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You aren't allowed to sell for profit on Head-Fi... read the rules. If your friend gave them to you then give the two you don't need away. And I don't want one if you think it's why I'm saying that.  
Sale Pending  
I'm selling my Olimex USB isolator because I no longer have a Audio-GD digital interface. Using this with the digital interface gives increased sound quality. I accept paypal and am asking 30$ as gift shipped conus 33$ if not as gift. If you have any questions feel free to ask. If you want images I can take some. I'm just being lazy at the moment.
I'm getting rid of my digital interface and no longer need the battery power supply. It lasts about 18 hours on a full charge. It is also much better than Audio-GDs DI PSU in terms of sound quality. $30 shipped conus. If you are out of conus you will have to pay a little more for shipping. I accept paypal. If you do not pay as gift add 3.5% to the price. If you have any other questions please feel free to PM me.
Yes we'll just blame the programmers, not the person selling the item without thoroughly checking for problems first. Makes sense to me.
I have a HD 4850 that totally forgot I was supposed to sell. I'll let it go for $45 shipped CONUS. I accept Paypal. You can either pay as gift or add 3.5% to the price. If you have any question feel free to ask.
I am selling my Audio-GD Digital Interface V2-S with upgraded TCXO and my lithium ion battery pack with charger. It has been used for less than 50 hours because of this. Kingwa said I could return it, but I thought that I would try to sell it on here first and pass some savings along and save us both some time and hassle with Chinese shipping. I would like to note having previously owned the Kingwa's PSU, this battery pack sounds superior to it. The battery pack lasts...
I'm selling my Furutech GT2 1.8meter USB cable $170 for $75. It is in perfect condition.SOLD I'm also selling my Oyide DB-510 .7m BNC cable $180 for $105. It is also in perfect condition. These prices include shipping to CONUS only. If you aren't CONUS and want them you will have to pay a little extra for shipping. I accept paypal. You may choose to pay as gift or you may choose to pay an extra 3.5% for the fees. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I also...
Bad news my DI still disconnects.  
RELEASE ZE DRIVARS!!!!11111!!!11!1!1  
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