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Hi all,  Been a while since I've been around here - moved and started a new job, so less time for music than usual.  Plugged the Concero and Stax in a few days ago and have been enjoying them since! Still a huge fan of the IIR filter, too. Sam 
Do you mean 323S? Or 252? If the latter I would add my voice to those suggesting AGAINST it. The 252 tiny amp capable of powering the more easily driven Lambda headphones. The SRM-323S is the minimum I use to drive my 007s. I have also tried the SRM-727 amp, and I find it to be a bit better in the bass, and capable of handling XLR if you have a balanced DAC. I have not tried any of the more expensive amps so I cannot comment directly.
Price dropped to $1400.  
Still looking for a new home for this amp.
This is still for sale - am willing to entertain reasonable offers.
Price dropped to $1450. 
Price dropped to $1500. 
I've had less response than I expected... but this is still for sale.
No, I did not.
Selling my Stax srm-727 amp. It's in great condition, both cosmetic and functional. There is one minor ding on the left edge, as shown in the photos. This is a silver, 100V version and comes with a step-down transformer. Canadian and US buyers welcome. For US members, I will only ship to those with established feedback/history here on Head-Fi. The cost of shipping and insurance to the US is around $150, depending on state. Let me know if you are interested and we can work...
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