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FW 1.4 is out... http://www.fiio.net/en/story/272
FW 1.4 is apparently out on the Fiio site as of 5/8/15 (or 8/5/15 in Europe).   http://www.fiio.net/en/story/272
These cans' bass output is quite eq/amp dependent. After listening on a modded G3 and a Project Horizon for several weeks, anything south of 1KHz is thin unless it's EQ'd up, or the amp is bassy. With the Project Horizon, I prefer EQing. With the G3, I prefer a warm, smooth 6922 or an RCA Cleartop 12AU7. But you know, it's all good...   If I had to classify the K612Pro by musical genre, I'd say they are "classical" cans. Out of the box, without any flavoring, most folks...
Taint that the truth?!?
Great deal! I only paid $140 for mine new inc shipping, but if yours is pristine, that's a great price!
I just bought an E12a for my ie80s and X1 combo. Anyone have experience with this particular combination of equipment? Coming from an E11 & Mini^3, I'm pretty stoked for a new amp. I also have KC06As and VSD3S's... The latter being harder to drive than an everyday iem should be.
TCD1975 - After about 5 excellent weeks of using your custom firmware, all I can say is AWESOME! Thanks again!
I've been a Meelectronics fan since I first joined Head-Fi! From M6 & M9 to CC51 and my a151's, They are great quality, budget iems! I'd really like to A/B the new 151's with my well-used ones! I may need to sneak some past the Mrs...
TCD1975... Good stuff! Red and Black are my college colors!
Anyone have any experience with the k612s and a Project Horizon amp?   While I'm thinking about it, this has probably been discussed elsewhere in this thread, but since I'm not reading two years worth of posts to check, here's a link to a an awesome site where DIY gods talk to us mere mortals: http://diyaudioheaven.wordpress.com/   If you scroll down to the K612, there is a simple mod for treble control.
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