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I have finally finished my SE5 Ult first impressions.
 I am still working out the details, and will make an announcement when the time is right.  Also, your interest is noted!  Ah, so the price has now been posted (and discussion ensued).
No news on the SE5U price...I have diverged all I know...
After a long absence from head-fi due to time limitations, I wanted to share a few items: My review of the Custom Art Harmony 8 Pro has been posted for those that missed it. I am listening to several demo units from Advanced AcousticWerks as well as the W500 AHMorph.  A write-up is in the works and the demos will go on tour when I have finished. Spiral Ear has announced the SE 5-way Ultimate.  Not much info just yet, but the first pic can be seen on THL.
Yes, but there are a few that will be completed first.
New AAW W500-AHMorph hybrid CIEM goes from a mid-centric BA only sound to a slight V-shaped hybrid sound.  Link to more info in the AAW thread.
Information on the all new W500.   I should have some products to listen to in the near future...
 I also haven't heard sibilant treble, but compared with others such as the Viento-R, SE5, Fit Ear PS-5, and BD4.2 for example, it seems a bit on the sharper/harsher side.  I have been listening to the H8P a lot for the upcoming review, and the treble quality is similar to the EM32.  Without any comparison, the treble sounds very good, and it superior to many others, including the IERM, EM4, and Stage 3.  Thanks you. I am working on the H8P review, and if you want better...
Hidition Viento-R review has been posted, as has the Minerva Mi-Artist Pro review
 I haven't noticed an issue with the Viablue plugs.  My SE5 needs longer pins, so most aftermarket cables don't work well with it, but here are the ones that have fit.  My bias for the NT-6 can be found here, and in general I like the TWau, which was reviewed here.  The Oslo cable I had didn't really impress; what are your thoughts?
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