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Still looking for a new home for this amp. Price now $1290 USD, to reflect the sagging C$.
Selling my Concero USB DAC. This is an amazing DAC, and it was not easy to decide to sell it, but I am just not listening to music enough to justify keeping it. To me, it is the best USB DAC for the money, and I found the apodizing up conversion filter was the best.   Comes with the original box and pouch. In excellent cosmetic condition.  Buyer to pay acutal shipping costs (a USPS medium flat rate box from 45014).
For sale is my Pico Slim (with box, charger, case, everything). Being one of the first 250 models (serial number 002x), it comes with a lifetime warranty on the battery and unit. I bought it in March 2010, brand new from Headamp. Since then, it's spent about half its time on my desk and about half its time in its box - I rarely used it "on the go".    There are some very light scuffs on the unit, but no major scratches. It's a gloss finish so rather impossible to keep...
Price dropped to $1350. 
Hi all,  Been a while since I've been around here - moved and started a new job, so less time for music than usual.  Plugged the Concero and Stax in a few days ago and have been enjoying them since! Still a huge fan of the IIR filter, too. Sam 
Do you mean 323S? Or 252? If the latter I would add my voice to those suggesting AGAINST it. The 252 tiny amp capable of powering the more easily driven Lambda headphones. The SRM-323S is the minimum I use to drive my 007s. I have also tried the SRM-727 amp, and I find it to be a bit better in the bass, and capable of handling XLR if you have a balanced DAC. I have not tried any of the more expensive amps so I cannot comment directly.
Price dropped to $1400.  
Still looking for a new home for this amp.
This is still for sale - am willing to entertain reasonable offers.
Price dropped to $1450. 
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