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If you know DOS or aren't afraid to do something other than point and click, 1. right click on the Windows 10 start window 2. click on Run 3. Enter this command (where the card to be formatted was my F: drive). The card might be some other letter in your system. Format F: /FS:FAT32 /A:4096 It takes quite a while to format. If you are using a laptop, make sure it's on AC power.
Thanks, yacobx! It worked for me as well. The trick was going to the command line in Windows 10 and formatting the card just like it was 1996, with switches for file system and allocation size. I hadn't used my X3 in months, having gone back to my Fiio X1, because of some of the "limitations" within the X3's fw. Now my X3 is like a new DAP and it sounds much better than stock to me. I'm Rockbox ignorant, so I've got a small learning curve for my new toy. It definitely...
I retired my old Zune when I got my X1 last year, so I know where you're at "purchase-wise." While you can cut the number of devices you carry by one if you get the phone, I question the SQ of any phone versus a good DAP. If you're planning on streaming all of your music, the LG might be the right call. If you plan on collecting your library, I'd go with a DAP. But you know, even when my college-age daughters cause our smartphones to be "data poor" before the end of the...
Not with my IEMs. IMO, the X3 paired with my Fiio E11 sounded better. But again, as far as needing amping to drive my phones, the X3 has driven all I've tried. I've yet to listen to my full-size headphones, though.
Aliexpress, Takstar Mall
From the Fiio site: "Made of light durable aluminum alloys..."
I got my gold X3 on Thursday and have been playing it day and night since then. I like the airy but punchy sound signature it has with my DT2s and my ie80s. It is very clean and almost analytical with my new T2Es. I haven't gotten to any of my full size cans yet. This DAP has a lot of power and I bet it can drive most any cans out there. If it can drive my K612 Pros without help, I'll be in hog heaven! I've used it with my Mont Blanc E12A amp and the amp actually...
I totally understand the situ with the Mrs. I just snuck my new X3 past mine. At least once a week I hear, "I can't believe you're listening to an MP3 player. You're not a kid anymore."
My review of the Edifier P270s is up... Check it out here.
I just found this thread...   I pass through HF a couple or three times a year. I'd probably do it more, but I stay in trouble with the Mrs for buying stuff as it is. About this time every year, I get the urge for new audio electronics or CDs. It may have something to do with "gathering the harvest to use during the winter" from my agrarian ancestors. It really beats me why, but I do it every fall.   I'm coming up on 7 years of Head-Fi, which is less than half of most...
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