went towards the Yggy fund
This April 20 date was literally pulled out of thin air. Yggy driving people crazy around here.. confabulation of release dates
 The rediscovery of "vintage" r2r DACs such as Theta and its upcoming Schiit successor seems to have quieted the shift towards high-res and DSD.
If the Stratus had speaker taps, it would shoot to the top of my short list of next purchases.
I have noticed that even volume matched the high gain seems to sound better to me.. I dunno if it's placebo but I've consistently noticed that.
Maybe "warm-up" isn't the best term. It implies that it is all due to temperature (which to a certain degree it probably is), but there are probably other factors at play too. Maybe "ramp-up" would be a better term and make it more acceptable to people.   That way we might get a little less: "But I used my infrared temperature sensor that has a error-factor of only 0.001% from my air-chair engineering sofa and it was at maximal temperature in 20 minutes!! This defies all...
Signed up for a trial, like what I hear so far, but $20 is harder the swallow than something like $15 for some reason .
Hm great review to add to the number of impressions we already have, seems to be in line with the consensus in terms of its sound and presentation. Sounds like a great match for hard to drive planars, but not sure it'll be on the horizon for me to pair with the HD800 because of the drier presentation of the mids. Would still love to audition it to hear it for myself though.
Been searching for years for a DAC that can accomplish this correctly and still sound natural... Almost just drooled all over my phone.
Forget the pics, we know what it looks like. How does it sound?
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