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I hope to be there next year!
Add the EC Zana Deux SE too.
Another great article!  Thank you for taking the time to do this every week.  It's one of my favorite things to check out each week.
I found them much more comfortable with better bass impact than the k550 (keep in mind I only demo'd the K550 at a retail store for 10 min).
I honestly don't think a lack of DSD support is that big of a deal. It doesn't even seem that popular yet it is growing though.
Interesting, well I am planning on buying a new amp next year. What amp are you referring to?
Crap! Apparently I spoke too soon (I guess this is what I get for posting while my wife is asleep), my wife is not comfortable with me going, given it's a few weeks away from her due date. Sorry guys! Zachchen, send me a pm and we can meet up somewhere so you can check them out.
Ok will do, bud!
Barring my wife going into labor I should be able to stop by for a couple hours. I will bring either my HE-560 or TH-900.
Haha I was just about to say "actually they do have an HD12" but I see you already updated your post.
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