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I would suggest the Shure SRH1540 with the Schiit Asgard 2 (amp) and then get a Schiit Modi (dac).  Given the fish tanks I think you could use the break from them with a closed headphone like the 1540.
I think you would be happy with either but just remember the M100 have quite a bit of bass.
1 Shure SRH15402 Sennheiser HD6503 Sennheiser HD5904 Sennheiser HD5985 Denon AH-D600 PC Gaming1 HD590 (the sound is very similar the HD598 but much more comfortable)2 HD598 (I prefer the forward sound to the 1540)2 SRH15403 HD6504 D600 Movies1 SRH15402 D6003 HD6504 HD598/HD590 EDM1 D6002 SRH15403 HD6504 HD598/HD590 Rock/Alternative/Punk1 SRH1540 (The bass drum is punchier than on the HD-650's which helps me get more immersed in the song)2 HD6503 HD598/HD5904 D600 Rap/R&B1...
An amp will make more of a difference on sound than a DAC so I would say go with an Asgard 2.
Good to hear and congrats.
Yea I am super psyched about it.
I would just do an Asgard 2 and a Modi for now.
Lol nice jump dude!
I didn't notice any change with burn-in but I also didn't find it harsh at all so it could have changed.
I agree about the sr60s.
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