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any idea when the px-100 II are coming out? these are pretty much the only headphones I'm thinking of buying in the foreseeable future.
man, and here I was thinking that my 225s were furnished from magical plastic magma drawn from the depths of mount mordor, with drivers made of stretched dragons wings and wires of the finest elvish silver, etc, etc...
nope doesn't get any better. enjoy your music. move along, nothing to see here.
NWA - straight outta compton Eazy-E: "Straight outta Compton, Is a brotha who will smotha your motha..." I don't know why, but the rhyming in that line always makes me smile. My other favorite in the song is "mix a man, cook him in a pot like gumbo!" The song is just full of ultraviolent, over the top, misogynistic lyrics that I can't take it serious. edit: wanted to add this link which puts together all the explicit content on the album. brilliant, really:...
recable 'em. I put a mini plug on mine and presto! px-100 replacements.
edit: ah forget it.
Quote: Originally Posted by milkpowder Bad news for Portugal I feel so sorry for Ronaldo. The guy who tackled him deserved a red card. What will Portugal do without Ronaldo, Costinha and Deco? Well, Figo deserves a red card for his headbutt. What'r you going to do?
NEDERLAND!! EURO! 2008!!! RUUD! ROBBEN!! VAN PERSIE!! KUYT!! VAN DER VAART!! * * if they can get their sh** together and work as a team, which they never do
on a side note, José Luis Chilavert is by FAR the BEST commentator out there. There is nothing quite like hearing him mangle tough names with the excitement of a child when somebody is about to score a goal for example when Asamoah Gyan of Ghana was in danger of scoring: "Geean, Geeean, Geeeean, Geeeeeeeaaan, GEEEEEAAAN! GeeeEEEEEEaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!! Un pelotazo enorme de Geean!!!!" just can't get enough of it. Once in this tournament I chose regular Univision...
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