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dog treats
For $1500 I sure hope they are using a quality linear power supply (even if it is housed in a separate chasis) and not a wall wart.
Not as flashy or interesting as previous suggestions, but given their relationship with metal dealers, I would love to see an affordable aluminum headphone stand hitting in around $20. It could maintain the current styling of all the Schiit products with the anodized aluminum design. I would definitely buy a few of them myself. Something that looks like the stand that comes with the Alpha Dog, but taller (around 12-14"), would be great. An omega type design would be great...
Please update your OP with headphones you are actually interested in trading for.
Why is there a priority mail sticker on it and a fedex ground sticker? Looks like it may just be a repurposed box, nothing to see here, move along..
As far as the digital end goes, the Mini should be designed around a dual mono configuration with 2 DAC chips per channel (as opposed to the micro which has 1 DAC chip per channel). But yes I agree, the meat of it is going to be a more robust power supply and a lot more room for better analog components.
More like dropping a zero or 2 
 Where did you hear this from? What changes are being made?
They know how to steer the hype machine, that I'll give them credit for.
Damnit, I have no reason to need this, but I want it. Please release the iDSD mini soon. Also, if anyone is looking to offload their iDSD Nano at a reasonable price, I may be interested. I helped buy one for a friend of mine and I was impressed before I handed it off to him.
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