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LMFAO my bad!  Wow I can't read!  I found the Z7 way too dark for my tastes and not worth the $700 (they're maybe worth $400-500).  I also didn't like the bass quality and impact.  For slam i would say the 1540s win.  I'm not sure about imaging.  The X2 subbass is a little difficult to hear and even more so if you compare it to these other closed cans.  I find the 1540 to have the best bass quality, detail, and slam of the bunch.  I would have to get back to you on clarity...
This is an appreciation thread, no need to apologize.
In my experience, most dedicated DACs sound better than Sound Cards but if you want those effects like CMSS 3D then you would want to stay with a sound card.
I don't find the bass that overpowering. If 5 is neutral I would say they are at 6.5 to 7.
I agree but I still read both 😀
Hmmm... well this image seems more appropriate then
he's talking about putting the DAC on top of the amp. Having the amp on the bottom is fine and I do that with my Asgard 2 & Bifrost Uber.
Well heat rises so it's gonna heat up that DAC quite a bit. It's definitely not a good idea.
The TH900 does not lack bass at all. It actually has an abundance of bass. Now maybe it lacks the quantity of bass you're looking for.
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