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Like-new 2nd gen q-Jays with a detachable cable (non-remote/mic version). These have been lightly used and show no signs of use. I've only used the foam tips, which I will not include. Everything else is brand new. Comes with all original accessories.   Shipping included. SOLD
Man then you must love Sennheiser and B&O because quite the contrary, IMO. 
Exactly. Too pricy too.
Here's my in-depth review for anyone keen on grabbing these, complete with a comparison between the M50x -
Comparison review -
They're super comfy, but aren't the best isolators. Well, they do block out external noise fairly well but they leak a fair bit depending on loud you typically listen to your music. Not at this point, this is rock bottom since shipping is included.
Mint condition, lightly used Oppo PM-3 in white with original box and accessories (two cables, long and short iPhone headset cable). Not much else to say, shoot me a PM if you're interested and would like more info! Oh right, price includes free shipping (: I ship fast.
Well there you have it, we have completely different tastes. You might even like cilantro too  
You mean that old-folks-sitting-on-a-couch-at-home design? Oh. Yes it isn't stylish. They look daft to be honest, but that's my personal opinion of course. It's only a matter of time before Bose redesigns its headphones to look more like its most recent portable speaker release - the SoundLink Mini.
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