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I sold Stacy my iRiver H120, everything went smoothly. Great communication and a pleasure to deal with!
Priced to sell
[Sale Pending] Hi all, I'm trying to get rid of some stuff that I have sitting around that I'm not using. First on the list is my iRiver iHP-120. I bought it after the iBasso D10 release, but I never got around to getting the optical cables and putting the unit to use. The iHP-120 is in mint condition, spending all of it's life in the leather case (with the exception of taking it out to take pictures). It has already been rockboxed and includes other accessories...
Pictures added, and page updated--- they are now for sale.
Bought a custom made LOD for the Fuze from Joe. The LOD sounds great and shipping was fast. Thanks!
WOW---- very HONEST Head-Fi'er! I sold Tang my HeadAmp PICO AMP/DAC. After having the package picked up via Express Mail International, USPS did not scan the package! As a result, a package that should've arrived to his destination in 3-5 days with tracking, was completely lost! After talking to USPS several times, they themselves had no clue where the package was. I assumed that nothing more could be done about the package, so I issued Tang a full refund. Tang PMed...
Sold to nyjets28 a pair of SR60s. Transaction went very smoothly, no hassles! Thanks!
Haha................ oh my
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