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Nice man! I'm enjoying my HE-560s too!
Sounds like you might have been listening to them at the Moon Audio table on that Grace Design m920 (has a Sabre DAC chip in it). Others will most likely disagree but I find that some of the Sabre DACs are slightly edgey to my ears (with the exception of the AURALiC Vega).
Yea I've not noticed any grain at all with my TH900 and I tried it on quite a few amps at the Capital Audio Festival (granted I used my own TH900s most of the time).  Are you sure you're using the right word to describe what you heard (I don't mean any disrespect)?  I know that I sometimes mix up the terms.
I'm curious, what made you like the Mad Dogs over the NAD HP50?
So how did the Taurus compare to the LAu?
Please start a new thread given this is the Master 9 thread.
I used Cable Co. recently to audition an AURALiC Taurus mkii. My experience was awesome. The staff there is very helpful also!
Omg their yelp reviews are dreadful!
That's a really slick desk.  Where did you get that desk from or what brand & model is it?  It looks really nice!
So I've been sitting here for what seems like forever trying to collect my thoughts on this subject.  Well here goes:   First off, I want to commend Marco for how he handled this.  I know, I wouldn't have been anywhere near as forgiving as he was.  This really gets under my skin, all they gain from this is a pissed/turned off customer and I think this is an absurd way to handle this situation, from a customer service standpoint.  Also, If you don't like how online...
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