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For sale is my Gilmore Lite + DPS (yes, the rare and hard to find one). I have really just been using my IEMs these days, and I figured somebody could appreciate this amp a whole lot more than I am. I am looking to get $525 shipped within the USA, if you are international, just shoot me a PM. I am not looking for trades, and I am firm on the price. I am also not willing to sell either the amp or DPS separately, they are a package deal
Does anybody know anything about the W3LE IEMs? I have not found any definitive reviews about them. On their website, they claim that the components are hand picked, does that mean that they are just very balanced W3s? Or do they actually use different, higher end, components?
7s and RRs are my staple jeans, sure they are kinda expencive, but I love 'em
It is amazing how Dre is really integrating himself into every part of the market. Now every time I turn on the TV I see his headphones. He is truely a master...but unfortunaly I highly doubt he uses his own
My all time favorite amp with my 325i is my Headamp Gilmore Lite + DPS. Without the DPS it is pretty awesome too, and fits your price range.
Ehhh I will wait until they make one with an integrated DAC..
Just curious, which generation did you listen to? Also, are you sure it was not a power issue opposed to a sound quality issue? The headphone out is not going to power a hefty headphone, but does handle the 325i and TF10 quite well for me. I have the newest generation MBP.
Regarding the 325 vs 225, I recommend the 325 because of the sound signature. It is a very crisp compared to the rolled and warm feeling of the others in the Grado line. The warmth is good with most types of rock, but does not tend to do well with newer rock (which I dont care for), but really does poorly with hiphop (some of which I like). As for the amp situation, more power does not mean better. It just means that it can drive headphones that are harder to drive. ...
For the music you listen to, do the MBP with a 325i(s). Don't get fancy with the amps and dacs, unless you get a pretty pricey one, it will be a downgrade from the integrated one in the laptop. I would skip the rest of the Grado line for the music you listen to, I have owned most of them (225, 325i, MS2i, HF-1, and RS-1).
I agree, the TF10s dont need much amping to sound great. I run mine right off my iPhone 3G+ and iPhone Touch 2G, both sound very very good. Both those devices have very good integrated amps and dacs, so as long as you are running headphones that dont need some serious juice, the sound right out of the jack will be quite good. People tend to agree that those two devices (which share the same audio components) do sound better than the other iPods. I am one of these...
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