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Been a while since I've poked my head in this thread, but has anyone has issues with their Concero picking up signals from the Apple IR remote? Mine doesn't seem to want to any more.    The IR sensor on my computer can pick up the remote and I can control iTunes, whether or not the Concero has power. But, I can't find a way to activate the filters...   Edit (3 minutes later): It's working now. I started BitPerfect and all of a sudden the Concero began to like the...
 I'm curious, what is a STAX Delta Pro? 
I can't believe that stock SR-Lambda hasn't sold at that price! If I wasn't flush with Lambda's I'd buy a second normal bias as a backup. 
This might help - I posted it a while back:Rewiring the SRM-323S from 100V to 120V
I have the Concero. I usually forgot to turn on the apodizing filter, but when I do, it seems like the sound is slightly smoother. Of course, it's hard to quantify and I doubt I could detect it in A/Bing.
Thanks to FallenAngel for hosting - it was great to come out and have some great times and hear some nice gear. Looking forward to the next meet up!
Long shot, but I'm in need of a dirt cheap TOSLINK to RCA DAC, like the cheap $10-$17 ones floating around Amazon and eBay (e.g. eForCity Digital Optical Coaxial Toslink to Analog RCA Audio Converter).   I'm going to buy one from, but if someone has one they want to get rid of on Saturday, please PM me and I'll buy it from you there instead.
I did, thanks. Since I've fixed my SRA-3S, for the time being I'm only looking for amps located within Canada, and have amended the OP.
Purchased this fine cable from Grand Enigma back in 2009. I used it for less than a year and then forget I had it in storage, until a month ago. It is made with his custom silver alloy wire and uses a pair of Cardas Senn plugs. It is just under 4ft or so and is terminated with a 1/8" plug. Full disclosure: The right channel developed a loose connection at the headphone plug, which I resoldered (using Cardas quad eutectic solder), and then gave it plenty of heat-shrink for...
Looking forward to the 28th! The SRA-3S has been restored to working condition and has one Pro and one Normal bias, so it's good with pretty much any Lambda! Special request - will anyone be bringing a KGSSHV? (Or even a KGSS?) I have been wanting to hear one with my 007 mk1 for a few years now but never had the opportunity. Indeed I've had such fit issues with the 007s that a KGSSHV demo is all I need to know if I'll keep them or get rid of them!
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