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Back on sale.
  In case you are still interested, here are the original threads of Ti Kan's Beta22: part 1: part 2: part 3:   Navigating through the pages is not as simple as clicking on the page links, which redirects to  the defunct Just add "&fpage=2"  at the...
Sorry everyone, after long listening sessions and comparison with other amplifiers, I finally came to the conclusion that this amplifier is simply the best and will not be replaced easily. My mind (and wallet) tell me to sell it, but my heart (and my ears!) urge me to keep it. I might sell it again in the future if there is an absolute necessity, but for now this has to stay.     Cheers to all!    
The center transformer is for the dedicated power supply of the Joshua Tree attenuator.   And no, you don't have to rewire any of the transformers to another voltage. All transformers have dual primaries, and the fuse holder contains a switch that connects the primaries of the transformers in series (for 200V-240V operation) or in parallel (for 100V-120v operation). Simply unclip, flip over, are clip again the fuse holder into the receptacle and you are done.
Hi hkimo! You have a PM.
For sale is my beloved Balanced AMB B22 headphone amplifier with Dual Sigma22 PSU made by Rockhopper Audio.   This is a piece of art, and probably one of the most beautiful gear I have ever owned. It is also the most transparent amplifier I have ever listened to, but I simply cannot afford to keep it.   It is fully balanced, features a Twisted Pear Joshua Tree attenuator, and has extensive switchable balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs. It can be adapted...
Hi Mike, I didn't read all the pages, but I read your first post and understand very much your feeling. Here are my reflections on the subject. I apologise for my bad english, as it is not my native language.   -Probably your biggest mistake was to be an active head-fier. During my audiophile journey, I soon came to the conclusion that is probably one of the biggest sources of misinformation about high-fidelity on the internet. The main reasons...
Cable is sold.   Thanks
The Hifiman HE-6 has different connections than the Audeze. So, as is, this cable won't work with the HE-6
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