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Well there you have it, we have completely different tastes. You might even like cilantro too  
You mean that old-folks-sitting-on-a-couch-at-home design? Oh. Yes it isn't stylish. They look daft to be honest, but that's my personal opinion of course. It's only a matter of time before Bose redesigns its headphones to look more like its most recent portable speaker release - the SoundLink Mini.
I haven't had a chance to compare the two on hand, but from what I can remember trying the QC15 out not too long ago, I didn't really like their sound signature and I might think the Studio sound more alive. The bass is probably the biggest difference and it sounds nicer on the Studio. Don't even get me started on the QC15's god awful design, arguably (: 
Here's another review by yours truly
Not a big fan of the design.
Up for sale is a like-new AKG K381 NC aluminum in-ear headphones with active noise canceling. Includes all accessories, with unused silicone tips. Asking $130 shipped!
Selling my barely used TMA-1 Studio headphones which include an extra set of pleather pads. Haven't used these much, so they're still in mint condition. Now asking $140 shipped! If you have any questions please send me a PM.
These are practically brand new! Includes original packaging and everything else of course.
These were lightly used and are in like-new condition. Includes packaging and all that comes with it!     Shipping within the USA only sorry.
These are in very good condition and well looked after pair of Atrio M5 with the mg7 drivers in them which produce breathtaking sound for the price. What's included is the protective rubber tire case, new foam plugs plus I'll throw a few new Comply foam tips as well. I cannot find the original silicone tips I'm afraid, but those can be purchased individually. These have been used lightly. Since they were sitting and collecting dust, I thought I should move on. These...
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