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This is still for sale - am willing to entertain reasonable offers.
Price dropped to $1450. 
Price dropped to $1500. 
I've had less response than I expected... but this is still for sale.
No, I did not.
Selling my Stax srm-727 amp. It's in great condition, both cosmetic and functional. There is one minor ding on the left edge, as shown in the photos. This is a silver, 100V version and comes with a step-down transformer. At the moment I would prefer to keep this in Canada, but will also sell to those in the US. Let me know if you are interested and we can work something out. I'm located in Montreal. Sam
 I have the SR-Lambda and the SR-Lambda Pro. Sadly, the only Normal bias amp I have is an old SRA-3S in need of some refurbishment. That being said, I do find the SR-Lambda more enjoyable than the SR-Lambda Pro on that amp.  I've owned the 202 and 404LE. Both are good in their own way, but I prefer the Lambda-Pro to the 404LE (it's been so long since I heard the 202 that I can't remember much about it).   If you are looking for Pro bias Lambdas, I would suggest you start...
Can I ask, have any Mac users updated their Concero with the latest firmware? Any thoughts? (Did it go smoothly?)
Srm-323s sounds great to me. Heard an srm-1/mk2 at a meet and could also do with that if I was tight on cash.
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