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That's good to hear then as I was starting to think that the same vendors from last year wouldn't be making it.  I can't wait to attend with my father!
I don't see many Headphone Exhibitors on your website under the Exhibitors section.  Is it perhaps not up-to-date?
Well I couldn't stay long either as my daughter got bored quicker than expected.
I'll be bringing my Taurus to Capitol Audio Festival (that's assuming they're also having a headphone meet as well) in case anyone wanted to listen to it.
That's understandable and hopefully you can make CAF at the end of August.Sorry I had to jet even earlier than expected but the little ran out of patience. Given we were waiting outside for ~30min before going in, I think she did really well.
Works for me!
Given I mentioned that I'm only bringing my Taurus 2 & TH900 and we are doing a comparison between the Rag and Taurus, I assume it's fine if I just keep my amp at your table, right?  Figured I would clarify in case there was any confusion or if I was unclear before.  I can bring some XLR cables though (Monoprice XLR cables).
I just realized I haven't listened to my X2 on my Taurus
sweet! Now i don't need to bring mine
311 - T & P Combo
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